"Mars Theory Falls on Its Face ?"
A Response to the Editorial by the World Herald and to all Skeptics
by Harry A. Jordan, Director (H.A. Jordan Bio)
The Mars Project in Omaha
10 November, 2000
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As a professional educator I felt the "Mars Theory Falls on Its Face" editorial by the Omaha World Herald and the posturing by Dan Rather was an example of poor news reporting. Poor journalism requires an answer from qualified experts in order to nurture and inspire people. In order to question good science no matter what one's position or philosophy, biased conclusions which are not based on timely scientific study, should be considered suspect by the reader. The World Herald writer of the article in question, would have people conclude that all of the individuals who brought the Mars Face into the public eye were nut cases, using off the wall science and that they offered no "hard proof" on which to base their investigations. This is simply not the case. In order to put the current Face image into proper perspective, for our youth in particular, it is important they know the honest history here... so should Mr. Dan Rather also read very carefully.

The Truth about Mars Research & NASA Politics
In 1985 Dr. C. Wes Churchman, a Nobel Laureate‚ and professor Emeritus at the University of California at Berkeley founded the first "Independent Mars Investigation" to more fully examine Viking photographs which showed an enigmatic "Face on Mars" and other "Unusual Surface Features". Ironically, I responded to an article in the World Herald when the group was being established, and the World Herald printed a unbiased story on October 4, 1987 describing the Omaha contribution. Dr. Churchman introduced me to team members when I volunteered to construct models and survey drawings of the entire Cydonia region. Dr. Churchman appointed a special commission under "Peace and Conflicts" to study the Viking images . Among original team members were; Dr. Brian O'Leary, astronaut, professor at Columbia and former President of the President's National Commission on Space during the Reagan era, Mr. Vince DiPietro, an image specialist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Dr. David C. Webb - The Presidents Commission on Space Exploration during the Reagan era, Dr. Mark Carlotto - Image Specialist - TASC/NASA, Dr. Randy Pozo's, Gregory Molenaar, Mr. Thomas Rauchenberg - Richard C. Hoagland, former science advisor to Walter Cronkite and Dr. John Brandenberg of Mars Research, Washington D.C.. Today, Dr. Stanley McDaniels heads a group of scientists around the world continually monitoring the current Surveyor data. Some of those original team members currently serve on Prof. McDaniels panel coordinating the data with NASA.

The notorious Face on Mars was first discovered by Dr. Tobis Owen and Gerald Soffen at NASA in 1976. When the two Viking Orbiters began sending back over 66,000 photographs to earth the Face was not the only artifact being examined by experts in the field. A five sided pyramid and several polygon shapes were considered "unnatural geological surface features" and still are a mystery. From 1986 until the present, several other surface features have been discovered which are "not normal or indicative of natural erosion or planetary events". Twelve mounds of equal height measure 300 meters across and are equally spaced 2.6 miles apart within Cydonia. A large mastaba exists three miles northeast of the face which has two holes in the top plateau placed at a 90 degree angle to its apothem. Several of these mastabas (flat topped pyramids) have been found in other photos from the Viking missions will eventually be photographed by Surveyor this year. There are five pyramidal forms arrayed in a perfect pentagon shape four miles west of the face dubbed "The City".  A five sided pyramid is located to the south west which has an appendage which points directly toward the face. A large tholus or mound exists four miles to the southeast which is in the form of a perfect spiral volute accompanied by two mounds spaced equal to the diameter of the mound and at a 90 degree angle to the mound.

These are a few of many strange but real enigmas which have NASA and some very credible people scratching their heads. I have given many presentations on this data around the country for free. Nebraska Educational television aired this work in 1989 for which I was not compensated nor did I ask to be. The World Herald writer who inferred money as a motive for research in this area was offensive. The research work regarding Viking and other Mars missions is far from over. Some people do make stories up but this isn't one of them . The "majesty" in research comes from an open mind walking a narrow path, sometimes where none exists at all.

To my mind that takes a great deal of honest courage and credible investigation, the World Herald has failed to do. There was only one thing the writer got right, "There are mysteries in the universe that humankind is only beginning to comprehend. There are wonders out there that will astound and delight us all." Its unfortunate that on the basis of one photograph a conclusion was drawn out of hand on "over-processed data".

Some very credible people have examined thousands of images for over 23 years. The facts shared here provided the basis for closer examination by the current Surveyor mission and I'm glad I was a part of that effort. If the World Herald and serious scientists around the world were to more thoroughly examine the hard data available in Omaha they might discover something quite "profound, mystical, sublime" and possibly even true ? Had it not been for the unselfish, volunteer efforts of many people the matter never would have met the light of day. The World Herald needs to do some honest homework in their own back yard. The "hard proof" will come when humankind lands on Mars. In the meantime we all need to keep the flame alive to get there and not throw "a pile of rocks" on it.

