Mars and July 2000 --
Are We Lambs to the Slaughter, Mr. President?

by Melody Mehta
Foreword by Marshall Masters

June 14, 2000


Over the past few days, I've watched the growing uneasiness about the events surrounding 76P/West-Kohoutek-Ikemura and Mars. Look folks, there is something wrong with this picture, but what we do not know is likely the direct result of a conscious decision by our government.

As a result of the information clampdown by our government, my in-box is full of messages that plead, "Is there anything new about 76P? I'm really worried!" And here I sit, empty-handed and frustrated.

The consequence of this clampdown has been like throwing gasoline on a small fire, and the recent apparently intentional interruptions of popular sites like TMG is only serving to fan the flames. If the government wanted to created FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) they have succeeded with impressive results. The Internet is awash with fearful speculation and alarming postings from anonymous sources. But if we all go off the deep end, we'll play into the hands of the spinmeisters, who in my personal opinion, view us with as much compassion as sheep to the slaughter.

"Some things are just necessary," they will argue, "and the average American wouldn't understand it anyway," and then we'd hear about the Orson Wells broadcast of War of the Worlds, yadda-yadda-yadda...

OK, let's step back for a moment, and take a big breath.

What we can understand is not the issue. Good or bad, we've paid for it and our paychecks are our reciepts. Nonetheless, the absence of current data is intentional, and will continue until someone decides that we finally have the "need to know," (which will probably happen shortly after we've figured out "what is... is  ")

But there are things we can discuss now in a reasonable and consistent manner, if for no other reason than to keep our wits about us. I've been praying for this, and today a shining hope of reason dropped into my mail box from TMG Prophecy SIG moderator, Lisa Sakabu.

Hi Guys, we have a new subscriber to the prophecy list and this one has given things a lot of thought! I don't think the 76P story is fading. I frankly think it's as if everyone is holding their breath to see what happens! Lisa

Lisa attached a copy of Melody's posting to her e-mail, and it really impressed me. We may be flailing in the dark, but Melody goes about it in a methodical way that is both reasonable and readable. I asked her if I could use her name in the byline and she immediately said yes, (unlike other anonymous authors who obviously lack Melody's chutzpah.)

I've posted her message as-is, and threw in some graphics for context. I hope you enjoy it.

Marshall Masters

Melody Mehta
Posted On: TMG_Prophecy
Date: Wed Jun 14, 2000 5:17pm
Subject: Re: The Possible Explosions on Mars

Hello. My name is Melody, and I have been reading the discussions of this group for a couple of weeks. I was very interested in Tommy's input a couple of days ago and wanted to make some comments. First, I agree that NASA's silence is extremely suspicious on the matter of comet 76P.

NASAPrior to the Mars flyby, NASA stated that this was a very exciting moment in astronomy, and knowing their predisposition to milk any good or even fair PR out of the media, it is astonishing that they have become silent, or is it? This comet's presumed 'near miss' of the planet Mars speaks to a number of prophecies, actually creating synergies between some prophecies that have only become obvious in the past few weeks.

PhobosFirst, the Nostradamus prophecy that clearly describes a large comet or similar object hitting or coming close to Earth. Rather than pieces of 76P heading into the Earth's path, could it not be the moon Phobos?

Nostradamus describes his 'comet' as the King of Terror. Phobos means fear or terror in Greek, in addition to which, Phobos in Greek mythology was the son of the war god Ares, and therefore royal, a real king. Phobos is also incredibly unstable in its orbit of Mars, requiring comparatively small effort to push it out of orbit completely. It doesn't seem all that far-fetched that 76P could provide the catalyst for Phobos to be set free.

Gordon Michael ScallionGordon Michael Scallion, the modern prophet, says in his book Notes from the Cosmos, which was released in the early '90's, that he believes Phobos will be knocked out of its orbit and almost hit the Earth with catastrophic consequences, between the years 1998 and 2012. He has since said that he believes this will occur early during that time period. Scallion writes that he 'saw' Phobos snaking through space in its orbit, extremely unstable, before it breaks free completely, and then bounces off the Earth's atmosphere. He does not know what causes this to happen. Yet it sounds like Phobos remains in orbit for a short time after the catalyst has its effect.

