by William Hutton
11 July, 2000

by gary d. goodwin

In light of today's solar storm, with accompanying X flare, this report is extremely timely and important to our survival as the human race. Throughout history there have been many various sources of catastrophe. One of the greatest and potentially most harmful sources of a catastrophe is our own sun. From melanoma (one of the most destructive cancers) to the immensely powerful coronal mass ejections, our sun is a real symbol of the signs of our times.

As the sun transforms and changes over time, we should be encouraged from this writing to take note that our transformation is on the horizon - or is it occurring with or without us? Bill Hutton aptly points out in this article that we are a part of a greater system - a wonderfully holistic viewpoint. To remain ignorant of this fact, as exemplified in the haughty and hubris attitude and behavior of recent attacks on TMG by NASA "professionals", is to ignore God speaking to us.

"The Sun is stranger than you think, displaying mysterious manifestations of the familiar laws of physics and posing new problems with every major advance in exploratory measurement."

(Eugene Parker, Retired Distinguished Service Professor, University of Chicago, in Physics Today, June 2000).
Question: What is the meaning to humanity, if any, of sunspots and solar flares at this time? Answer: It depends upon the viewpoint that one adopts. Consider the following.

The Bible Code Viewpoint. Researchers at The Bible Code Digest ( have documented and analyzed an astonishingly complex thicket of equidistant letter sequences (ELSs) and non-random codes that appear to be linked to the current maximum of solar activity and its impact this year on electrical distribution and communications. This group of researchers has said many times that it is not possible to predict specific future events using Bible codes. But, they say, "the huge colony of codes and ELSs that we have been finding in the 7th chapter of Numbers seems to tie in perfectly to the predictions of chaos related to the change from one year to the another" [here 1999-2000]. But since the rollover occurred with a minimum of disruption, the group asks, "Could it be that they (the codes in Numbers:7) are related somehow to the effects of Solar Max?" Before providing another perspective on the nature and timing of the possible impacts noted by the researchers, we'll review briefly the fundamentals of Bible codes.

What Are Bible Codes? The Bible Code is a recent book by Michael Drosnin, best-selling biographer of Howard Hughes. It was published by Simon and Schuster in 1997, and was on the New York Times Bestseller List (for non-fiction) for several months. The book deals with patterns of letters encoded in the Masoretic (textus receptus) text of the Old Testament. The process by which these word patterns can be discerned was first described in 1988 in a scholarly British publication, Journal of The Royal Statistical Society. A subsequent paper was published in America in 1994, in Statistical Science.

Both papers describe startling word patterns that were uncovered by the three authors, including prominent Israeli mathematician, Eliyahu Rips, the code's discoverer. The articles state that there is an encoded appearance in Genesis of the names, and birth or death dates, of several dozen rabbis that would live centuries later. Encoding involved formation of the rabbis' names, and related information, by letters spread throughout the text. The word-forming letters have equal numbers of spaces between them; for example, the second or fourth letters in a sequence.
A computerized search-process devised by the researchers involved laying out the original letters of the Hebrew Bible in sequence, and without spaces, row after row, with so many letters in each row. Letters of a given encoded word can be found to run horizontally, vertically, or diagonally within the letter array of the plain text. The search procedure identifies encoded words in close proximity to one another. The closer the "proximity," the stronger the probability that words are significantly related. Some words and phrases cross one another.
Word proximities must be calculated to determine the significance of their associations.. The probabilities of other than chance associations of words, names, and dates are calculated for all associations found encoded. A tacit assumption in Drosnin's book is that he reports only statistically significant associations. In some places he informs the reader as to the approximate odds against a given association being encoded, as calculated by Rips. For example, the odds that "Prime Minister Netanyahu" and "elected" are actually associated where found together in the hidden code are "better than 200 to 1." Chance levels are generally considered by statisticians to be less than 20 to 1.
To do credible searches, consistent rules were used with regard to Hebrew spelling. And for designating dates, the researchers used three fixed variations of the format of the Hebrew date. In Hebrew, dates are represented by letters.
Application of computerized code-breaking procedures since 1994 show that Bible codes foretold the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy. Drosnin also relates how he warned Prime Minister Rabin of Israel that his name was coded for assassination. After Rabin was killed, it was found that the name, "Amir," was encoded near Rabin's, along with the phrase, "name of assassin who will assassinate." This helped make a believer out of Drosnin, who said he had warned a scientist in the Israeli army about Rabin's predicted demise. (An army spokesman confirmed this fact, but added that Drosnin didn't give any dates or details, and that "other predictions were found to be groundless" [F. Bruni, New York Times, 05/29/97]).
Prime Minister Netanyahu's extremely narrow election victory over Shimon Peres (1996) is also encoded. In other places, the words "Prime Minister Netanyahu" appear with "his soul was cut off" (encoded in Exodus 19:2) "surely he will be killed," and "murdered" appears encoded twice, in Numbers 31:17 (Drosnin, 1997, p. 81 and 223). This last seems to be a failed prediction.
Finally, Frank Bruni's review entitled, "New Book Claims Code in Bible Predicts World Events" (New York Times, 05/29/97), says:

