An Uproar Over Nothing or Something?

24 August, 1999

An Open Letter to NASA:

A story has come to our attention which, after some thought on our part we feel should receive a comprehensive answer. If the story is the ramblings of an overstressed computer programmer then it should be properly laid to rest. If it should prove true, then lives would be at stake and steps should be taken accordingly.

A man whose name will be annonymous, unless his story proves true, was discovered by police, living in a cave in Ohio. This man was reportedly employed by NASA. The sheriff questioned him and let him go. The man has apparently returned to Florida.

Gary Goodwin has talked to both the sheriff and the man.

Though the story could be false, the mere possibility it might prove true makes us willing to print it.

The Story...

Last week, it was reported by a local Ohio newspaper, that an employee of NASA was found hiding in a cave. According to the article some hikers reported the man to the authorities after seeing him behave strangely (whateverthat means). The sheriff located the man living in a cave and arrested him. The article further stated that the sheriff found that the man had a fairly new automobile filled with weapons and various foodstuffs.

If you don't live in Timbuck Two, you probably either saw the article or heard the story last week on the Paul Harvey Show. Then Richard Hoagland and Art Bell went at it a short bit, even having the fellow on the air with them. We understand that The Millennium Group's name had also been mentioned in association with this fellow on the program. We felt it important to say something, however We have been very suspicious of the story since the beginning. Our thought was that We didn't want The Group jumping in the middle of a real mess, when there seemed to be a number of open ends. But at this point we feel it's important for the readers to know just what has happened on our end of this very weird ordeal. So here's the rundown on what we know.

We were made aware of the story very soon after its release. One of our very faithful readers who brought it to my attention was able to do a little P.I. work and located not only the sheriff's phone number, but also the number of the man in question. My first call was to the sheriff mentioned in the article. He confirmed that he was the officer that arrested the man and seemed to be very willing to discuss the issue. His number was verified by a secondary source. I asked several questions including questions aimed at ruling out any type of mental illness the man might have presented with. Some of these questions were: Did he appear to be responding to voices or did he seem psychotic, delusional or paranoid in any way shape or form; did he have any type of medication with him; were his actions or communications bizarre or seem strange to the sheriff; Did he mention any history of hospitalizations or suicide attempts; did he have any history of criminal behavior? Surprisingly enough the sheriff said no to all of these questions and even remarked that the fellow seemed very sane. The sheriff appeared perplexed by his behavior (the emergency supplies and staying in a cave) and wanted to know if I happen to come up with anything to please let him know. He was referring to the outrageous claims that he fellow made of an asteroid hitting in the North Atlantic, causing a tremendous tidal wave that would cover the Eastern Seaboard. I further asked the sheriff if he had arrested him, and he said, "Yes, well I took him in, I didn't know what to do with him at first." When asked what he did with him, he stated, "I let him go and he went back to Florida." The sheriff was a very pleasant fellow and seemed interested in answering my questions. Although the sheriff didn't appear to worried, he was never the less interested in the information that I had.

I then called the man himself. He was indeed back in Florida and when I called him was at work at NASA. Reportedly he works at the Kennedy Space Center as a computer programmer. When I accessed NASA's personnel search engine, I found him listed just as he had said. I asked him a few questions to see if he was suffering from any type of mental stress or disorder. I found him to be reserved and indeed sounding a bit "scattered". His answers appeared somewhat evasive, but he was very willing to talk to me. I asked him directly if he had inside information concerning an impact of an asteroid or comet or the like. He denied any such knowledge and stated further that he had never heard of The Millennium Group before my telephone call. I asked where he got the information that he had shared with the Sheriff. He stated nervously that he had recieved it in some sort of psychic manner. When asked if he believed it was true, he said that he did. But when asked why he returned to Florida in light of such danger, he said "I had to" and wouldn't elaborate further. He explained that he had some personal problems in his family, which he stated on the Art Bell show. He said that he had further information and would like to get that to me if he could at a later date. I have not heard from him since and have not, to date attempted another call to him. There does not appear to be enough evidence to conclude that the man is having mental health problems or that he or his family are being threatened by someone.

The answer to this perplexing question:

NASA could set the record straight either way - true or not on this one. Just tell the truth and include any raw data so it can be checked by neutral parties. I.e. location of comet, meteor or debris, plotting information for the last few months etc. Then independent observers can verify and we will print the results over the Website.

Failure of NASA to answer this letter comprehensively will mean the man's story is true and we shall push the story as hard as we can.


P.S. To this intriguing story - It has been a year since this story came to a head and to date not a single comment has come out of NASA. Prudently, one might say that they ignored it because it just wasn't worth the response. To the other extreme, with paranoia, we could say that this fellow DID actually know something. He was either replaced with a person that played a good part - even live on the Art Bell show, or maybe the original fellow was given a good dose of substance that causes schizophrenic like symptoms. That couldn't have happened could it? That's crazy - right? Well... we didn't push the story, and it's come and gone.... couldn't have had any substance to it - naaaaah! Couldn't have been anything. That's like saying the World Trade Center towers could be torn down by terrorists. Just couldn't happen.

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