Gary D. Goodwin  & Raymond Ward

Recently I had one of my critics say to me in an email, "now that Hale Bopp is gone, will you admit that you were wrong?". If you are a follower of my HB page and of The Millennium Group's work, you already know what my answer was to him, and I need not repeat the necessary negativity here! Being a professional psychotherapist I have a degree of insight into human behavior. Although I am often subjected to it, I can truly say that I am quite frequently surprised at the degree of denial displayed by the human disposition. I am not wholly understanding of the need to migrate toward denial, except as Freud and others have postulated, that it protects us from thoughts, things and situations that would emotionally and psychologically overwhelm us. Of course the other purpose that I see, is to assist our persons into self support and the ever-so attractive ego boosting. In other words, by saying others are wrong, we are some how able to (falsely) ascend so that we can condescend! Unfortunately, this process has aptly seeped into modern science. Astronomy magazine (in the September '98 issue) quotes J. David Kirkpatrick a Cal tech astronomer in commenting on the extrapolations of another scientist, Susan Terebey, "The argument is certainly plausible, but the conclusions are drawn on a whole series of assumptions or unsupported ideas.". Trying to avoid appearance of condescension like the disposition of those that I am criticizing, it seems to me that nearly the entire current field of astronomical exploration, astronomical physics and in toto, all relevant theory appears to be subject to this statement!

So with that in mind, and using the standard of scientific theoretical analysis (that of the need to *replicate findings*) here's another nail in the coffin.

As we have stated numerous times in these pages, we live in an electrical universe (and no it's not the original thought of Wal Thornhill, but that of a number of accomplished scientists, including Professor James McCanney). We have stated that Hale Bopp IS charged, it IS planet sized, that it IS connected to the sun, and that it is STILL a threat to our planet. In fact there has been so much damage to our planet due to Hale Bopp in the last several years, it is hard to catalogue it all. There is... however... evidence of our claims concerning Hale Bopp- there is duplication of these attributes found in other work. In fact, in the very article cited above, these attributes appear to be nothing less than common. From photographs taken by the infamous NICMOS camera aboard the Hubble Space Telescope, there is clear evidence of these events. The object in question, named TMR-1C, in Taurus, consists of a binary star system, 45 AU's apart and what they call a "runaway protoplanet" at the end of a "luminous filament". The research team of the Extrasolar Research Corporation,


When HB was first sighted it was traveling at 100,000 MPH(28mps), about Mercury's speed. Normal or expected should be about 50,000MPH(14mps)