by Earl L. Crockett

December 4, 1998
    We have added many new readers to our email lists in the last few days so a little background statement is in order. Our US government, as represented by the EPA, White House Administration, NOAA, etc. etc. has adopted, by some unknown defacto method, a position that all, and I mean ALL, global warming is caused by human (technogenous) pollution through a mechanism called the "greenhouse effect". They have also put in place a media backed given assumption, or disinformation scheme, that anyone that says otherwise is a "profit mongering industrial polluter". We don't know for sure why this is the way it is, but we do know that Clinton/Gore have had a $5 billion dollar "pollution cleanup" bill waiting in the wings for several years and it has been strongly rumored that Clinton intended to retire into being a "pollution cleanup advocate". If that is the case, and the bill does get passed, it would certainly redefine the upper limits of a "golden parachute".  And in these sorts of matters one can never go wrong by "following the money".

    The other half of the above equation, "the greenhouse effect",  works great as long as you're in a greenhouse. When dealing with real live planetary bodies like the Earth, Venus, and Jupiter, however, the "greenhouse effect" is better defined as an archaic remnant of  pre-satellite data  "Big-Bang" cosmology; ie by-guess-and-by-golly thinking. And  the "greenhouse effect" must be kept in place by the prevailing academic/NASA/NSF bunch, because once you begin to look at the root causes and mechanisms of global geophysical variations and cycles, the "Big-Bang"  cosmology - on which their prestigious degrees and generous grants are based, starts to unravel like a kitten's ball of yarn. Therein lies a big part of  our  problem.

     The simple purpose of The Millennium Group is to provide our readers with the key, or "code", to decipher the daily barrage of "scientific" misinformation that comes our way through the traditional press/media, and from the US government and its various agencies. To do this effectively we at the Millennium Group need to clearly state our case - an endeavor we are striving to achieve. And just so there's no misunderstanding, we know that we have a long way to go. At the same time this stuff takes some serious concentration on the part of the reader. To help that process along I would like to make a few recommendations:
   1. Read Dr. Alexey Dimitriev's "PlanetoPhysical State Of Earth And Life". This is the grown up, and truthful, version of what is presently taking place in our Solar System (Heliosphere), and our planet (Geosphere). I know it's long and detailed, but having worked over six months on the translation and editing I can personally assure you that it's understandable. Your reward will be a comprehension of the factors, forces, and dynamics at work in our Solar System unequaled in the sum total of Western scientific literature. Not a bad deal! Print it out. Get a group together. Etc.


     2. Read "The Sun, Venus, and What?". The black print inside of the boxes is the closest we've come so far to a simple explanation of the "Plasma Discharge Universe" of continuos creation, and infinite eternal scope. It's also a good story with great graphics courtesy of SOHO/LASCO. In addition it lays out the rather sordid environment in which official astronomical/space/geophysical science takes place in the USA. I promise you that you will soon see that "Truth In Science" (one of our mottoes) is easy  and intuitive to understand. All of the complex arm waving mumbo jumbo that we've grown used to from official science is merely a smoke and mirrors game of  obfuscation.


       3. Lastly for now read Alexander T. Shulgin's "What Big Bang?" and "Hannes Alfven" by Anthony L. Peratt. This will give you a good grounding in the cosmological battleground before us. I should also add that Shulgin's piece is without question the funniest, and most well written paper on the page; all it takes is genius. And...we recommend the acclaimed book "The Big Bang Never Happened" by Eric J. Lerner [ISBN 0-679-74049-X]. This is the definitive work on the problems of the "Big Bang" model and the brilliant plasma work of Hannes Alfven.

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