".... the imprimatur of academic respectability that the article in Statistical Science lent to the notion of a biblical code has become a tool used by Jewish and Christian missionaries to convince skeptics that the author of the first five books of the Old Testament, or the Torah, must have been divine, and that God exists."

Solar-Max References in the Code. Here are the findings of The Bible Code Critic researchers, as to the possible impacts of this solar-cycle maximum, say from now until the end of this year, as found in their report of this past January.

• The focal code is, "immobilize the domain of the metropolis." Another interpretation for this focal code in Hebrew is "immobilize the range of a matrix," say the researchers, adding that matrix is a word often used to describe electrical distribution networks.
• "malfunction" appears four times
• "millennium," "crush telecommunications," and "circuit breaker" are additional words that may be related to increased solar-activity impacts.
• "sun spot," "alter," "sun," and the year 1999-2000 in Hebrew appear.
Among the exact overlaps, which are repeated 12 times in Numbers 7, Critic researchers found:
•"sunspot -- satellite -- wither," "sunspot -- malfunction," "malfunction -- sun -- sun -- atm," "code -- gps -- relatedness -- y2k -- empty -- bank," and "y2k -- empty."
Additional codes are extremely interesting, dealing as they do with "telecommunications," "corona," "chips," "power," "no electricity," "solar riot -- stock market," and others. To access further specifics on these codes, and the enormous odds against their occurring by chance, one can subscribe to the Bible Code Digest for a nominal $12.48 per year. (See URL above).
If the "domain of the metropolis" is to be "immobilized," we have to consider what this means for humanity. All of our past concerns about the loss of the North American (and other) power grids due to y2k come welling up to the surface. How could this happen? Why might it be foreordained, as in the Bible code? Are the events of our lives predestined, as implied by Bible code enthusiasts? Where do the answers lie?

Viewpoint Of The Edgar Cayce Psychic Readings. In 1944, Cayce gave a reading (3653-1) which referenced the next destruction of most life on Earth. The sentence of interest reads:

[the destruction will come], not by water -- for it is the mother of life in the Earth -- but rather by the elements, fire.
It is difficult to assign a time in the future to this intimated burning of the Earth. Mentioned only a single time in the Cayce's readings, it seems not to fit with the many other Earth-change readings that indicate catastrophic [but not world-inclusive cataclysmic] seismotectonic events directly ahead. That is why I suggested in my book, Coming Earth Changes: Causes and Consequences of the Approaching Pole Shift, that if such Earth fire is in the cards, it will probably be brought about by excessive volcanic activity.
But some say that this reading does fit with the Sun's "paramount" activity mentioned in reading 1602-3 below, which activity is to occur in the present solar cycle that began increasingly to manifest in 1998.

These [Earth-change activities] are at the periods when the cycle of solar activity, or the years as related to the Sun's passage through the various spheres of activity become the change between the Piscean and the Aquarian age. This is a gradual, not a cataclysmic activity in the experience of the Earth in this period.

