Mars and July 2000 --
They Found the Water in 1980, So What Gives?

by Melody Mehta
Foreword by Marshall Masters

June 22, 2000


I've watched recent posts on leading science news sites with great interest. There is little doubt that the possibility of water on Mars is a scientifically intoxicating notion. Just read the two build-up articles leading to today's announcement. I've included references from all three in chronological order.

Evidence of Water Found on Mars
By Andrew Bridges Pasadena Bureau Chief
and Leonard David Senior Space Writer (
Posted: 08:37 pm ET 21 June 2000 has learned that NASA has discovered evidence of water on the Red Planet's surface. The finding, made by the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft, fuels hopes that there may be life on Mars.

Sources close to the agency's Mars program said the discovery involves evidence of seasonal deposits that could be associated with springs on the planet's surface.

NASA had planned to make the blockbuster announcement during a press conference scheduled for June 29, sources said Tuesday.


Water Found on Mars
By Michael Ray Taylor, News June 21, 2000

Planet MarsThe Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft has radioed data to Earth providing evidence of liquid waters on Mars, NASA confirmed this afternoon. The discovery boosts the possibility of finding traces of life on the Red Planet, experts say.

NASA will release details on the discovery to be published in next week's Science magazine - at a press conference tomorrow at 11 a.m. Note the original URL has changed. The current URL points to their ongoing Wet Mars stories page.


Evidence of Water Found on Mars
By Michael Ray Taylor, News June 22, 2000

"The features are in the exact opposite of place of where you would expect water to form on Mars," says Malin.

Malin said the features could be "as old as one million years or as young as yesterday."

Today's announcement is the first indication that water might exist as a surface liquid on modern Mars, and it has many scientists scratching their heads.

Malin and Edgett emphasize that they want the scientific community to study the images and respond to their interpretation of them.


The "possible" presence of water is a joint announcement by Michael Malin (president of Malin Space Science Systems) and Kenneth Edgett. It is important to note that he doesn't show any images of actual water -- just water stains. So in the immortal words of Mr. Charles S. Morris of NASA, could this be "much to do about nothing?"

OK, as with most things in life, you have to wait for the other shoe to fall and here it comes.

Water Spout Found on Mars in 1980

Vince DiPietro

We are calling for the JPL to give some consideration to photographing the area of the water spout that Dr. Leonard Martin of Lowell Observatory published in 1980 in the NASA Activities (Dec. 1980, vol. 11, number 12). Vince DiPietro


So, why has it taken NASA two decades to get around to this "novel" concept of water on Mars? Could it be that they are looking for a way to rejuvenate public in Mars exploration so as obtain additional funding for exploration?

While I was "scratching" my head I decided to take a little break and to check my e-mail.

After publishing Melody Mehta's first article, Mars and July 2000 -- Are We Lambs to the Slaughter, Mr. President?, I've learned to position the cursor on the Check Mail icon and then close my eyes for the click. After that, I usually have ample time to get up and to make myself a nice big cup of tea.

Melody's first article appeared on June 15, and in that short time has been read over 6,200 times and this gifted lady is by no means a "one-song rock star."

Well folks, she's done it again and this time, Melody is trying to second-guess the powers behind the throne. I've posted her message as-is, and threw in some graphics for context. I hope you enjoy it.

Marshall Masters

Melody Mehta
Posted On: TMG_Prophecy
Date: Wed Jun 21, 2000 10:16pm
Subject: Re: US Govt. Suddenly Preparing for Tsunamis

Tsunami Strikes KayakersWatching CNBC late last night (20th June) I noticed a small, not very urgently presented piece about tsunamis. The pretense of the presentation was that scientists have now discovered another fault-line, this time off the east coast of the United States. Remember a few weeks ago the announcement that scientists had found a fault off the west coast of the US and the tsunamis that were predicted if there is ever a quake along it? Well, now, ever so coincidentally, just a few weeks later we have one off the east coast as well. So, we were told, huge tidal waves are, in fact, a distinct possibility for both the east and west coasts.

To make matters just a little more interesting, they also slipped in a scientist saying that they are expecting the fault-line off the west coast to 'go' in the undefined 'near future'. Apparently, such is the urgency, that SIGNS are being erected along both coasts to direct people in the advent of a tsunami emergency. An urgent tsunami evacuation plan is already underway. CNBC was kind enough to show the signs, and also the buoys that have now been placed along both east and west US coasts to alert the government of an impending tidal wave, presumably so the population can be evacuated.

NOTE: John Maynard of TMG followed up on this CNBC broadcast, He found that the major portion of the populations EAST & WEST were isolated on these announcements. The announcement about the West coast was primarily played on the west coast, and the same occurrence for the east coast. Although the announcements were nationwide, the were both played down on purpose respectively.

But what if the fault-lines are indeed a mere pretense? They certainly seem to be acting, these government people, with uncharacteristic speed over all this. I believe that the US government is expecting, rather than predicting,large and massively destructive tsunamis on both coasts in the very near future, and if they know to expect it, then they know exactly what will cause it.

Adrian GilbertThe Mars announcement slated for the 29th June (anyone made note of the fact that this is the exact date Adrian Gilbert believes to be the end of the "Age of Man"?) is no coincidence either. Neither is the leaking of it. CNN quoted their news piece on the 19th June as coming FROM NASA, and stated that on the 29th June NASA would announce that water has been discovered on Mars in the form of ice, and possibly as seasonal springs. Well, excuse me, but that sounds like the announcement to me, so what with the 29th June?

Well, what if NASA is pulling a great PR stunt that allows enormous momentum to build behind the theory that they are making some Earth-shattering (!!!!) announcement? There can only be two possible purposes behind such a PR strategy.

    1. NASA has an Earth-shattering announcement that isn't the one they made already by pre-informing the mass media.

    2. They are going to underwhelm the audience by repeating exactly what they have already announced through CNN, the BBC etc. But they will be announcing it to a mass of people whose eyes are fixed, at that moment, on their televisions. And not the sky.

Frankly, for all intents and purposes, NASA has made its announcement. Yet we must keep our eyes open for the NASAstrategy behind both their words and their actions. Something is going on and it encompasses much of the news we have heard in the last months, from the missing hard disks of Los Alamos (that fire was a lucky diversion) to the sudden need to create comprehensive tsunami evacuation plans for all major centers on both east and west coasts of the United States. And by all means, let us continue the debate on the meaning and subtexts of all the prophecies. But let us not be the ones still debating philosophy in the temple unaware of an apocalypse descending rapidly onto the roof.


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