The Magus of Magnetism: An Interview With Dr. Percy Seymour
by James McCanney
In the prehistory of man empirical sciences were developed which lacked today's insightful theories of electromagnetism, chemistry, etc.. Acupuncture and herbal medicine are two examples. In almost every example of modern medicine the pills we take today are just modern re-creations of herbal concoctions used long ago. These formulas were originally learned by trial and error and handed down by folk traditions. One classic example is that of the modern birth control pill . A doctor heard from a traveler of a method used by central american indian women by which they took a wild yam and pressed it with a particular mushroom between hot rocks and eating. This prevented birth! The doctor traveled to the place and extracted and synthesized the chemical that is manufactured today in modern birth control pills. Likewise acupuncture (whether you believe it cures ailments or not) discovered relationships between nerve endings in remote parts of the body and other parts and organs. We now know "scientifically" about neurons and the nervous system and the electrical paths within the body . The point is that empirical knowledge (knowledge unfounded in rigorous mathematical models or chemical formulae) preceded modern theory that might explain the phenomena (in many cases modern theory is still groping for valid solutions). It appears that this may be happening in the world of astronomy. You must remember that long ago astronomy (the science of measurement that later developed into the science of theorizing how the universe works) and astrology were one. Astronomy was born of astrology and not visa versa. Accurate measurements were needed by astrologers to predict farther into the future using their tables and charts. And so astronomy was born! Relating planetary positions to human behavior may be in the category of acupuncture and herbal medicine. No one in the AMA and no one in the pharmaceutical world would ever admit to having their roots in such low pursuits as acupuncture and herbal medicine. But the reality of history says differently. As with all modern pursuits there is a huge amount of denial regarding anything not in a text book and approved and sanctioned by a well endowed industry with a lot of money and prestige at stake (and a lot of PhDs). For some reason astronomers are worse than all the others put together because as one recently deceased astronomer put it "since they study the heavens and have the most accurate of all instrumentation, astronomers are closer to god than any other pursuit". ... a bit presumptuous! Anyway the relationships that Dr Seymour presents are very interesting and although he may not have the theory completely correct (nor should he be expected to have it perfect the first time around) , the patterns show that he is pointing us in the correct direction , at long last. My own opinion regarding the cause and effect would have to include the discharge to the planets from the sun as the planets are comets involved in the ongoing electrical interchange with the solar capacitor. Once again we cannot talk about magnetic fields until the currents and therefore the sustained electric fields are identified that cause these magnetic fields.