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In many past articles and for several years now, Members of The Millennium Group have given numerous proofs of the electrical nature of the universe in which we live. We have supported and given evidence of both Alfven's and Velikovsky's ideas concerning the sure existence of such currents throughout our solar system. These currents, in the form of charged particles or plasmas, flow from the greater galaxy and sun through the planets and their atmospheres. In most cases we have strongly urged authorities, such as NASA and other governmental agencies and representatives, to recognize these powers and their effects upon the inhabitants of this planet. Now in this brief abstract, we present one more proof and one more practical application of the research and work at The Millennium Group. In truth there are many, many applications of this area of research that can widen man's knowledge and experience and indeed save lives. The following abstract of ideas has been presented to the United States Air Force and other relevant agencies, in some degree of detail, without charge or expectation of remuneration. These ideas must be acknowledged if there will ever be an answer to the great losses that the human race has sustained. Meanwhile, after Georges has done his damage and Zeb has nearly destroyed the Phillipines, we have to wonder who's next and how long will the authorities take before they give our ideas a chance????

The following article appeared September 27th, 1998 at

Record-tying 4 hurricanes in Atlantic at once Karl joins Georges,  Ivan and Jeanne in a  first since 1892

September 26, 1998 Web posted at: 3:47 p.m. EDT (1947 GMT)

 MIAMI (AP) -- For the first time in more than a century, four hurricanes have sprung out of the Atlantic at the same time. One has already wreaked havoc in the Caribbean and southern Florida, while another is expected to hit the Azores islands sometime Saturday. Hurricane Karl joined hurricanes Georges, Ivan and Jeanne on Friday, the first time since 1892
that the Atlantic Ocean has played host to four simultaneous hurricanes, said Michele Huber, a meteorologist at the National Hurricane Center.  "Everything hit at the same time," Huber said. "This is definitely something beyond the ordinary."   Of the four hurricanes, Georges so far is the most damaging, killing 300 people in the Caribbean before crashing over Key West and heading into the Gulf of Mexico toward the Gulf Coast.  The next to pose trouble for land will be Ivan, which was racing on an easterly track toward the Azores. A still-growing Karl whirled out of a tropical storm that was born Wednesday in the central Atlantic.  Karl was moving northeast near 10 mph (16 km/h), and a gradual increase in speed was  expected.  Jeanne was centered south-southwest of Lajes with 80-mph (130-km/h) winds.  The three systems won't affect the United States, Huber said, and it appeared Karl and Jeanne will live and die at sea.

Anyone who watches the weather news, with any regularity, knows the devastation that hurricanes andf typhoons can do. Until last year, the fastest wind speed known to mankind was on one of the highest mountains in the world, Mt. Wilson in New Hampshire. Then last year at *sea level*, Super Typhoon Keith hit a sea level Pacific island at a wind speed of over 220 MPH!!!! Mind you this was at SEA LEVEL! We've seen dozens of hurricanes do billions of dollars worth of damage, not to mention the many lives lost. We saw Andrew obliterate Southern Florida, and before that Hugo... the list goes on and on. FEMA struggles to deal with the fall out and the government (US-> YOU AND ME!) pay the tax dollars to repair the damage. What if there were a way to lessen the damage? A way to save lives? The following is only an abstract that we have presented to a few of our government agencies.

That same person who watches the evening t.v. news, likely knows that when hurricanes hit the land, they lose their strength. Why is this? We know the current beliefs. And why do they gain strength over warm sea water?

Most of us have seen pictures of the beautiful Aurora Borealis. Their wonderful flashing, dancing lights incredibly lighting the northern skies. It is interesting to note, as an introduction to this abstract, that this phenomenon usually follows the coast line. Here is the crux to this matter:

The Aurora Borealis is the result of a current flow, dissipating through the earth's field. Sea water is less conductive than land. (see Tim Kelly's paper Observed Natural Events And Hypotheses Related To The Physics Of Fault-Free Earthquakes also see A.N.Dmitriev's paper Electrogravidynamic Concept of Tornadoes). Great charges of plasma are introduced into the upper atmosphere of the earth where they must be dissipated. Some of these charges are dissipated through the common storm systems that we see circling the earth. The source of these charges can be readily seen and explained in a recent paper entitled VENUS, THE SUN, AND WHAT?.

The fact that land mass attracts the charge greater than the seas is readily seen in a recent study where lightening strikes were counted over land and compared to strikes over the water. This was a simple study by NASA where all they had to do was just count!

"Lightning likes land more than water, according to the first three months' of images of data from NASA's Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS). It's not just that most lightning occurs over land. From December 1997 through January 1998, LIS saw that 90 percent of lightning was over land, a significant finding. Three months of Lightning Imaging Sensor data dramatically shows that most lightning occurs over land. Areas over sea match major circulation patterns that  carry storms over water."!!!!


(You can see this report HERE.)

This system of charges coming to the Earth - coming through the atmosphere and searching for an area to discharge is easily seen in the recent discovery below.

(Some of the following images are taken from an excellent explanation of the phenomenon at hand.)

Over the last few years an interesting phenomenon has come to the attention of a number of researchers. It was noticed that over the *top* of storms, strange lights seemed to be emanating. Of course no one had ever seen these before except a few pilots and perhaps in mythology. So the researchers have associated these lights only with storms. That's of course the only time when they look for them! It's a bit of the "chicken and the old egg" story, but there does seem to be a rational story here. These are actual images of what are now called *Sprites*:

HERE is a depiction of the altitude of where these electrical events occur.

The charges of clouds are well known, as seen in the artist rendition to the left. 

In this rendering, is the depiction of the charges flowing down thru the atmosphere attempting to discharge into the earth.


Sprites and Elves, as they are called got their name due to the eerie light shows that they put on and the fact that they seem to be difficult to see without the right equipment.

The Millennium Group has an answer to the problem that these charges create. The solution is a simple arrangement and order of devices to dispel the charge that is not being allowed to dispel over water. The Hurricane has the time to build up enough charge to create damaging circumstances when it finally reaches land. Let us remind the reader of the potential disastrous storm that lies out there waiting to destroy.

The proposal of the combination of devices and the entire explanation is available to those that are in position to utilize this knowledge. If you are a member of an organization that is in the position to use such theory, please contact us for detailed information. The conditions of release of this information are few. Please contact us HERE.

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