Mars and July 2000 -- Chain of Events

By Steve Russell
Marshall Masters
March 20, 2000

Mars and 76/P, June 2000 During May/June 2000 time period, Comet 76/P - West-Kohoutek-Ikemura will approach Mars at an extremely close distance. This comet passes so close to Mars and its Moons, it could possibly be caught in the gravitational/electrical field of Mars and impact Mars or one of its moons.

In addition to normal gravitational forces, the heightened activity of the Sun could further increase the electrical attractions of planets and comets, thereby increasing the possibility of an impact event. If a catastrophic event for Mars is a result from these extraordinary circumstances what will we learn? Or, will we be caught off-guard once again?

A reasonable definition of a catastrophe is that is the caused by an unbroken chain of small failure events. While the individual failures often go unnoticed, they collectively result in catastrophic failure that catches us totally by surprise.

The primary reason why the Titanic sank was because its hull was made of steel that would become brittle after long exposure to cold temperatures. Likewise, the Shuttle Challenger exploded because of a similar oversight regarding the effects of cold temperatures on a booster seal. The lesson learn is that little things are deadly, and they are easy to miss, especially when ego gets in the way.

An Unsettling Chain of Events

What TMG is seeing with regards to Mars and Comet 76P West-Kohoutek-Ikemura is what appears to be unbroken chain of events that could very well lead to an impact event on Mars. On their own merit, each of these events would be inconsequential even though weve never really come to understand them.

Did Nostradamus See This Chain of Events Happening?
One possible interpretation of a Nostradamus quatrain is thought to warn of something significant approaching Earth around July 2000, and makes specific use of the work "Mars." For some Nostradamus enthusiasts, this interpretation suggests that during July we will receive a warning of the threat, but not be affected by it. For others, there is this tingling sense of dread, as though one waits for the "the other shoe to fall."


In the year 1999 and seven months,

The Great King of Terror will come from the sky.

He will bring back to life the great king of Angolmois,

Before and after Mars reigns happily.

While the debate continues, one fact is clear. If 76/P impacts Mars, we better wake up and set to work on implementing a real planetary defense plan. And perhaps, it would us also give us clear mandate to explore and colonize space so as to assure the survival of our species.

Planetary Alignments

On May 5 2000, a very extraordinary event is going to occur in our solar system. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and at least five comets will be in close alignment, fitting together in a geocentric arc of only 25 degrees. This alignment will not occur again until the year 2675!

Planetary Alignment

There are numerous minor alignments leading up to this spectacular event, but May 5 is the big one. At precisely this time, the Eta Aquarids meteor shower of the Southern Hemisphere will also peak with a splendid shower of approximately 50 meteors per hour.

Comets and Mars

The final significant alignment is on May 17 with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn spanning a geocentric arc of only 19.5 degrees. In this alignment, Venus and Jupiter are separated by only 42 arc-seconds!

The alignment will essentially be a tug-of-war between neighboring planets over smaller objects like comets that pass between them. At the precise time of the alignment, at least five comets will also be within the geocentric arc and on the same plane between Mars and Jupiter.

Interestingly enough, this alignment is comparable to that which occurred in 2 BC resulting in the Christmas star from the book of Matthew.

Mars Gravity Well

Many scientists and astronomers, including those at NASA, are of the opinion that the gravitational effects of the upcoming May 5 planetary alignment will not alter the trajectory of Comet 76/P.

Perhaps this is because they have no idea what to expect from such a close passing of a comet by Mars given NASA's recent loss of the Mars Climate Orbiter (MCO) and the Mars Polar Lander (MPL) during their landing approaches to Mars.

The failure of these two probes has forced NASA to reevaluate their understanding of the gravitational forces at work on Mars. This lack of understanding has resulted in the suspension of plans to land more rovers on Mars, and expressed Dr Carl Pilcher at a recent conference in Houston. During that conference he said "The search for life on the Red Planet will have to slow down until people on Earth have worked out how to land on Mars without crashing". It is also humorous to note that DR Carl Pilcher was wearing a sweatshirt that said, "Obey Gravity: Its the Law" at the time he made that pronouncement.

DR Pilcher position that NASA needs to understand the gravitational forces on Mars before resuming its Mars exploration quintessentially sums up the fact that nobody, including NASA can say with any certainty that Comet 76/P is any more immune to unforeseen gravitational forces than the MCO and MPL spacecraft.

According to trusted sources, NASA has tentatively extended the mission objectives for the Deep Space One (DS1) probe to include an observation of 76P on June 1 2000. The Cassini space probe will also have a front seat view to this event, because the Earth will be behind the Sun during this time.

