6.0 FRAME 11: 1998/1/13 01:39:02 UT: You should notice two primary events in this photo. The spike extending from Venus has doubled in length from the earlier frames, and the beginning of a solar flare seems to be forming above the equator on the N-E top left of the Sun. Notice the "looping" lighter area above the solid white. This is usually indicative of an energetic solar flare.
The first principle of "Secrecy" is to build a "pyramid" structure that only allows information to flow up, but never, ever, down. NT's solution in applying this principle to the very non-military domain of scientific academia has been threefold: 1. Compartmentalize the disciplines. 2. Only provide funding to "unreliable" academic types to do third and fourth order science. 3. Do all first and second order science in house, and/or with old hands who appear to be "outside" of NT.
7.0 FRAME 12: 1998/1/13 02:40:01 UT: In this frame the "loop" continues to grow in the N-E, and the area above the solar equator in the West is clearly growing in size and intensity. You will also notice in the larger frame that the overall energetic intensity is growing on Venus with the Southern "surface" area sloughing, or being pulled, into the Sunward directional influence of the tube region.
Orders of science can be easily understood. Imagine an elephant (First Order), then a mouse (Second) on it's back, a flea (Third) on the mouse's back, and finally lice (Fourth) on the back of the flea. What is currently being provided as "scientific data" to the taxpaying public is primarily "fleas and lice"; that is, you can't determine "elephant" from several buckets full of "fleas and lice". Second order science is primarily dispensed through the NT filter from various "compartments" in carefully coded ritual and language.
8.0 FRAME 13: 1998/1/13 03:40:04 UT: All systems growing during the one hour interval. We can now say that a full solar flare is in progress as the 45 degree diagonal plane from Venus approaches the 45 degree diagonal plane of the Sun. You will also notice a clear void area on the same plane below the S-W quadrant of the Sun.
First order science, in its true meaning, is simply not allowed. In its place is an immense, far reaching, and costly "public relations" media combine, that includes a multi-channel television network, broadcasting world-wide via satellites. You can find out the color of the astronauts shorts, and what they ate for breakfast, but you can't get useful scientific data. You can also see endless videos of simulated animations that are seamlessly worked into actual film, but you can no longer receive live, real time, photos or video. 
9.0 FRAME 14: 1998/1/13 05:47:29: The tube from Venus has grown, and material is being ejected from the N-W area of the Sun. The N-E extension of the 45 degree diagonal tube on Venus can now be seen.
The Big Bang Model (BBM) line of "reason" holds the following as sacred: 1. The superiority of deductive mathematical methods over actual observation and experiment. 2. A solar system created in total from the coalescence of a frozen cloud of dust. 3. Interstellar and interplanetary space as being a true vacuum, or void. 4. Gravity as the sole regulating force. 5. A finite dying universe. If these mantras are questioned, it is explained that only the initiated false priesthood of AS are able to understand.
10.0 FRAME 15: 1998/1/13 06:48:37: The SOHO/LASCO satellite has been in operation since 1995. The term "Coronal Mass Ejection" (CME) first came into public view on April 7, 1997 when an unexpected explosive event occurred on the Sun. The Venus-Sun event also seems to qualify as a CME; an explosive discharge of energy and matter.
The Plasma Universe Model (PUM) holds these principles to be true. 1. The superiority of observation and experiment over deductive reason. 2. A solar system evolved from energetic plasmas originally formed near the nucleus of our galaxy. 3. An interstellar/planetary space filled with varying sheets and striations of energetic/matter plasmas. 4. Far reaching electromagnetic connections, and interactions, in addition to gravity. 5. An infinite dynamic universe of continuous creation and cyclical modulations.
11.0 FRAME 16: 1998/1/13 07:44:02: The N-E extension of the tube from Venus is now clearly in view. It is estimated that the apparent visible diameter of Venus through out this series of photos is 80,000 miles; approximately 10 times its normal size.. This then means that the length of the 45 degree spike extending from Venus towards the Sun grows from an estimated 80,000 to 160,000 miles.
