More proof of the influence of Hale Bopp
and the correctness of the McCanney Theory!

(update 2/1/98)
There have been many effects of the comet Hale Bopp on our little parcel of the Universe since it was first seen by the human eye and considered by the human heart. There has been documented evidence of a statistical increase in events such as increased earthquakes, volcanic activity, solar activity, and meteorological activity, primarily related to electromagnetic influence. We have also observed evidence of the influence of Hale Bopp on the planets with whom we share the Solar System. From the violent reaction of Jupiter and its moons to an increase of the Martian atmosphere as evidenced by NASA's Surveyor project becoming in jeopardy, there has been a magnificent electromagnetic increase in the Solar System. The image at the left was taken on January 3,1998 by an Australian observatory, obviously fearless of NASA's long reach. Note the anti-tail and the long "emanation" extending to the rear. This occurred as the Earth passed through the plane of Hale Bopp's orbit. Think there's any relationship between the two?  

But now there is another significant testimony which we can log as evidence; That is the response of Venus to Hale Bopp.  

The presentation is as always; in the form of a possibility or question. You must decide for yourselves! Also in this update, one incredible (by the way I can't stop using that word - incredible) image, that was sandwiched into the sequence. (The images below are clickable to the original pic.)

Earlier this month, the SOHO satellite took an incredible series of images that reveal what appears to be nearly unimaginable changes in the planet Venus. In the following sequence of pictures,  Venus appears to respond to the Sun by connecting with it, with an awesome plasma thread.

The atmosphere of Venus appears to grow to what is measurable by visual estimates of over 80,000 miles in diameter! The position of Venus during this exchange is approaching an inferior conjunction. Which means that it is passing between the Earth and the Sun. In this position the surface or at least the outline of a crescent shape should be able to be seen. But it is not. All that we can see is the gaseous expanse of a highly excited atmosphere. This event is not merely a Sunday afternoon thunder storm. This is an incredible and historic happening that is no less the tendency of creation toward a common end point, just as is the circularization of the orbit of a comet.

As you view these images of Venus, examine this recent statement from NASA that reveals the extent of the problem on Mars. The question is: Is there a heightened or exaggerated effect upon the planets of our solar system following the passing of this electrical behemoth? Keeping in mind that an excited atmosphere means molecular expansion and thus a growth in the atmosphere basically regardless of its composition! If the atmospheres have been affected, what's going on in their cores? Mars Global Surveyor flight status report NASA-JPL Release for Friday, 9 January 1998: 
"During the last three weeks, some of the passes through the atmosphere  have resulted in an air resistance force experienced by the spacecraft  as high as 0.35 newtons per square meter. In contrast, the pressure  target as specified by the baseline aerobraking plan measures only 0.25  newtons per square meter. Much of the increase in aerobraking progress  has come as a result of this differential."
If the atmosphere of these planets are growing due to the electromagnetic activity, what is it doing to the Earth? An important point to remember, is that the satellite Cassinni, is now approaching Venus and then the Earth at very close ranges to slingshot it toward Saturn. Will these increased atmospheres interfere with this highly radioactive projectile? 

In this image it is clearly seen, what is sometimes referred to as, the "horns of Venus". The filaments of charged plasma can be seen to "radiate" from the sister planet of the Earth. Voltages must be beyond comprehension!

These filaments are indeed reminiscent of images of Hale Bopp as presented a number of times on these very pages. Electrical? How can it be otherwise? In the larger original image, note the incredible CME that the Sun has just emitted toward Venus. It lies between the Solar surface and Venus. When will the studies be done to satisfy the questions put forth by the incredible work of Professor James McCanney? Why the fear? Now is the time to see these events in action! 

And of course the question that has never been satisfied: Now that the Hubble Space Telescope folks have no excuses, like the sun is in the way, where are the pictures? A million back yard images will never satisfy this question.

Within the sequence of images, there was this event: It appears to be a number of possibly flux tubes or the result of a magnificent energy output. It appears to have direction and the individual streaks are 3 dimensional, although the source is unknown or not identifiable. We simply call it the "blossom".

Human Awareness, Of The Violent Universe  
In Which We Live, Is Growing!