Isaiah 8:6-10

Because these people have rejected
the waters of Shiloah, which flow gently,
and rejoice in Rezin and the son of Remaliah,
therefore will my Lord
cause to come up over them
the great and mighty waters of the River -
the king of Assyria in all his glory.
He will rise up over all his channels
and overflow all his banks.
He will sweep into Judea like a flood
and, passing through, reach the very neck;
his outspread wings will span
the breadth of your land, O Immanuel.

Though nations form pacts,
they shall be routed.
Give heed, all you distant lands!
You may take courage in one another,
but shall be in fear;
you may arm yourselfs,
but shall be terrorized.
Though you hold consultations,
they shall come to nought;
though you make proposals,
they shall not prove firm: God is with us!

from The Literary Message of Isaiah by Avraham Gileadi