Note that on September 24, 1998, a geomagnetic storm occurred that measured 8.6 on a scale of 0 to 9. A storm of this intensity is seen only a few times per decade. The storm originated from an intense solar flare, one so strong that it blew some of Earth's atmosphere into space. "This storm may be the harbinger of the next solar maximum due in the year 2000," said Rice University Professor, J. Freeman. And C. Seife asks (in "Thank Our Lucky Star," New Scientist, 1/06/99):

Could the Sun send out a monstrous flare powerful enough to melt the ice on Jupiter's moons, destroy much of the Earth's ozone layer and obliterate all our satellites? It's possible, say astronomers who have studied other Sun-like stars in our Galaxy, which seem to produce enormous "superflares" about once a century. They are baffled by the fact that there are no historical records of similar explosions.
Roughly once or twice a decade, the eruption of [the Sun's] stellar material is powerful enough to send huge electric currents racing around the Earth's upper atmosphere, disrupting power grids and communications satellites. In 1989, one such explosion knocked out a power grid in Quebec.....A superflare on the Sun would be about 10,000 times as powerful as the explosion that caused the Canadian blackout...Although life on Earth would survive, the atmosphere would glow very brightly and half the ozone layer would be destroyed.

As to why a superflare has not occurred on the Sun in recorded history is unclear. "I think a consensus is emerging that our Sun is extraordinarily stable, suggests G. Gisler, an astronomer at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. We seem to have found a star that is extremely stable and friendly to life -- or we are just on a star that happens to be stable right now and will not always be so."
Prehistoric Solar Conflagrations? Both D. Allen and J. DeLair (Cataclysm!, 1997, Bear and Co., Santa Fe), and P. LaViolette (Earth Under Fire, 1997, Starlane Pubs., Schenectady) have brought together a wealth of geological and anthropological information which they interpret to show that around 12,600 B.P. (years Before the Present), the Earth experienced several catastrophic destructions. Allen and DeLair conclude that the destructions were due to a fragment of the Vela supernova, which exploded around 13,000 B.P. They say that this fragment careened through our solar system 400 years later, around 12,600 years ago, disturbing various other planets as well as Earth.
LaViolette, however, believes that the evidence of catastrophic alterations to Earth points to a "solar conflagration event." He relates the strong global warming that began around 14,650 B.P., and the evidence of wild swings in Earth's geomagnetic field, to the arrival of a galactic superwave that caused huge flares to erupt from the Sun. These flares may have occurred off and on until about 12,700 B.P., after which the Sun quieted down until now.
The basis of LaViolett's hypothesis lies mainly in his working backward from research by N. Mörner on magnetic signatures in dated layers of a sediment core from Gothenberg, Sweden. In 1977, Mörner published a now famous paper in Quaternary Research entitled "The Gothenburg Magnetic Excursion." Mörner's core data record a 180 flip in Earth's geomagnetic pole around 12,700 B. P. Such a flip could be the product of extremely strong solar-flare activity. And this suggested to LaViolette that solar flares were responsible for burning the Earth and melting the ice sheets, although melting of the continental glaciers actually began in the central U.S. around 18,500 years ago, some 6,000 years earlier.
LaViolette says that the history of the global conflagration has been passed down in the survival myths of many peoples. He also provides evidence that the intensity and direction of Earth's magnetic field "fluctuated irregularly from about 15,800 to 14,200 years ago. A particularly major geomagnetic excursion occurred around 14,200 B. P., when the Earth's north magnetic pole abruptly flipped southward to point to an equatorial mid-Pacific location for around 10 to 50 years." More huge solar flares are implied for those times.

The Cause of Sunspots. There is an interesting Cayce reading (5757-1) on the cause of sun spots, and their effects on the Earth and humanity. Among the lines worth citing are these:

... the sun , the moon, the planets have their marching orders from the divine, and they move in same.
Man alone is given that birthright of free will. He alone may defy his God!
How many of you have questioned that in thine own heart, and know that thy disobediance in the earth reflects unto the heavenly hosts and thus influences that activity of God's command! For YOU -- as souls and sons and daughters of God -- DEFY the living God!
As the sun is made to shed light and heat upon God's children in the earth, it is then of that composition of which man is made, or that termed the earth; yet, as ye have seen and know, there is solid matter, there is liquid, there is vapor. All are one in their various stages of consciousness or of activity for what? Man -- GODLY MAN! Yet when these become as in defiance to that light which was commanded to march, to show forth the Lord's glory, His beauty, His mercy, His hope -- yea, His patience -- do ye wonder then that there become reflected upon even the face of the sun those turmoils and strifes that have been and that are the sin of man?
Whence comest this?
All that was made to show to the sons, the souls, that God IS mindful of His children.
How do they [sunspots] affect man? How does a cross word affect thee? How does anger, jealousy, hate, animosity, affect thee AS a son of God? If thou art the father of same, oft ye cherish same. If thou art the recipient of same from others, thy brethren, how does it affect thee? Much as that confusion which is caused upon the earth by that which appears as a sunspot. The disruptions of communications of all natures between men is what? Remember the story, the allegory if ye choose to call it such, of the tower of Babel.

