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February 11, 1999



gary d. goodwin, Writer

Truth In Science Team Members

Earl L. Crockett, Gary Goodwin,

Ray Ward, Alexey Dmitriev, Hal Blondell

(If you haven't read part one of this report, you need to go there immediately and read it!)

In Part I of this report we documented the presence of at least one, if not several, probable new solar system members. We arrived at this conclusion with the limited number of images and data posted on the LASCO, and other, pages. We have now established that the images that are made available to the public are less than a tenth of the actual images acquired by the SOHO/LASCO satellite. The discoveries we have made, therefore, are nothing less than a miracle considering the NASA climate of cloaked secrecy we must deal with. At times we have entertained the idea that the specific data that we needed, and then received, has not been by accident. We have many personal ideas concerning what you are about to read and see, but in the tradition of our research we will leave the conclusions to you, our readers. Here are the facts, and here are the images --- take from them for what you will.
gary d. goodwin

Exam the following image carefully:

To see the original large image CLICK HERE or on image.

In the upper right hand corner of the solar disk you will see a large flare. Coming from this region is what appears to be a very large flux tube. A flux tube is a naturally occurring phenomenon that we have seen in other locations of our solar system. For example, NASA has photographed flux tubes occurring between Jupiter and its moon, Io. These fantastically large tube like structures are created by the immense current flowing between the two charged bodies. Our research group has also observed, and documented, flux tubes occurring between Hale Bopp and the Sun, and Venus and the Sun. We can now add a flux tube sighting between a "Probable New Solar System Member" and the Sun.

Shown below is a blowup of this flux tube:

Note the origin of the tube from the flare on the right. The tube then appears to travel to the left and into a loop. The loop then disappears to the back side of the solar disk.

According to our previous calculations, one of "The Probable New Solar System Members" should have been behind the solar disk on February 3, 1999 in exactly the position and  direction where the flux tube in the above photo is headed!

We also chronicled in Part I the recent dramatic decrease in solar activity as measured by CME's, flares, solar wind speeds, and the lack of high level X-Ray and magnetic readings here on Earth. If one of our "Probable.." objects is behind the sun (as we are asserting), and if this flux tube is in the direction of the probable object, then we could say that the energy of these more intense CME/flares is being pulled toward the probable object, and away from Earth. If you look closely at the larger images above you can see how the flares seem to peel off to the rear of the solar disk. These images taken by the YOHKOH SXT satellite are in the X-Ray range of the light spectrum, and it takes a tremendous amount of energy to redirect X-Rays. This certainly seems to be what is happening, however, given the almost flat X-Ray readings shown below for the same time period:

So it appears that one of our probable objects is behind the Sun on February 3, 1999 - if only temporarily.

We estimated the orbit of this particular object to be in 28 to 32 day range. This meant that the object should begin to appear from behind the Sun, or the SOHO/LASCO satellite might be due for another "shutdown" in the near future. We need to repeat here that we have no way of accurately calculating the orbit of the object from the information and equipment we have - only an approximation. There are just too many variables involved in such a calculation. But we continued to watch as close as possible, and 6 days later:




It is pretty obvious that this image is unusual, and it was taken directly from the SOHO/LASCO Internet "stills" site just as you see it; with the exception of a 20% reduction. But there "it" (the object) is in the lower left side, exactly where and when we thought it would appear. Based upon previous calculations it seems to have  been behind the Sun moving to the left and around. Let us also state clearly that this object is not Venus or Mercury. Venus is currently visible in the early evening sky putting it way out of range of SOHO/LASCO. Mercury is currently visible on the C3 shots of the same time, and once again completely out of range of this C2 photo. And again the orbit and position fit almost exactly that predicted by our group. As to the quality of the image; it does appear to have been altered from the normal C2 image. To the right of the image are the vital statistics of the shot. These numbers are not out of the ordinary for a C2 image. This is a visual shot with an "orange" filter, and a typical exposure time. It does appear, however, that there has been some type of filter(s) overlaid after the initial processing of the image. We extend a hearty invitation to any SOHO scientist or NASA Goddard official to explain the processes that this image has gone through, prior to being posted on their page. The bottom line is that the "probable object" is THERE!

The image above was taken on February 9, 1999. And the probable object does appear to be moving from behind the Sun to the left which would mean that it would start its orbit around in front of the sun in approximately five to ten days! An extremely fast orbit. Now dear readers look at the next photo below:

And this C3 Image from the same time period.

Now we are greeted with this inspiring (heard before) message from http://umbra.nascom.nasa.gov/#SOHONEWS:

       SOHO is back in ESR, dagnabit!

       A star sensor unit (SSU) single-event upset (SEU) occurred at 12:02 UT on 1999 February 14.

       A recently developed script of procedures for regaining a guide star failed when repeated attempts to clear the SSU SEU flag failed.

       As roll rates increased, and began to cross-talk into pitch and yaw, a fine Sun pointing (FSP) anomaly was detected when the pointing deviated from Sun center by more than 1.5°. This triggered an ESR.

       The flight operations team (FOT) is now reducing the spacecraft roll rate with a small number of thruster pulses; following reduction of the roll rate to about 0.5°/s, they will begin yaw breaking to reduce propellant usage.

       Recovery preparations will continue tomorrow.

       This is not a recommended method for celebrating Valentine's Day.

