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Here you will discover information not always found on the website! Information for the reader that wants more. There will be information on geological and weather happenings, things in astronomy that the general public never hears about. There will be reports on UFO sightings and the current news in the alien/UFO field. Stories about the current nature of our planet. Explore ancient civilizations, The Egyptians, Sumerians, Dogon, Hopi and more. Creation stories and the teaching of visitors from other planets will be our grist. We will delve into the mysteries, into myth and the history of man that will culminate into a unique experience. In summary there will be knowledge that will lead you to a higher plane of thought and understanding of the reality around you! We will do our very best to get to you all that matters! Opinions will be strong and will be spoken loudly here.

Full disclosure: We will start off with a humble publication and will move forward as time passes and if interest increases. Honestly, we will do our best to make it worthwhile! We will keep the price down, so everyone can enjoy it and make their own personal discoveries. Degrees are not recognized here. The Mystic, the Spiritual Being, The knowledge and the experience is what is truly important. In this world we are compelled to be slaves to consumption and competition. Pride is what’s important in today’s world. But man is more than flesh and bones. The ancients knew this. Instead of a constant diet of bloody murder and undirected violence, we must initiate ourselves into the reality of the ages. Not relying upon the hand of man, but on the Spirit and the Higher Path. We will explore the depths of the heavens and the long history of humankind. We must understand the past if we are to travel the path ahead in confidence and peace. This is the goal and the hope.

AnnunakiIf anyone is interested in submitting an article for publication in The Watcher, please go to the contact page and in the text field let me know what you have to offer. If it meets the standards above and selected to be included, you will receive a standard compensation offer. We are also interested in including your appropriate advertisement. We need support to continue. Please contact us for terms.

I look forward to your comments and to your requests for other material!

All issues are currently in digital Acrobat PDF format. To buy an issue, simply click on the issue above and go to the issue explanation & purchase page. All transactions at this time are completed via PayPal. However most credit cards are accepted.

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