by gary d. goodwin

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Preface: The images that you are about to see are untouched and reprocessed in anyway except where it is clearly stated that I have done so. In those cases I will explain to the best of my ability the process that has taken place. Let me further reassure, you the reader that I am in absolutely no way attempting to fool, trick or mislead you the reader. I have no hidden agenda. The anomaly that you will see in these images were just as much a surprise to me, as I am sure they will be to you. As a member and co-founder of THE MILLENNIUM GROUP, I have no desire to suggest that these images represent anything but anomalies, but let them 'speak' for themselves. And just like most of you, I am not a degreed astrophysicist, so I cannot rule out that it is indeed a natural phenomenon. If there is anyone with the ability to prove the true nature o fthese objects, I invite you to immediately contact me and share your opinion (please keep the comments appropriate). It is the explicit focus of this research group to seek out truth in science, and to do so by the conventional scientific method of observation.

Setting The Time Line Scene:

In late 1995 Hale Bopp was publicly discovered and became the subject of debate that it now is.

In late 1996 the rage over Chuck Shramek's *Companion* picture, and the great debate over the Courtney Brown/Prudence Calabrese images was in full force, bringing world recognition, thanks to the Art Bell Broadcasts.

One year after HB passed through our system on, May 4th 1998, The Millennium Group brought into public recognition the arrival of the celestial object later named the Comet SOHO J1.

On June 24 1998 The Millennium Group Research Team posted the very first shot of what is now popularly known as "The ORCA". We thoroughly documented evidence for the Probable New Solar System Object.

On February 11th 1999 The Millennium Group posted further evidence of The Probable System Object, more commonly known as The ORCA.

I would like to add here that throughout this period of time there has been a dramatic increase in natural destructive forces over the entire face of the earth. We have seen record after record broken; fastest wind speed, most powerful hurricanes and tornadoes, powerful earthquake increases in size and numbers, incredible temperature swings, and rapid increases in melting and calfing of glaciers and ice shelves in the Arctic and Antarctica. Is the timing a coincidence? Please! What do you think?

The Anomaly

I want to make it perfectly clear that the ORCA is NOT the same anomaly that I will present in the images below. Since the advent of the ORCA (circa June 1998) we have been intensely watching all of the available images of the sun. In October of 1998, we began seeing a strange object in the lower left hand corner of the SOHO C2 images. At first we thought it was simply an imaging anomaly, perhaps a wrinkle in a filter or a scratch on the lens. We ignored it. But then we noticed that it would show up some of the time and not at other times. There was initially no apparent pattern. It wasn't with any particular filter, any particular exposure time nor any other expected variable. The only noticable variable was time; It would be there for a few days and then it would be gone for a few days. The image below is a typical SOHO C2 image showing the anomaly. You can see it in the lower left hand corner of the picture. We simply call it the *Tower*. At the same time we began seeing the Tower, in early October 1998 the gray blocks that you can see in all four corners of the C2. They appear to have been placed there so as to cover up the Tower. You will also notice that only the "tip" of the Tower appears to be showing. To myself, it appears to be long and cylindrical and as if it were a "tube" that had been sliced off at an angle. You will also notice that there appears to be another shorter tower next to it. In a five megabyte movie that we have (too large for the page), relatively small bright pixels can be seen coming from the left border of the image and going toward and down in to the tower. Incredible images.

(This image has NOT been altered except to be shrunk by 50% and to add the red box)

The Tower was also seen in the image that we posted concerning the ORCA in February of this year. You can see that the Tower has moved a bit and we appear to be seeing a different aspect of it.

(In this image there appears to be some type of filter laid over the image. We have not altered this at all.)

Shortly after this image the Tower disappeared from the SOHO C2. In the next few days we obtained the following image from the SXT site. As you can see this is an Xray image from the satellite YOHKOH. In the lower right hand center you can see something that again appears out of the ordinary. The anomaly is geometric, with extensions out of a center at a right angle. Pay particular attention to the rays of light emanating from behind the object. As if sun light were radiating through or around a cloud, leading me to think that this object is NOT on the surface, but at some distance from the surface. Notice that there are no other "sunspots" on the surface of the sun that appear geometric or that have similar characteristics as this object. Finally we noticed something else very interesting with this object in relation to the Tower that we had previously seen in the SOHO C2 images. You will recall that the Tower in the C2 images appeared to have a double or multiple tower. This image has an extension to the left, that is a double tower. (By the way - this makes two DIFFERENT satellites displaying similar anomalies).

