Malin Misleads The Public
In The Finest Traditions of NASA and JPL

by gary d. goodwin

In the following images taken from the following URL, you can clearly see how the old NASA tactics of hiding info from the public works. This tactic can be called "The Confusion Approach". It is accomplished most of the time on purpose, but sometimes by the accident of a low grade technician or apprentice. Images are labeled one way and then deliberately identified another.

In both images, a large black arrow, typically utilized as a "direction" arrow, is placed indicating true north. This particular orientation arrow is 180 degrees off. North is to the upper left not the lower right of the Face on Mars. The planet obliquity of Mars is very important when considering the wobble of Mars and Earth over geological time spans. Thus the reader - Mr. Joe Public Tax Payer, is properly and thoroughly disinformed! As you note the direction the orientation arrow is pointed, look at the caption to "figure #2". The caption is copied exactly here as at the original page.

The Images are posted here... just in case..... they disappear. Hopefully they stay at:

FIGURE 1: Viking Orbiter mosaic showing landforms in Cydonia with popular, informal names.


FIGURE 2: Location of MOC images acquired during the past two years, April 1998 to April 2000. Click on ID numbers to browse the images. These are presented at 40% size with north approximately "up". For full-resolution images, see list below.

Once again we see the fix is in!