Isaiah Chapter 34

Come near, you nations, and Hear!
Pay attention, you peoples!
Let the earth give heed, and all those who are upon it,
the world, and all who spring from it!
The Lord's rage is is upon all nations,
his fury upon all their hosts;
he has doomed them,
consigned them to the slaughter.

Their slain shall be flung out
and their corpses emit a stench;
the mountains shall disolve with their blood,
and all the host of heaven decompose
when the heavens are rolled up as a scroll,
and their starry hosts shed themselves with one accord,
like withered leaves from a vine,
or shrivelled fruit from a fig tree.
When my sword drinks its fill in the heavens,
it shall come down on Edom in judgement,
on the people I have sentenced to damnation.

The Lord has a sword that shall engorge with blood
and glut itself with fat -
the blood of the lambs and he-goats,
the kidney fat of rams.
For the Lord will hold a slaughter in Bozrah,
an immense massacre in the land of Edom;
among them shall fall bison, bulls, and steers.
Their land shall be saturated with blood,
their soil enriched with fat.

For it is the Lord's day of vengeance
the year of retribution on behalf of Zion.

Search, and read it in the book of the Lord:
None is accounted for, not one lacks her mate.
By his mouth he decreed it,
by his Spirit he he brings them together.
It is he who alots them an inheritance,
his hand that divides it by measure.
They shall possess it forever,
inhabit it from generation to generation.

from The Literary Message of Isaiah by Avraham Gileadi