For The Record
For the record; Malin Science Systems performed a 158% stretch on the first images sent back to earth in early April. This computer processing prematurely wiped out all intricate detail in the notorious "Face" image which the World Herald used as a basis for their conclusion. It is interesting that the new images of Cydonia which have very high contrast, and favorable lighting, are still yet to be printed in the World Herald along with this reply.

Original or Tampered With

The original image of the Cydonia region is NOT the image that is now displayed on NASA's site.

You can see the entire original image here.

And to see the Technical Data window on the original Viking imaging of Cydonia Click Here.

You can also see how Malin deceives the public in this small example of their LYING.

NASA Viking Frames 70A13, 35A72 and 35A71 are the single frames available on various NASA sites. However, you must remember prior to the WWW, and NASA's public sites getting up and running, the only way you could get images was to order the index, then the actual photo prints from JPL - in the early 80's. I have all 66,000 108mm microfiche images plus hundreds of the original photo prints of which many you cannot get now. NASA relies mostly on WWW site access by the public. This permits a great deal of questionable processing at Malin Science Labs and others who follow their line. The images I'm sending you are scanned directly over Orthographically corrected prints I obtained from JPL in the 80's.

The Seriousness of This Work
The original symbol for Mars was intended to be a map as were the other planetary symbols. On Mars, Signature Site #10 was marked by the "Cliff Artifact" the represent the number 1 and the crater "O" giving rise to the origins of the Base Ten! Fanning out from the datum point of the "Face" one finds all the other artifacts left behind which perform an alignment of 90 degrees and lay along "surveyed lay lines". The surveyed lines are parallel the the Viking Frame. NASA programmed the Viking spacecraft using 5000 year old Sumerian numerology. I have Dr. Jordan's original notes and I am in touch with him regularly. I know what all the artifacts are ( although some are highly eroded) and where they appear. The alignments are unmistakable and the precision with which they were placed on the Cydonia plain makes it unmistakably of intelligent origin. I believe our very ancient human ancestors were Sumerian and originated on Mars. They were "cast down" not "out of the garden", being "cast down" would be toward the earth. Cydonia is located in a much larger region named and recorded in stone in Greece, Egypt and in the library in Alexandria Egypt (it was burned by Mark Anthony) where many scholars of the day studied and copied existing maps, thousands of years old which mapped the planet Mars. The larger region in which Cydonia sits is called "Eden" . Cydonia comes from the Greek word "Cydonis" which means "Seed". Earth was seeded from Mars. Mars the mythological God of War, represented a real event which took place on Mars. The radiation level there was 100 times higher than the public was told as recorded by the Viking Landers. I spoke directly with the scientists who designed the Viking landers and Orbiters in person years ago. Some have since lost their jobs over the Face flap. I also shared my work with Col. Jim Irwin the Apollo 15 Astronaut in person several years before his death. He had some very interesting things to say about what is going on on the moon. If there were ever a Senate hearing on NASA cover-up of scientific discoveries, this would make Watergate look like an early Disney cartoon.

Water On Mars
NASA has not been forthcoming about the amount of water and active geysers present on Mars recently photographed by the Mars Observer Camera. My many inquires about a geyser I discovered in Frame PIA00800.26151 have not been replied to along with the following; Frame PIA01433.25543 of a Crater with very clear ice melt and wave patterns from liquid water.


Frame MO400291 shows an immense water ice glacier burrowing channels in the Martian surface.

After you open, scroll down the long image until you come to the bottom where you will see some channels forming a "Y" junction. Zoom in on the channels and you will see glaciers reflecting sunlight and showing expansion cracks in very clear ice, they look like "ice worms" growing in the channels. Pane and zoom in on the largest one and you will see where water melt has stained the edge of some of the glaciers. Example of this phenomena can be viewed on USGS satellite pictures of glaciers on earth. I've emailed the Mars Team at Malin's Lab over four weeks ago and have yet to receive a pro bono reply.

But what about actual ponding? Here it is!

So what will we find when we get to Mars - if ever? There are many who have many different ideas. Here's my idea of one thing that I believe we will find when we get to Mars.

Exploration & Education is not the priority of the American Government and since it is not, it will become the demise of civilization as we know it. We are doomed to repeat what we did on Mars millions of years ago.

There will be more to come in this incredible series concerning Mars in the coming weeks! Including:

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