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For Oct. 12, 1998

NASA has surely made a mess of things
By Earl L. Crockett
A column for Space Online

There are several layers to the problems with NASA, and there are certainly no simple answers. While it takes some assuming on my part, I would venture to say that Newt Gingrich, the Congress, and the Administration, over the years, have probably come to realize, as we have, that NASA really stands for "Never A Straight Answer". Somewhere, sometime, someone in NASA's management hierarchy decided that the game, and I mean the whole game, was to get funding from Congress and the Administration over all else. If you keep this one point clearly in mind all the rest of the hodgepodge, piece meal, lacking a clear overall plan nonsense that is NASA, suddenly makes sense.  

Who else among our Federal agencies has it's own television station network, and an array of global satellites to broadcast from? Who else produces hour long television programs, and probably employs more animators than Disney Studios to promote their agency? What we are getting from NASA is a full color Disney-fied version of what they, NASA, think will create public support and more annual funding. What we are not getting, and no longer have any access to, is real live data from space; not from the Hubble, not from the Shuttle Flights, and certainly not from the Mars Surveyor. And the "science" hype we are officially being presented by NASA such has the "Life On Mars Meteorite", and the "Planets In Other Star Systems" is more fitting of a Snake Oil salesman's act than it is of true science. Just ask around quietly in the halls of academia if you doubt the last statement.  

In addition, it is clear that the US military/intelligence group (i.e. NSC and NSA) have taken over this supposed to be civilian agency that is also supposed to be dedicated to peaceful purposes. When we ordinary citizens attempt to access NASA data, from the Hubble for example, we are given one excuse after the other as to why high resolution photos are not available. Why should this be so if NASA is a civilian agency devoted to peaceful purposes? 

Whether it is Congress' or NASA's fault that we are not farther along in our space explorations is really small potatoes compared to the damage NASA has done over the last two decades, or more, to science in general. If you want to pursue astronomy in any fashion, or conduct any science using data from space you must go to NASA for permission and funding. Through it's funding NASA controls all major ground observatories owned by all US institutions. Through it's international"cooperative" programs such as the Hubble, SOHO, and others, it effectively controls the public output of all other major observatories in the world as well as all satellites in the sky.

So, if you want to play in this field, and get grants for your projects, you must do as NASA says. In addition, all NASA grant contracts specify that NASA must approve the release of any and all information coming from the project. What used to be an honorable academic peer review process of new science papers has been supplanted by a NASA public relations make-over team that operates out of Goddard Space Flight Center. These NASA approved papers are then submitted to "Science" magazine and are printed intact without further review. Again, if you should doubt this last statement just call the editors at Science. 

"So what's the problem?", you might ask. The first problem is that NASA has become the sole arbiter of what constitutes worthwhile astronomical and space science. The second problem is that NASA has been, and currently is, backing a dead cosmological horse called the"Big Bang". If your grant application does not support Big Bang cosmology you don't get funded. If your paper does not support Big Bang cosmology it does not get approved for publication. If your satellite data (photo) does not support Big Bang cosmology it does not get released to the public. The big problem with the Big Bang cosmology is that is was cobbled together before we had space satellites, the Hubble, SOHO, etc. etc. and that it was fashioned in an effort to reconcile religious beliefs with science rather than  accurately describe the universe we live in.

What we are finding daily from these wonderful instruments  we now have in space is that our Solar System has never heard of the "Big Bang", and that it doesn't give a hill of beans  about Nasa's good ideas. In other words, tons of raw data are flooding into NASA that,   properly analyzed and reported, would show the Big Bang model to be the farce that it is, and thereby open up what appears to be a  wonderful new view of our solar system and universe; not to mention the technological benefits that would immediately accrue.  

The question then becomes, 'Why is NASA backing this bad science?' After long thought I've narrowed the answer down to four possibilities:  

Since it is not likely that things will change at NASA in the near future, it is important to keep in mind that they are running around constantly attempting to plug all of the holes with their media combine. You can  look forward to more and more inane press releases such as the recent one attributing the dramatic reversal of lightning in the Southwest from negative to positive to smoke from Mexican fires; no proofs, no data, no scientific analysis just throw some "explanation"out there to keep everyone from thinking about true causes.  

Lordy, lordy what a mess you and I have allowed to happen in our Federal government; from the top down. And to those dedicated scientists out there that have to work within this nightmare: "E Pluribus Carborundum" i.e., Don't let the bastards grind you down.

Earl L. Crockett

FLORIDA TODAY Space Online       
"Planet Earth's best source for online space news"       
For Oct. 12, 1998 

Something wrong with NASA picture
By James M. McCanney

To all who read this please know that I have had the pleasure of working with Earl L.Crockett over the past few years.   We have extensive  daily contact although we live 2000 miles apart.  When you read our Millennium Group "Truth In Science" home page (also authored and edited by Gary Goodwin), you will find many references to the long ongoing battle we have been waging against NASA ... or more amicably as we have come to call them "the brick wall".   Far more has happened than can be placed upon this home page and we are now formally asking for a Congressional Hearing to present the extensive information we have compiled.  Our goal has not been to wage a battle, but NASA's refusal to release publicly funded data and it's ongoing refusal to engage in  meaningful dialogue has forced us into this position.

