Part Three

By Earl L. Crockett


Objective, Independent, Verifiable, Existence
Paradigmatical Golden Rule
Western Cosmology, Circa 1997 

It's eyeball and brain spinning time again. First, however we must retreat to a place of observation. This time, just for the fun of it, let's take an imaginary ride in the Shuttle up to the Hubble Space Telescope. We'll turn it around and focus back on that most interesting celestial species called Human Being; which is many times shortened to just "Being".

We must keep in mind that we are defining paradigm (pattern) to mean: "The unseen and unexamined cosmology in which we acculturated humans travel, live, think, and speak; much like a pattern or maze". From the lofty vantage point of the Hubble Space Telescope we can begin to peel back the layers of "Paradigm 1997" and examine the contents.

Sitting in our comfortable glove leather swivel chair on the Navigation Deck of the Hubble we can reach up to the Interstellar Navigational Chart Shelf and pull down the copy of Chart Number One: (Preflight Planning); AKA, Webster's Dictionary.

Objective: "1a: of or relating to an object of action or feeling. b: having the status of constituting an object: as (1): existing only in relation to a knowing subject or willing agent (2): existing independent of mind (3): belonging to the sensible world and being observable or verifiable by scientific methods..."

Independent:"1:Not dependent: as -a- (1): Not subject to control by others: SELF-GOVERNING (2): Not affiliated with a larger controlling unit -b- (1) not requiring or relying on something else: not contingent (2): not bound by or relying on others."

Verifiable:"capable of being verified. Verify: 1: to confirm or substantiate in law by oath 2: to establish the truth, accuracy, or reality of...."

Existence:"1 a: reality as opposed to appearance -b: reality as presented in experience -c: (1) the totality of existent things -d: sentient or living being: LIFE 2 a: the state or fact of being esp. independently of human consciousness and as contrasted with nonexistence."

And as long as we have the Interstellar Navigational Chart Number One down from the shelf, and open, we might as well look at the purpose for the above work, and effort; (Unseen and Unexamined as it is.).

Real:"[Middle English, relating to things (in law), Late Latin, thing, fact; akin to property] 1: of relating to fixed permanent, or immovable things (as lands or tenements; {i.e. real estate} 2a: not artificial, fraudulent, illusory, or apparent: GENUINE: also: being precisely what the name implies -b(1): occurring in fact: (2) of or relating to practical or everyday concerns or activities -c: having objective independent existence: example: [He was] unable to believe that what he saw was [real]"

The easiest way to hold what we are about to deal with is to look at the computer sitting in front of you. What is shown above, in those five small paragraphs, is the "Human Being 1997" Operating System; that mundane, hardly ever seen, set of code (software), through which, and by which, the hardware and the programs operate. We seldom, if ever, see it; yet it dictates our every action and accomplishment. The good news is that operating systems are software which means that they can be modified. First, however, we must learn the code.

The "summary page" of the "operating manual" is the definition of "real". I find the evolution of the meaning of "real", given above, to be interesting. The Latins started out rather straight forward; its land and those things that you build on it; that can't be moved; they're permanent. If we wedge back into things a little more, however, it's fairly easy to see that "real" wouldn't be needed by itself. There are, and were, words for land, buildings, and improvements; a whole inventory of descriptive terms to identify those objects that surround our daily lives. A romantic notion that has occurred to me is that an opposite to real must have been at hand; something that you didn't want to get mixed up with the nature of the land, buildings, and things. What came to mind were the rich and extensive cosmological stories, images, and personages that occupied the Classical Greek and Early Roman times. It would be important to distinguish between the domain of the Twelve Gods of Olympus, and how things functioned back on the farm; particularly since your continued material presence depended on the success of the harvest.

It's easy to imagine a time when the cosmology allowed and supported a free flow back and forth between one domain and the other. I'm also sure that humans then were much like we are now; some spend far to much time in the Crystal Cave, and others that we are more familiar with, like ourselves, spent way to much time on the farm. And for things to stay together there must have been a middle group that were able to keep balance.

To carry on this tale, it is clear that something went wrong. "Not artificial, fraudulent, illusory, apparent: GENUINE: Also: being precisely what the name implies." It looks as if a battle line was drawn between the two domains and they began to choose up sides. Those other guys are artificial, fraudulent, illusory (read bad), and we're, we're, Real! (read good). And sometime between about 1500 BC, and now, it appears that the "good" guys were winning, and they decided to shore up the defenses with something a little more on the positive sounding side; "occurring in fact; of or relating to practical or everyday concerns or activities." It almost makes you want to jump up and salute the cosmological flag. I mean, who could argue with that? And it sounds a lot like, "You can't go outside and play until you've cleaned up your room."

So the fix is on, they're in the back stretch, and "real" is ahead by twenty lengths. Along comes "objective, independent, existence", and a barbed wire chainlink fence pops up between "real" and the distant trailing domain. The race is over and, "real" walks across the finish line.

Interesting! We start out with four definitions constituting the ground rules for determining "real" and when we get almost to the bottom of "real" we get referred back to the top; it is a titanium-reinforced-concrete self - referential system we live in as "Human Beings 1997"; that is, all methods/means of escaping the trap we're in will be determined to be "unreal" by the keepers of the existing paradigm.

Sincerely yours,

Earl L. Crockett

 copyright 1996/97 The Millennium Group