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Sanchi GateThe Millennium Group Has over 3000 pages of past articles and entries that are now available for sale. Click on the images to the right to purchase.

Since 1995 we have had significant authors and writers contribute to this effort. One author that we are constantly asked about is Alexey Dmetriev and his research on PlanetoPhysical Functions of Vacuum Domains. We have been very proud to be associated with such a fine mind. Professor James McCanney has been another author associated with these pages. His landmark work on comets created an earthquake in the astronomical community. A controversy that the academic world has yet to come to accept.

The Millennium Group from it’s inception in early 1995, has consistently published material that represents cutting edge thinking. We challenge science, we do not condemn it. We question conclusions brought about by greed and by the power hungry. The Millennium Group is a place where science and God meet. Reverence and respect for the ancient and the new has been our path.

We hope that in the offering of these past articles you will find answers and find your own beliefs and your own path.

There are eight separate sections offered. Boanerges, Cosmology-Now and Before, Nephilim-Anakim & Zamzummims, Ra-Sol, Mars, Secret Science-Enslaving The Masses, and Seasons of The Earth. Each section will be added as we can get them together in a printable PDF format.

Click on the images to the right to purchase.

All issues are currently in digital Acrobat PDF format. To buy a “section”, simply click on the section above and go to the section explanation & purchase page. All transactions at this time are completed via PayPal. However most credit cards are accepted.

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