Evidence For Mankind's Effect on the Sun? The sunspot cycle as we know it today appeared after 1715 and has continued ever since. Just prior to 1715, there was a dramatic cessation of the sunspot cycle for the 70-year period from 1645 to 1715. "Yet," according to E. Parker (Scientific American, 9/1975), "the prejudice [is] that the 11-year sunspot cycle with its thousands of spots in each cycle is the norm. During the 70 years of sunspot inactivity, observers had to wait years to see a single sunspot, whereas now there are usually a few spots showing even during the minimum of the sunspot cycle." Also according to Parker ("The Physics of the Sun," Physics Today, June 2000, p. 31),

"The C-14 record shows that over the last 70 centuries, the Sun has been without normal activity for 10 centuries and hyperactive for 8 centuries. The other 52 centuries were variable but more or less 'normal.' The most recent quiescent period was from 1645 to 1715, ....subsequently called the Maunder Minimum after its discoverer. The 12th century Medieval Maximum is the most recent epoch of hyperactivity, and one can only guess how the Sun behaved at that time. Such periods of abnormal activity are without explanation, as are the variations within the so-called normal centuries."

And what happened immediately before 1645? There were two, 15-year cycles of sunspots, which coincided with the end of the Thirty Year's War. This war has been termed the most horrible episode in Western history prior to the 20th Century. "But although it did not officially terminate until the Peace of Westphalia, in 1648, peace overtures had actually begun some few years earlier, and the worst of the carnage came to an end with the conclusion of the Swedish-Danish War in 1645 -- the same year, it will be noted, that marked the beginning of the 70-year hiatus in sunspot activity" (H. Church, 1976, A.R.E. Journal, Virginia Beach, VA, 23451).

What notable evidence do we have of "man's inhumanity to man" during the 70-year sunspot hiatus? In Europe, the Battle of Blenheim (1704), and the Cossack Rebellion (1648). But there were no wars of mass destruction until the beginning of the Napoleonic Era. Oddly, in an address to the American Geophysical Union on sunspots, J. Eddy, mentioned that the 70-year lull coincided almost exactly with the reign of King Louis XIV of France, from 1643 to 1715. This king gave France the Louvre and the Royal Library, the Paris Observatory and the Academy of Science. At Versailles, he constructed a palace that became the greatest showplace on Earth. Louis XIV, posthumously named "The Sun King," reigned in a Europe that was the center of civilization. He led the Christian world out of the exhaustion of the Thirty Year's War and into an era of scientific and cultural progress, and expanding prosperity. Known as the "politest of kings," he displayed great patience with others.
Is there a true connection here, between the relatively peaceful reign of Louis XIV and an almost sunspot-free solar surface? One could argue either way. Although no large wars of mass destruction occurred, France did fight four wars during Louis's reign, and dominated Europe's seas for thirty years. Because Louis XIV was but four years old when he became king, all power was initially placed in the hands of the able minister, Cardinal Mazarin, an Italian, until his death in 1661. Mazarin seems to have been a remarkable man of peace, handling as he did international squabbles and domestic problems with skill and patience. Thus, the Mazarin/Louis XIV reign may have calmed both the lead nation on Earth, and the Sun as well, during the sunspot hiatus. Or is this but a spurious speculation of convenience?

If we view European "masterpiece" paintings made during the time of the Maunder Minimum, we encounter the calming scenes of Dutch, French, and Italian landscape painters like Lorrain, Aelbert, Dughet, Hooch, Huysum, Neer, Ruisdael, and Ruysdael. Jan Van Goyen's, An Estuary With Fishing Boats and Two Frigates, was done (c.1650-56) with "colors strangely muted and extremely narrow in range;....the sails are shades of brown and the sea is calm, reflecting and complying with the subtle gray harmonies of the large sky.... Goyen's paintings were so muted in tone that later admirers suggested that his work had actually been faded by the Sun" (Sister Wendy's 1000 Masterpieces, 1999, DK Publishing, p. 188).
Note that the Sun was actually fainter during the Maunder Minimum by 0.4 ± 0.2 percent. Just what feelings were the greatest landscape painters of that period regestering in their works? The feeling of the relative calm of society at the time, or the feeling of nature during the uniform calm of the sunspot hiatus? Or both?
The Viewpoint Of Technological Man. There are over 7,800 firms that supply electric power to U. S. customers. Will solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and the like, interrupt or bring down the North American power grid by the end of next year? How much damage to the grid and to electronic communications can we expect from the large geomagnetic storms that are expected to accompany the peak months remaining in the present solar cycle?

