part 2

by gary d. goodwin

So here we are. Where do we go from here?

We've contemplated a number of different directions. We have at our disposal literally hundreds of pieces of evidence to support our recent findings. We've received a surprisingly cool reception from those in the know. It seems it's almost considered anti-climatic! More to the point, it may be that the information is overwhelming. It seems that either you already know about these objects and are considered nuts, or you believe nothing of the kind. It is interesting to know that the statistics for the U.S. as to whether or not people believe that aliens and UFO's actually exist is very high - higher than you would expect; I believe in the 70-80% region. (If you know exact figures, please pass them along with the reference).

For several years I have battled in my mind as to whether or not the Government knows about these kinds of things or if they are simply ignorant. I've settled somewhere in-between; Maybe for sanity's sake I've tried to stay neutral. But due to guilt I've jumped in with both feet. Perhaps TMG needs to disband and go full on into this area. Over the last few years, I have discovered that there is an hierarchy of privilege to knowledge. Of course that isn't surprising, but those that "know" strongly use this hierarchy to keep "believers" labeled as crazy nuts. I like the term nutzoid, but please forgive my poor attempts at humor and sarcasm. Because of my field of true expertise, I may be the right person to make an accurate assessment of such an issue. It is actually a brilliant plan; Keep those in lower positions unaware of the truth so that they are left to protect you. And these people, low in the hierarchy, defend those in higher positions and the "faith" with most excellent ferociousness. A good example of this can be found in the movie "Independence Day", when the President and his entourage are escaping from Washington D.C., which is being destroyed by the aliens. The Jewish father asks the President about Area 51 and the alien ship that they captured. The President starts to call him crazy when one of his aides says, "well that's not quite right Mr. President". The President asks, "Well why didn't I know about it." The aides says, "Plausible deniability, Mr. President."

Which brings me to another interesting belief that several of us have come to believe in. It's best explained by asking "Why all of these movies about alien invasions, destructive asteroids and comets, and related subjects?" And answered - some of us believe that there is an intelligence gene or memory gene in the human DNA. Velikovsky broached this subject calling it "collective memory". We remember history through our genetics. Some people are who they are due to genetics. There is to some degree "predestination" or a "call" from preexistence to be who and what we are and what we remember. The purer we are; the more we cleanse ourselves from the "world", the clearer our memory. But sometimes we believe that memories come through, inspired and creativity is attributed to the man/woman and not to our history. So as we move closer to, or we move through this age of change (see the Founder's Statement), the memories push through harder. So maybe TMG should also adapt into something more compatible with the day and age that we live in. Surely changes are about to occur, if what we have reported is honest and is truly happening. I can say without hesitation that every word we have written is written in honest ink. To waiver from these statements, or to believe that what we have seen, time and time again is our imagination would be cowardly at the very least and worse than the ignorance and evil that we have reported. Again, there is only one judge - that be you my friend. And it's you for yourself, not for anyone else.

Perhaps a summary of what we know to date would be the best avenue.

There appears to be several different species involved. We are suggesting at least four to six, based upon the different ships and approaches or routes to the Earth.

There are literally hundreds of these ships/objects in orbit now around the Earth.

They have some form of cloaking device (damn those Romulans!) as evidenced by some of the following images.

They come in primarily two different avenues: close to the sun and from the direction of the planets. We believe that they are capable of using some sort of "star gate", or what we commonly know as the Galactic Field, to travel at great speeds. Recent discoveries of "new moons" around Jupiter and Saturn are merely these ships arriving in our solar system. The recent asteroid discovery that postulated a "hit" in the next few years was either simply another ship coming in or it was an attempt at distraction or a debunking maneuver. An approach used many times before.

We believe that these visitors are not friendly, (so-to-speak) to the nations of the world. Forgive me for returning to the movies again (it's like Tommy Lee Jones telling Will Smith that the best intelligence comes through the tabloids!), but it reminds me of the reason that Klaatu came to visit the Earth in "The Day The Earth Stood Still". He told us to get our act together or we were going to get our rear ends kicked - the Earth destroyed. We believe that the United States was established for the betterment of mankind by God. Established by the Hand of God to provide freedom to mankind, among other very important things. Unfortunately, we (mankind/womankind - whatever) have misused and perverted what we have been so wonderfully blessed with; Death, divorce, usury, drugs, alcohol, enslavement, starvation, lost compassion, corruption, poverty, oppression, adultery, murder, abuse, should I go on? It's an everyday occurrence in the United States - and further perpetuated by us and others throughout the world. Diogenese is long cold in his unmarked grave. I wonder if George Washington had young teens come to the White House and give him oral sex in the Oval Office? I wonder if he knew the definition of "is"? No he didn't, and yes he did know the definition of right and wrong. These creatures are not "bad", but they are not here to put their arms around us as some in the UFO community are claiming.

The Bible and myth tells us (and I know some of you believe the Scriptures to be myth - again - whatever. I believe they are inspired by God) that there is to be a "cleansing of the earth by fire". There are numerous references to Babylon in the Last Days and how it will be destroyed by the armies of the north, from the far ends of Heaven, in the Scriptures. Well there's no actual city of Babylon today. The ancient city of Babylon stood where Iraq is today, and many may say, "See, Sadam Husain, he's Babylon and the good guys are going to destroy him". This is a very wrong interpretation and easily dispelled. So it is true with the Catholic Church, as some have also believed that they represent Babylon today - another short sighted belief. There is only one country that could be considered to fill the shoes of a modern day Babylon - sorry to say, but it's this country - the United Satess of America. I know that's going to rattle some cages, but give it some serious thought. You will come to the same conclusion.