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The Mars Project in Omaha was founded in 1985 after data exchange with the Mars Research team of Dr. John Brandenburg, Dr. Mark Carlotto, Mr. Vince DiPietro and Gregory Molenaar, the NASA Space Science Data Center at Goddard and the original Independent Mars Investigative Team at Peace & Conflicts Study Center of the University of California . Special thanks to Bart Jordan who was known as the "Mars Man" during the 50's at MIT and Princeton.

Total support for my work since 1985 to the present has been from personal & private resources. No financial support has ever been requested nor awarded to the Mars Project in Omaha from any federal, state or commercial contractor affiliated directly or indirectly with any NASA contractor. I have never been paid for my work by any federal agency or military branch of the United States government. I have never been financially compensated by any special interest group for purposes of public democratization of my work or that of any associates.

The models of the Cydonia region were constructed by me with assistance from full sized orthographically corrected prints ordered directly from NASA data centers around the country. I constructed three composite clay and lava rock dust models directly over enlarged, orthographically corrected NASA prints measuring 3'x5' foot or fifty times the size of the 5x5 batch processed prints. The data base used for construction of models and 47 recognition drawings were 66,000 images generated by the two Viking Orbiters. I ordered hundreds of first generation prints from NASA beginning in the summer of 1985 to the present. My use of NASA data in no way was intended to indicate endorsement by NASA. Since 1985 I documented my work by obtaining official copyrights and mailed containers with my original drawings sealed by U.S. Mail. In the original FIRST EDITION of "The Monuments of Mars" published by Richard Grossinger of "NORTH ATLANTIC BOOKS", the author; Richard C. Hoagland cited my work and included a very small closeup of one of my drawings of "The City". All of my drawings, models and slides which I took to illustrate proofs in my thesis were completed before that publication and many others since which attempt to explain the "architectural enigmas" on Mars. They all have missed the authentic benchmarks in the Cydonia region. The original sources can be found in the Louvre‚ Museum in Paris France , the Cairo Museum in Egypt and in the United States.

It took two years to reconstruct gram by gram the features appearing in the Cydonia model mosaic. It is NOT an "analog model" of ideas as mentioned in some book and periodical publications by other sources. It is a verifiable, one of a kind, serious scientific study. The placement of features came from use of metric and U.S. scales, protractors, calipers, beam compass, dividers, parallel edges , t-Square and exacting sculptural techniques articulated directly over original NASA Viking images. If one were to place a black and white image of my model next to an original NASA 70A13 frame they look exactly the same. The posture that "trick of light shade and shadow" or "human gifts for pattern recognition" do not hold water when compared to the mathematical calculations and lay lines I detected during construction of the models. Only if one performed the same operations as I did over a two year period, on hands and knees could they learn the true facts about the message left within Cydonia.

All NASA photo‚s were enlarged professionally by Mr. Warren White of "White's Color Photo" in Omaha Nebraska. Mr. White worked with the original Air Force team that developed all Apollo mission images taken by NASA astronauts, some whom I met face to face and shared my work .

I salute Col. Jim Irwin of Apollo 15 and Dr. Brian O'Leary, the American astronauts for their encouragement, inspiration and the time they took to review my work.

'Per Ardua Ad Astra‚ November 2000

Copyright Infringement Warning !

I have given "exclusive permission" to Mr. Gary D. Goodwin and "THE MILLENNIUM GROUP" to post portions of my COPYRIGHTED © ~85~00X book manuscript, "Enigma on Mars", to be published. Harry A. Jordan~MFA

Please be advised; Anyone who would download images of my model, drawings, graphic overlays on NASA images, use for public display or publication, use portions of my written thesis , must acknowledge my work and notify me beforehand. They must obtain my permission "in writing" before use in any format other than my own. The Mars Project in Omaha work has been the result of 15 years labor and at immense financial expense, it is all copyrighted and protected by federal law. Should anyone attempt to establish a (www) link, a home page, insert words or phrases, copy and distort model images or drawing overlays, use my conclusions as their own thesis, conduct public lectures, download and include in a collegiate or scientific body of work, copy in a format or multimedia presentation of any kind which denudes and corrupts my body of work, can and will be held liable. Should such individuals be identified as having used public, private, state, federal educational or research and development institution equipment to distort my work as their own, can face serious federal and civil charges. Should any person or persons use my work in any publication or mutimedia format without prior approval, and/or credit, will be held liable.

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