The following article suggests that it might be prudent to think about how one might respond if a large solar storm were to occur. (The article is from Earth In Space, v. 79, 03/97, © Amer. Geophysical Union).

"Extensive blackouts are the nightmare of the power industry. Once power is interrupted, in large metropolitan areas, diversity of electric use on the network is lost. When power is restored, all thermostatically-controlled electric loads come back on simultaneously. This stress, added to the higher demands of many devices such as motors and transformers, can draw up to 600% on normal load during restoration procedures.
Such a blackout is also likely to cause transient voltage stresses and permanent damage to network equipment such as high-voltage breakers, transformers, and generation plants, which makes them unavailable for restoring power. Hours or days may pass before power can be restored......assessments have placed the 1989 and 1991 geomagnetic storm effects in a category equivalent to Hurricane Hugo and the San Francisco earthquake in their relative impact on the reliability of the electric power grid.

In an article that just appeared in EOS, Trans. Amer. Geophysical Union (June 6, 2000), D. Baker and J. Allen speculate on what might happen if a coronal mass ejection (CME) comparable to the largest, fastest such solar event in the last four sunspot-activity cycles were to hit Earth's environment. Distortion of the magnetic fields would cause many geostationary-orbit spacecraft to lose orientation. Ground communication links would be lost. Large fluxes of very energetic ion species -- like iron nuclei -- would cause numerous electronic latchups in operating satellites. Problem would occur on many communications satellites, government satellites (GPS, GOES, NOAA,TIROS, DMSP) and the like. Humanity's space-borne eyes and ears would be devastated for days, and worldwide ionospheric disturbances in radio communication would be strongly affected by the geomagnetic disturbances.
At Earth's surface, CME-storm-caused geomagnetically-induced currents begin to flow in long-line power-grid circuits. This brings down electrical power systems in Northern Europe, Canada, and the northern United States, due primarily to the failure of key transformers. Minutes to hours later, the Earth experiences the arrival of a stream of high-energy protons and heavy ions. Communications of many types are disrupted or degraded.
Would not all of the foregoing lead to the "immobilization of the domain of the metropolis" found so prominently by the Bible Critic researchers in Numbers 7?

Taking Action At The Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Levels. Individuals in our technological society are conditioned to "take action" in the face of perceived threats. We tend to think first of purchasing a portable electrical generator, fuel, and food and water for oneself and others, to mitigate the adverse effects of man and nature on the supply of electricity. But we also might reflect on these additional lines from Cayce reading 5757-1, with respect to just how humankind might help mitigate the formation of sunspots and large geomagnetic storms in the first place.

The more ye become aware of thy relationships to the universe and those influences that control same, the greater thy ability to help, to aid, - the greater thy ability to rely upon the God-force within; but STILL greater thy RESPONSIBILITY to thy fellow men. For as ye do it unto the least, ye do it unto thy Maker, - even as to the sun which reflects those turmoils that arise within thee; even as the earthquake, even as the wars and hates, even as the influences in thy life day by day.
Then, what are sunspots? A natural consequence of that turmoil which the sons of God in the earth reflect upon same
[the Sun].
Thus they
[sunspots]oft bring confusion to those who become aware of same.
Let not your hearts be troubled; yet believe in God. Then just act like it - to others.

Conclusion. And so, the old questions surface again. Are we human beings merely blobs of highly organized molecular structures occurring by chance in an otherwise meaningless universe? Or are we experiments in the evolution of consciousness in a growing, evolving, and so transforming universe? Transformation means the turning of something lower into something higher. Science teaches that we live in a dying universe. Esotericism teaches quite the contrary. We need to think for ourselves of the psychological difference and emotional value of these two views and judge their respective power for good or bad. Sunspots and solar flares -- and their connections to humankind -- are just another prism through which we may reflect on this vast and vital subject.


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by William Hutton

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