This is one very heavy prophecy that seems so far fetched that Scallion must have amazed himself by including it in his book. Think about it, what are your chances of being correct about the moon of another planet hitting Earth at ANY point in the planet's history. And yet, along comes 76P, right on cue, to place that extra pressure on the famously unstable Phobos, which even NASA scientists have declared is a doomed moon?

Timing is also important, because it is quite feasible that the Nostradamus reference to 1999 and the seventh month, refers to either June, July or September this year, depending on how it is read. Adrian GilbertAdrian Gilbert, author of Signs in the Sky has conducted a brilliant analysis of the symbols and prophecies of the hebrews, the christians and the egyptians amongst others.
His use of a combination of astronomy and astrology is critical to the understanding of ancient prophecies, as it really wasn't until after the findings of Copernicus and Galileo became generally accepted that the two became separated. Thus, when reading nostradamus, it would be foolish to read only in astronomical terms and not also in astrological terms. Gilbert's use of this combination leads him to assert that the summer solstice 2000 and immediately after on 29 June, 2000 will see end of the 'Age of Man' as described in the bible. Revelations states that earth changes will start in earnest after this point, and this seems to gel well with Nostradamus, Scallion, Mother Shipton and others.

Tommy quotes a Nostradamus quatrain:

NostradamusWhere all is good, the Sun all beneficial and the Moon
Is abundant, its ruin approaches
From the sky it advances to change your fortune
In the same state as the seventh rock

This quatrain certainly does seem to imply the summer solstice and the full moon, both of which will take place in the next ten days, followed soon after by Gilbert's asserted 29th June deadline. I am also interested in the meaning of the statement 'In the same state as the seventh rock'.

This could be either astronomical or astrological. If we assume the seventh rock from the sun is Saturn, due to a lack of knowledge in those days of the moons of Mars and Jupiter, yet assuming that Earth's moon is also counted, as indeed it was, as a planet, then we could wonder whether or not the King of Terror will approach from the direction in which we should normally see Saturn, or if it would approach from the direction of the constellation of Capricorn, which is astrologically ruled by Saturn. Not being either an astonomer or an astrologer myself, I am unable to pinpoint the exact direction. However I believe that it warrants some further investigation.

But what if Nostradamus 'knew' with his second sight that Mars had moons? Counting moons, one could in fact say that Phobos itself is both the 7th rock from the sun, and the named King of Terror.

Astrologically speaking, (and astrologers are prophets too) May 5, 2000 was the date of the great alignment. While some say that the last such alignment was about twenty years ago, in fact, it is much longer snce the exact alignment took place in the sign of Taurus. A couple of points here. Taurus rules the Earth, so the alignment of the planets actually speaks to the future of Earth. In astrological terms, the planets Neptune and Uranus were at tough angles to the May 5th alignment. Interestingly this can be read as unpleasant surprises from the sky with a simultaneous problem of being unable to get a clear view of what is happening.

Artists Interpretation, Possible Mars/76P EventAstologers say that the effects of eclipses and other major occurrances can be felt a month to the day after the event itself, with a three day either side window. How significant then that the flyby of 76P was slated for 5th June? In addition, the events that transpire at such times are not assumed to be the 'main event', but rather the 'birth' of a future event. An astrologer would tell us to look back to the 5th June (or three days either side) to find the event that started it all.

Also, in July, a never-before-heard-of occurrence will be the fact of three eclipses in the same month. Again, eclipses are meant to speed things up in astrological terms, so that we reach the next level more quickly. So, from an astrological perspective, it looks like things may start happening in July.

If I was Bill Clinton right now, I would be quite happy for NASA to put a lid on any information that would show such suppositions to be true. There would be utter chaos at the mere suggestion that Earth faces an imminent impact or near miss. If the prophets are correct, and clearly there is some possibility that they are, there is nowhere to run. It all just seems far too coincidental for so many diverse factors out of the control of mere mortals to come together at a predetermined moment in time. Assume that little information will come from the authorities right now. If we are to know anything concrete about what has occurred around Mars, we will probably have to find other signs from the amateur world of science.

So could it be that 76P passed Mars, and caused Phobos to become even more unstable, to a point where, in the course of the next ten days or so, it finally breaks free of its Mars orbit? If that is the case, does anyone out there have a clue how long it would take Phobos and Earth to reach the same point in space? For myself, that is the singular piece of information I am most interested in!


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