Code Name: BABEL

Threat Deterent


Erik Aspaugh

A recent study on the protection of the earth against impacting asteroids and comets, reflects that a one kiloton nuclear warhead delivered to a one mile in diameter asteroid would not destroy it, nor even deter its course. The study also states that to even consider the possibility of changing the course of the object, itís trajectory would need to be known at least a decade in advance. 

With so much recent attention to the subject of impact danger, we at THE MILLENNIUM GROUP would like to propose an alternative approach to the protection of the planet. 

The following theory is based in part on the ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky,  upon the recent study of A.N. Dmitriev, concerning the impact of SL9 upon Jupiter and James M. McCanneyís Cometary Theory.

It has been a long difficult road for the scientific community to accept theories concerning interplanetary plasmas and charges. However it is now generally accepted as a fact that the planets and the sun maintain a predictable surface, atmospheric and system current flow. As we have seen in NASA reports these currents are often recognized and accepted, however they are referred to as magnetic phenomenon rather than electrical phenomenon.

Recent interest in the destruction of threatening NEOís has spawned many creative ideas, none of which unfortunately prove out to be a successful alternative. Most of these ideas center around either destruction of the body or deflection of the body, making it no longer a threat to the Earth.  There are several draw backs to both of these approaches. First, the safe fire power needed to completely destroy even a one mile asteroid is just not available with our current science. Of course we have the ability to load up several missiles with multiple warheads, with more destructive power than ever and thoroughly blast away at a threatening body. Thatís just not the problem. More to the point the problem with such an approach is the dangerous possibilities that gathering such an enormity of radiation in one place creates. The Cassinni probe was recently halted for a period of time due to concerns expressed by even some of the most prominent physicists. And Cassinni utilized a very small amount of radioactive material compared to what an asteroid disrupting missile would have to carry to obliterate only a one mile in diameter object. The fact of the matter is, that if we were able to deliver such a payload, thereís little guarantee that it would destroy the asteroid, but would rather simply break up the asteroid, making the threat global. So here we are, with a sure lack of fire power, and even if we did have the fire power, using it could still cause the annihilation of mankind. So we leave science fiction to the movie makers and move on with a more logical and practical way of dealing with this problem.

The primary idea of BABEL is the utilization of ambient and natural occurring currents to create a destructive force to totally pulverize and therefore completely annihilate threatening NEOís, without serious collateral damage to Earth or its inhabitants.

It takes 33,000 volts in dry air to actually jump the space between two electrodes placed one inch apart. To arc a one inch gap in a vacuum the number is relatively similar. If we utilize this type of power to destroy an object coming into Earthís space, we would likely desire this to occur at least at some distance to protect those on the ground from danger. After study and deliberation concerning such a figure, we have come up with a mean figure of 100,000 miles from the Earth. This figure assures safety for those on the ground and freedom from interference from the moon at approx 250,000 miles, but not so distant that the power needed would be impossible. To create such an arc of power, we considered if these numbers were even in the ball park of Earthís current flow. We find:

Power =Volts x Amps

The voltage needed to arc between two points, considering the medium of transition, 100,000 miles apart is 2 x 1014 Volts.

The Earthís available current flow is approximately 1/10 that of Jupiterís. Jupiterís current flow is 2 million Amps.

Power =(2 x 1014Volts)(2 x 105Amps)

Power = 4 x 1019 Watts

Other variables considered are: Gross size of the object; Mass; Density; Relative speed for accuracy of delivery.


The delivery of enough destructive force to completely eliminate the threat of an Earth Crossing Object (ECO) is a formidable undertaking. However the resources and technology are readily available in the current scientific and industrial environment for successful project completion. The delivery system is comprised of two ground based facilities, including optics and forced induction structures, two to three satellites and staff. The two ground based facilities, one located in southern hemisphere and one in the northern hemisphere would be constructed as follows; Each facility will be comprised of six towers, two thousand feet in height, arranged in a circular pattern, tied together at the apex, and constructed of highly conductive materials. Each individual tower will be founded below ground level one thousand feet. The apex although joined together, will possess a circular opening of twenty meters. At ground level, within the circle of the tower, a high optic laser facility will have the capability of producing an adequate field beam to locate the joining painting satellites. The ECO will be painted with the sighting beam, the beam will be increased to create a charge transmission from the Earthís field. The utilization of the Earthís field at appropriate intervals will be more than adequate to completely disrupt the ECO, reducing the threat to nil.

Two towers are required as positioning difficulties arise and dependent upon the charge orientation of the ECO. It is also possible that the ECO may be void or near void of charge to create the couple. The optics capabilities will allow for adequate charging of the ECO to create the coupling if necessary.