A Millennium Group Report

Earl L. Crockett, Writer
      Over the last few years we all have experienced various situations where NASA has covered up, altered, or otherwise kept space information and data hidden from public view. Our first big example was, and still is, the fact that not one close range photo of Hale-Bopp has ever been released from the Hubble Space Telescope, or any other major U.S. observatory. We are also painfully aware that live, uncensored or delayed, broadcasts of space data and photos are simply no longer available. In addition we see example after example where NASA "gives" exclusive proprietary, or otherwise, data rights to private individuals or companies like Malin Space Sciences (Mars Surveyor), or Applied Research Corp. (Hale-Bopp); thereby excluding us, the taxpaying public, from information we have paid for.

     The question must be asked, "Why the secrecy?" In fact if you are involved with documenting and reporting these instances of "missing" information, as we are at The Millennium Group, someone, somewhere, sometime (like on the Art Bell Show) will eventually challenge you to provide a plausible explanation. This presents a big problem since NASA is a $13.7 billion dollar per year institution now operating under stringent military/intelligence security policies, and we at the Millennium Group are self-funded private individuals doing this work in our spare time. The situation is so lopsided that it is ludicrous. You would need an intelligence force like the former KBG, working several years, to conclusively "prove" the reason for NASA's information blackout.  And if you're new to this conversation, the information we're talking about is not the "what they had for breakfast, and the color of the astronauts underwear" public relations pabulum pumped out daily by the international NASA media combine.

     There is, however, another means of approaching the question. In speaking about the then new science of quantum mechanics, Albert Einstein remarked that it was like looking at the face of a clock, seeing the numbers on the dials, and the minute and hour hands turning, but never being able to look around in back to see the arms and gears of the mechanism. This did not, however, prevent science from producing the sum total of our modern technology from quantum science. What did they do? They observed  and measured the visible appearances of sub-atomic particles, like the electron, and  then developed probabilities, or potentias. We must do the same. Science will never actually see an electron, and we'll never see inside the bowels of NASA.

      So here's what our observations have recorded. We have a governmental  organization that is charted to be a "civilian agency devoted to peaceful purposes". This supposed "civilian agency devoted to peaceful purposes" is acting like a top-secret, high- security, branch of the military. Why would NASA go to such pains to purposely withhold information from the public? Here are a few possibilities:

     1. The military/intelligence takeover of NASA is so complete that secrecy is simply the standard operating procedure.

     2. NASA now knows that it has spent trillions funding and supporting bad science based on the Big Bang cosmology model,  and must hide the constant stream of space data coming in from our new satellites that proves them wrong; in other words a massive cover up.

     3. There is something about the changes being seen in our Solar System environment such as the appearance of the "comets" Shoemaker/Levy-9 and Hale-Bopp, the probable new solar system members, and the increasing activity of the Sun that could be dangerous, if not catastrophic to planet Earth. NASA is, therefore, invoking a  "National Security" factor, and hiding the data.

     4. If NASA dropped its Big Bang "cover science", and revealed the true nature of our Universe, it would open the floodgates to private development of technology that they, NASA and the military/intelligence community, now possess and use for their own gain through their many incestuous relationships with the military-industrial complex.

     5. There is something about the nature of Hale-Bopp, and the many strange and wondrous changes occurring in the Solar System, that if fully known, would alter forever humankind's view of who we really are as beings.

     6.  All of the above.


(And this from James McCanney)

regarding the latest in a long series of satellite failures and the real
reason why nasa covers up data
A polite essay and satire by jmccanney

The AP satellite probably took a pretty good current sheet hit and the
same as soho (and galileo as it approached europa on 4 successive passages
recently) got knocked out of alignment which is maintained by the gyros
(the concept explained in my saturn sweeper moons paper ... published in
1981 found also on the millennium home page)  / but this IS becoming a
chronic problem (or upon further subtle examination this is part of the
increased solar electrical activity once again gone unrecognized) /
remember there are no new ideas within nasa or related space organizations
and once something becomes a standard and accepted explanation (it is safe
to say it and not get fired) then everyone uses the same statement  / so
you will hear lots of stories about gyro problems from now on ... its safe
and the public seems to buy it and news casters can even pronounce it ... (
HOWEVER no one seems to question that it only removes the real problem from
view ... why all of a sudden are all of our satellites getting ripped out
of gyro stabilized orbits when this has never happened before ????? !!!!! )
/ this IS due to the increased electrical activity of the sun as it is
affecting everything in the solar system / but nasa ... who does not know
about or believe in the electrical nature of outer space (increased solar
electrical activity  is now dominating everything from our weather to the
attitude of space craft ) needs to keep putting up the same answers / like
all of a sudden 10 years ago colliding asteroids went into vogue and
explained ( and still do) everything from tilted planets to altered
magnetic fields to the death of dinosaurs / easy ... accepted ... and no
one can disprove it /

in a similar vein now ... i have thought more about why nasa hides data and
it has to do with the same reason IBM will spend huge amounts of $
developing a new computer line and the day before it is released a top
executive will kill the project because it competes with an older slower
line of their products that has not reached the end of its life cycle and
for which the customer base is still buying and licensing software and
accessories ... they will even do this in the face of a competitor bringing
out a newer faster cheaper computer / and since they (like nasa) dominate
the information combine then all they have to do is plug a few leaks in the
dike and their ship will continue to float / its the same deal / you can't
turn a big ship quickly / remember nasa has satellites and contracts into
the next 10 years / so they can't change their story or they could
jeopardize everything / especially if their entire past history of
incompetence were called into question / they can't change their story or
their entire existence (congressional funding) could be at risk / so
nothing will ever change at nasa or if it does it will come about ever so
slowly (you know ... what i call the creeping crud) / and further more it
is congress proof so it will never get changed at that level either (every
congressman has companies within its political boundaries who live off of
nasa contracts ... it would be political suicide to question or change
anything let alone question or change something major) / isn't it odd
however that the space scientists and astronomers' theories are also
allowed to hide behind this cloak of congress-proof-ism (but remember this
is directly linked to past, present and future planning and we cannot
jeopardize the funding that goes with it now can we ???!!!) / in addition
internally everyone at nasa and dod is afraid for their careers so no one
will say boo / get it (the king does have clothes ... the king does have
clothes ... the king does have clothes) / i think we should add this to the
article on why they are hiding data / i do not buy for one second the
argument that somehow they are much smarter and are therefore hiding
something / that is giving them far too much credit and actually by saying
this you give them the ultimate out that they would be desperately seeking
if their competency were ever examined and shown to be what it really is
(total and collective incompetence)   ... and further more would you
believe someone that is a professed professional liar ..  e.g. they lie for
20 years and then they totally reverse their story once exposed by someone
else and expect everyone to believe them .. hmmmmmmmmm  / i would say even
remove that argument that conspiracy people would savor since it simply is
not the case / i have worked in and around these people and i guarantee you
they simply are clue less / that is why the satellites are still and will
continue to be incorrectly designed as was the case with the AP satellite
in this story launched as recent as 1997 / nope ... it is pure incompetence
... pure and simple and they need to cover up and hide data to protect the
one thing that you earl have identified as the basis for all that is done
within nasa ... GET AND MAINTAIN THE FUNDING / end of story / this is why
nasa hides and destroys data /  Jim McCanney


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