So... Readers.... We propose one of two hypothesis:

Hypothesis ONE:
All material from the satellite is first downloaded from the spacecraft to a 100% NASA controlled site. NASA then sends only what they want to send to the SOHO/LASCO team for data analysis. The SOHO/LASCO scientist have never seen the unaltered raw data from the satellite, and they won't see it for years to come; if ever. The presence of the probable objects is known to NASA, and they have simply sabotaged the spacecraft's normal operations in order to conceal information. The spacecraft has never been in any trouble except for that purposely created by NASA's dark side. The Emergency Sun Requisition (ESR) events have been occurring on a regular 30 day (plus or minus) basis with the recent new twist of leaving the EIT cameras on while they simulate an ESR by spinning the satellite. (See this IMAGE.) It is most probable that NASA has no clear idea what these new objects are, and that they are attempting to hide the data until they can come up with a typical NASA PR "explanation". This also leads to a reasonable conclusion that NASA is seeing a potential threat to Earth from these new objects. And in case you haven't heard, anything that poses a threat to Earth and life is "justification" for NASA dropping the "National Security" secrecy curtain.
   Lastly we assert that these new probable objects became known to NASA shortly after the arrival of comet SOHO J1, and that some or all of the objects Are Vacuum Domain in nature as clearly explained by our Russian (Siberian) colleague, Alexey Dmitriev.

Hypothesis TWO:
The probable object is orbiting the sun every 28-30 days with the orbit being dynamic while in the process of becoming static. The SOHO satellite is a large tin can that is being thrown into a periodic spin (ESR) due to the electrical nature of this new small object (comet). The SOHO satellite has navigational and positioning equipment aboard which is highly susceptible to magnetic/electrical  forces that sweep over the satellite when the probable object (comet) passes close by at the Lagrange point. Since NASA only accepts Chapman's theory of an electrically neutral vacuum in space they are baffled by what is happening. Anyway you look, we have a new planet. Let's hope it stays in its current orbit. There was once another comet that drifted through this part of our system that caused great destruction to our planet - We now call her Venus.

If either of these hypothesis are accurate it's likely that the severe weather patterns and increasingly severe earthquakes will continue, and likely get worse. Everybody --- DUCK!


UPDATE: 18 February, 1999

As expected, activity is beginning to increase dramatically.

This report and comment courtesy of Hal Blondell:

The following Stratwarm alert bulletin was issued this morning by NOAA
and the SEC. It describes an intensifying stratospheric warming episode
involving two northern hemispheric locations. This alert does not list
an estimate of the degree of warming to have occurred thus far, nor does
it mention if the temperature gradient or zonal winds are reversing

Stratwarm Alert EXISTS Stratwarm Thursday

This magnetic storm event is certainly vigorous. I was expecting some
sort of effect from the M3 flare on the 16th, but not the intensity we
are seeing today. This is the magnitude of magnetic storm that ~should~
never occur without advanced watches and warnings.

If they observed a CME coincident to the M3 flare, then they were
obviously unable to forecast it's trajectory, for if they had expected
such a vigorous impact they would have issued watches. If they really
didn't see it coming at all, then we are really blind when it comes to
these transient energy structures.


We're in the midst of magnetic storms and I see where there was a report

And this explaination of the above by James McCanney:

a transient structure in this case (as seen by the context of the Bz reading
noted in the text) refers to a plasma structure that passed the ACE
spacecraft that created a southward magnetic field (Bz) for an extended
period of time / the crux of the issue here is that they cannot identify
(per usual for our space weather experts running ACE) the source of the
"transient structure" / they did not call it a cme since there was no
visible sign that there was a cause and effect relation between any CME and
this ACE event / the fact is that there are many things that can cause
abnormal mag readings on space craft that are not a direct (but are
indirect) result of solar activity / it could be as simple as the space
craft discharging a localized plasma capacitor that the space craft passed
through / the bottom line is that as with all data that nasa is colllecting
today the space craft is improperly designed and is not capapble of sampling
the space environment it was meant to investigate / this is a perfect
example / then when "real data is collected" they have no clue how to
subract off these "transients" to get the true data / jim mcc

In addition to the recent intensified magnetic activity, virtually shooting off the scale, we have this report from another reader able to view the current northern lights. The Northern Lights are an indication of the Earth's attempt at neutralizing the magnificent charges that are bearing down upon us:

"Hi Earl,

A quick note from the north. Last night 2/17/99 at 11:00 P.M. (EST) we
had a fantastic northern light display. Like nothing I had ever seen up
here before. I wish I had a proper graphics program so I could recreate
it but this short description will have to do. I knew that there would
be some activity last night because I had been to phikent's Solwatch
page earlier in the day so at 11:00 (right after the NBC show
Confirmation) I went outside for a smoke. Looks like I got the timing
just about right according to Hal's info below. It wasn't the colour
that was so spectacular but the way it seemed to be alive. There was a
long filament coming down from the north that was actually attaching
itself to another long filament out of the west directly over our heads
(these filaments were about the size of my fist at arms length that
expanded and contracted +/- 25%). Now these filaments seemed to be
breathing as they expanded and twisted or curled in the sky. What was
most interesting was at the point these two filaments joined above us (a
friend was with me at this time) they grasped each other and formed
pairs of what appeared to be the letter "Z" stretched out across the
sky. Over the next five minutes while we observed they stayed joined and
twisted and turned together as they "pulsed". Really cool, just wished I
wasn't sick so I could stay out longer. Thought you'd all be interested."


As previously stated, general activity is expected to increase. We'll just have to wait and see!

We will supply more information as we are able to collect it. We appreciate all of your comments.



We are very sure this story is not over yet!


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