A short, and admittedly temporarily biased, list of the pioneers and current advocates of the Plasma Universe Model is Alfven, McCanney, Peratt, Lerner, Prigogine, LaViollett, and Dmitriev. There are already two Noble prizes in the group. Where these courageous men stand today is completely outside of the "pyramid" described above. What gets financed by the AS-NT is a cold neutral "plasma" as defined by Chapmen; which "happens" not to challenge the BBM. PUM advocates admit that much is yet to be discovered, but that sufficient theory exits to replace the Big Bang model.
12.0 FRAME 17: 1998/1/13 08:45:18: Venus and the Sun continue their discharge processes. The beginning of an additional diagonal spike can be seen on Venus at the 30 degree N & S from the equator positions.
Once the BBM myth of a "dying universe" is set aside, the energetic interaction you are viewing to the left becomes a natural, and very elegant, communicative event between family members of our solar system (SS). When you expand your view of the SS to include the outer energetic boundaries, and bow shock, the appropriate term is Heliosphere (HS). In its travels our HS has entered a region of interstellar space that is highly charged with energetic plasmas. These plasmas have now entered into the interplanetary domain of our SS. 
13.0 FRAME 18: 1998/1/13 09:52:10: The 30 degree N & S spike on Venus becomes more defined.
The intrusion of these new plasmas facilitates, and enhances, "communication". Think of the new state of our SS's inter- planetary space as an upgrade from a 1,200 baud modem to a 56,000. We must also shift our thinking of all SS bodies to being receivers, storers, conductors, and broadcasters of electromagnetic energy/matter plasmas. The available, and experimentally proven, model is one of a capacitor. The final piece of the design, for the moment, is one that we all have known intuitively; everything is energetically connected. 
14.0 FRAME 19: 1998/1/13 10:53:19: The following frame is typical of a Sun CME/Flare event that is bright enough to overpower the LASCO C3 imager. These bright flashes are usually referred to as "Halo Events", full, partial, or otherwise, and are best viewed on the LASCO C2. It should be noted that the culminating flare coincided with Venus and its "spike" reaching their maximum brightness.
A capacitor has the potential to receive, and the ability to store and discharge energy; ie, capacitance, which can be further defined as being part of a circuit or network that possesses the same ability. Our Sun is the central, connective, body, and the source of energy that is charging the capacitor. Its capacitance to power the electrical solar system, ie. the "solar capacitor", extends beyond the orbit of Pluto in the form a cosmic "donut" shape, or toroid, with the Sun sitting in the "donut hole", or center, of the toroid. All planets have their own toroidal structure, or magnetosphere, and they orbit the Sun within, and near to, the equatorial plane of the Sun's energetic toroid.
15.0 FRAME 20: 1998/1/13 11:56:38: After the CME/Flare discharge, the 45 degree diagonal tube reduces to a spike, and the 30 degree diagonal grows to a size equal to the now greatly reduced 45 degree spike; producing a clearly defined set of "horns" on Venus.
Ancient comets were also reported to have "horns".
The capacitance potential of our Sun, and its family of planets, enables each to receive and discharge energy locally depending on the amount and charge of the plasmas available within interplanetary space. The increasing "donation" from interstellar space has excited this process for the Sun, and all planets. The planets whose orbits are nearly circular have limited ability to discharge the solar capacitor. Comets like Hale-Bopp, however, which enter the solar system on highly elliptical orbits, have a greater ability to discharge the solar capacitor.
[Note: Frame Missing From Record for 12:56:00]
16.0 FRAME 21: 1998/1/13 13:46:40: The 45 degree diagonal spike is now gone and the 30 degree diagonal remains as the primary visible spike.
Discharges, and/or energetic exchanges, at a distance require two things: two or more capacitance bodies within the network, and a circuit or "wire" to connect them. These exact conditions existed between the hours 10:53:19 UT and 11:56:38 UT on January 13, 1998. The bodies: The Sun, Venus, and Earth in conjunction. The circuit or wire: The highly charged electron beam between the Sun and C 1995 01 Hale-Bopp; an object defined by the BBM AS-NT group as an inert accumulation of ice and dust, or a "Dirty SnowBall". 
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