Gary, Earl, and myself first met via the internet when we discovered that we had a common goal.  We all were investigating a huge relatively unknown problem within NASA from three totally different directions.These were the blatant lies and obstruction of data regarding the Hubble Telescope's extensive collection of photos in all wavelengths of the then newly discovered comet Hale-Bopp.  Earl Crockett,  the ethical business man, sought release of this data as a taxpayer ... using his training as a hard-nosed businessman he eventually routed out the government contracts that proved NASA officials were lying.  Gary Goodwin, the clinical psychologist, was instrumental in catching NASA in lies regarding initially released photos that it later claimed did not exist ... and was the first non-NASA person to recognize Hale-Bopp for the huge and violently energetic  non-snowball comet that we now know it was.  And lastly myself, a rebel scientist who throughout my career has refused to take part in NASA's ongoing grab for monopolization of any and all space and/or astronomical projects, data, publications, funding and credit for discoveries both here and abroad as Earl has so succinctly stated for the record.

NASA has subsequently pulled a number of media ploys while hiding data to do exactly what Earl has stated ... cover its realization that its Big Bang cosmology is dead and that none of the data they had collectedover the past 20 years supported it.  Imagine all those Ph.D.s granted in "science" so incorrect as to be equivalent to voodoo.  Imagine all those college astronomy text books published by over a dozen text book publishing companies filled with incorrect conclusions and theories, authored by NASA scientists.   Imagine all the TV specials watched by millions that would have to be corrected and recalled.  And lastly imagine all those prestigious journal papers with reference trees to nowhere.   Today  the denial is so great within NASA's space science community that the only thing they can do is hide data, animate"results" to convince the public to keep sending their money and hope you continue saying gee whiz to the NASA spin doctors. This would all be correctable if it were not for NASA's renewed and increased efforts at hiding data as well as the fact that the true nature of all of this was well known over 20 years ago.  

NASA's need for self vindication had all "heretics" routed out and fired ... their careers ruined.  I was (and still am) one of those heretics.  In those times space craft data was readily available to us independent scientists, the Voyager and Pioneer as well as the Russian space craft were speaking to us clearly ... "these planets and moons were not formed all at the same time"... "these things you call comets are not dirtysnow balls"  ... "the galaxies did not form in a Big Bang" but are continually forming as do the plants in a terminal growth forest  ..."your sun has a large planetary type core and the stellar fusion is taking place high in the solar atmosphere"  ... and last but not least... "your solar system is electrically charged due to an excess current of protons in the solar wind".   In a nutshell, all the theories being presented as truth by NASA scientists were wrong.   Something quite different was going on.

We in The Millennium Group have used the little bit of data we could recently obtain and have now confirmed that the sun is pumping huge amounts of electrical energy via electrical currents to all the planets.  We have confirmed our earlier beliefs that the most fundamental ground weather systems on earth are not driven by sunlight, but by these electrical currents.  We have not only discovered that these currents are what drive thunder storms, tornadoes and hurricanes, but we have also developed methods of diverting these currents to dampen and lessen the effects of these powerful cyclonic storms. NASA has categorically done everything possible to prevent the realization and progress in this important area as literally millions of poor people in this world are suffering from the ravages of these storms every day. 

Our Russsian partners have realized the same.  It might surprise you that this theoretical work and the numerous papers from as early as 1979 that you will find on The Millennium Group home page have been translated into Russian and are currently being taught and researched in Russia. 

But you will never hear any of this in the good ole' USA with the control of the publication media and the popular press as it is now literally totally controlled by the NASA office of public information dissemination.  This office is centered as Earl has stated in Goddard Space Flight Center.

In my insistence at being allowed to present this and other information at a Congressional Hearing, I will leave you with one simple question. With the enormously powerful and brilliant Hubble Space telescope taking literally millions of pictures per week, why are these only available to NASA approved scientists?  We as citizens have paid for this and why are our children not allowed to see these daily as they are taken. If NASA had existed in the early days of this country and were given the charter to explore the western lands rather than Lewis and Clarke, they would have built one covered wagon with everything possible to sustain it with every modern convenience and gadget and would be built to house a few select personnel.  They would have set out with ultimate press fanfare but when they discovered the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Ocean... these would have been classified as top secret, only a few more select men would be allowed to see it and we would all still be livingin the original 13 states for national security reasons.   It is interesting to note that in the past 30 years of space exploration we have had no more than 300 people in space and this trend has no end insight.  It does not take a rocket scientist to recognize that there is something critically and severely wrong with this picture.

James M. McCanney