What this means for us, is that NASA alone be able to observe 76P or Mars at this time. Whatever happens, we will not know about it unless those wield the true power at NASA decide to fully share the information.

The Solar Maximum

Dual CMEs

In a few months time our Sun will reach the peak of its 11-year cycle. The amount of dangerous solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) expected to emanate from the Sun during this time, usually goes through phases of high and low activity. So far, the level of activity has been low, which means that a lot of activity is on the way.

The last solar maximum occurred back in the less technologically dependent world of 1989. During this cycle the Hydro-Quebec electrical power system was knocked out by a CME, leaving approximately 6 million Canadians without power for over 9 hours. Apart from wiping out power grids, a CME can also interfere or destroy satellites, radio communications and make tracking comets and asteroids extremely difficult.

Earth was recently targeted by two large CME generating sunspots, each aimed at Earth like a double-barrel shotgun waiting to be fired. Fortunately, we were spared what certainly would have been a solar event with catastrophic possibilities.

There is very good evidence of electromagnetic fields surrounding objects in our solar system. These fields are the result of highly charged plasma found throughout our solar system; as discussed in the Machholz 2 article (MM, link?).

The planets and comets of our solar system will be bombarded by these huge electrically charged CMEs. The strength of the electromagnetic fields surrounding everything in space will increase dramatically because of these CMEs. The fields around comets will be effected the most because they have a high rate of speed and their angle of attack relative to the ecliptic is high.

Mars could become a huge magnet, attracting any comet that becomes caught in its increased electromagnetic field. The gravitational forces of Mars alone could cause a comet to become unstable or break up if it got too close. These gravitational forces combined with increased electromagnetic activity caused by the solar maximum could result in severe consequences for a passing comet. In turn, this could have repercussions on the health of Mars and its Moons, even Earth. The effects could be similar to the Shoemaker-Levy 9 (SL9) comet that became caught in the fields of Jupiter.

Large distances usually separate the planets as they orbit the sun. Their electromagnetic and gravitational fields never really interact to any large degree because of the distances involved. But what about when the planets are in close alignment? The last time our solar system was in alignment was September 1186 AD.

Is This How Nostradamus Envisioned It?

While NASA will control all imagery and data from the 76/P Mars flyby (or impact) we on Earth will be able to witness an incredible month of eclipses, because July 2000 will provide Earth with the rarest eclipse activity to be seen in over a century!

If youve been waiting for the other shoe to fall, here might just be the resounding thud youve been waiting for. According to one possible interpretation of Quatrain 10:72, Nostradamus speaks of a "great king of terror" to be discovered during July 2000.

The maximum number of eclipses that can occur in a single year is seven. This year there are six, half of which occur in July alone. Perhaps this has something to do with what Nostradamus is saying to us in quatrain 10:72.

The Earth will experience two partial solar eclipses and one full lunar eclipse in July 2000.

This eclipses will be the last of the 20th century, The next time two solar eclipses will occur, will happen during December 2206!

Solar Eclipses are Revealing!
An important thing to keep in mind, that a solar eclipse enables us to see comets just before or after they pass behind the sun.

During August 22, 1999 TMG reported three objects that had been spotted during the eclipse over Turkey. Two objects (A & C) were later identified with the help of MIR imagery. Object B, (shown to the right) was neither confirmed nor denied by NASA.

Objects A, B, C Object B

The debate about Object B, began in August 11, 1999 when TMG published, Solar Eclipse as Seen From Turkey There's a Surprise You Won't Believe! 8/1199 By Marshall Masters.

Objects A and C were definitively eliminated when TMG published a rebuttal article titled, Is Mr. Hoagland Grabbing at Straws? By Marshall Masters January 1, 2000

To date, Object B is still one half of a mystery. The other half, the possibility that it was man-made has been eliminated.


Will science or prophecy be the one to discover the outcome of our future? Perhaps another rare event will occur in which science and prophecy will complement each other. Until then we urge you to join with The Millennium Group now wishes and go on record for the following two propositions:

The close approach of comet 76/P to Mars and the warnings of Nostradamus should not be ignored! This because the increasing activity of our Sun charging up the solar system, combined with the increase in gravitational tidal forces of the planets during the May 5 alignment, could result in a profound change in the way we view our place within a majestic yet violent universe. The question is, are we waiting to take this knowledge whatever it may be to our graves, or do we possess the foresight to take action in a more proactive manner.

Steve Russell
Marshall Masters

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