(This image was cropped from the SXT EIT composite. No other processing done to this image on our end)

Today I received this email from Don Carros. Don has some expertise in imaging and I was shocked to see his evaluation of the above image.


I started the review of the digital image you sent. It is the SXT image of
2-16-99. Being the skeptic in residence I looked at the image thinking I was
going to come away with a simple explanation. NOT SO!

First, we are reviewing a second or third generation rendering of an original
CCD image from YOHKOH. So....there is a lot to be desired. I used the Gnu Image
Processor (GIMP) under Linux to tear the image apart. Right now I cannot
explain just what it is that I am seeing.

In general the strange object appears near sunspot 8458. There is something
there. I will try to send the details of the analysis under separate cover
later. It has shape. The strange mechanical looking structure does NOT appear to
be a digital aberration as it is several pixels wide and there is evidence of
tonal (color) gradation near the edges. This implies that someone did not put it
there either without considerable effort.

Most of the detail is is lost since the image is fairly dark and the object is
even darker. Most of the detail falls within  the range of 10-50 out of a range
of 0-255 shades of gray, so it is fairly dark.

I am having trouble explaining away the rays that appear to radiate from beneath
the object. I will need to spend more time to be sure the rays do NOT radiate
from the object itself versus are reflected from beneath as you suggested. The
problem I have with your theory is that is the object appears that dark, How
can it radiate light?


Two days later, the YOHKOH image showed absolutely no object by sunspot #8458 (this composite is available if anyone desires to compare it). Then on March 3rd an associated anomaly began to appear coming from around the back of the solar disk. You can see it beginning to peek around the upper left side of the solar disk. The object is extended and geometric, and again unnatural appearing.

(This image was cropped from the SXT EIT composite. No other processing done to this image on our end)

Then today, April 22nd 1999, the anomaly appeared again in the YOHKOH images. This time it appeared to be moving to the opposite side of the solar disk and was lit up by the radiation from the sun. This is a cropped blow up of the image, posted just as it was on the original web site.

There has been one other associated anomaly that was recently brought to our attention by a friend, Matthew Ridgway. The associated anomaly does not move around the sun as the sun rotates and seems to stay put in the same area over time. It also seen on several different imaging platforms. And once again I am reminded of the Tower that we watched off and on for several months in the SOHO C2 images.


What is not displayed in these images are periodic anomalies occurring at the distant end of the object, that seem to be in line with the object, much like in the five megabyte movie. Please keep in mind that each of the above images were taken on a separate day, meaning that sun is continuing to rotate. But the anomaly remains in the same position.

These are only a few of the images that we have that show these anomalies. We literally have dozens of images that show similar, if not the same objects. It is indeed a fascinating universe that we exist in. I am truly unable to explain the things that we are seeing in these images. However, I am not going to keep them from the public. we need as many eyes to see these anomalies as possible. Perhaps someone has an explanation!

One more point and one more picture:
After watching this object/anomaly over the past few months, seeing the multiple towers and extensions, I remember one special image from mid/late 1997 of Hale Bopp. At the time, I had no real explanation for what I saw. But after seeing these anomalies I realized that there was quite a remarkable similarity between the Tower(s) and the companion that was accompanying Hale Bopp in the image. Note the unnatural extensions that appear to be coming out of the companion. There also appears to be a "field" surrounding the entire companion. Now it was never my intention to exploit or to even relate the two, but look and see if you don't see the similarities! This image was taken by an amateur astronomer who receives a stipend from NASA and who, by the way at the time, emailed me and insisted that I remove the image from my site. I didn't remove it - only his name. Never heard from him again!

(The only thing that I have done to this image, since I acquired it was to turn it upside down!)

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gary d. goodwin

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