About TMG

Some years ago I started my college days at a local junior college in my area. I was really excited to take my first college astronomy class. The professor had written his own book that we used for the class, you know the dance. After the first week of class, I had read through the entire book and made my way to a local bookstore voraciously looking for more. I found a book that talked about all things astronomy that I was interested in. I was so excited that very next Monday morning, I took the book and went to show my astronomy professor my find before class. When I got to his office, I handed him the pulp paperback, unable to hide my enthusiasm, smiling from ear to ear as they say. Heveli-young returned a cautious smile back at me and took the book and looked at the title. He almost immediately then threw the book into his trash can and told me it was trash and to get out of his office. He pointed his crooked old index finger at his door and I cowered like a spanked 10 year old. It was as if I had tried to play some kind of nasty joke on him. I was nearly comatose for hours after that, I couldn’t believe what happened. I still remember that incident like it was yesterday… after nearly thirty years! I was naive then, but I was hurt too and I was soon to get very very angry. The book was by Immanuel Velikovsky and is now a virtual classic – Worlds in Collision.

If that incident created my attitude toward scientists, this next event sealed the deal. In July of 1994 a comet named SL9 broke up into pieces and hit Jupiter. The event was captured by Hubble, ROSAT and Galileo satellites. the event was also broadcast on live television from JPL in Pasadena. I watched as the scientists gathered around the monitor screen and watched for the first impact. When the hit came, what did they do? They didn’t look closer, they didn’t gasp… what did they do? They cheered. They broke open bottles of champagne and celebrated wildly, like teenagers out on Spring Break. I was stunned at their lack of reverence. So I vowed to do something.

gfrag2And so what did I do – I created a Web page. The Internet wasn’t too old and I felt like this was the way to find others that believed the way I did. I wanted to make a statement to the world. From the beginning one of my dearest friends was with me on the project – Ray Ward. Ray has been my sidekick on this thing from the very beginning. He’s quite a fellow. He’s an Electrical Engineer and his original insight is awesome to me. This would be hollow without him!

My education is mostly in social sciences and psychology. I’ve been a psychotherapist for twenty five years and a study of humans for all my life. I have also always taken astronomy classes along with my studies. In fact I have had a telescope since I was 7 or 8 years old. After Ray joined in with me on the research, I met a fellow over the internet named Chuck Shramek. Chuck was always a bit on the edge. He had seen a lot more than I had of course, so I guess he had a right to be the person he was. Chuck had a radio show in Houston on the weird and unexplained.

At the time and shortly after the advent of SL9, we had been watching this promising new comet, Hale Bopp for a few months and posting our findings. We had seen, I believe before anyone else that the comet was not alone, and that it had a number of “travelers” with it. After we had posted these ideas on our website, Chuck had written me a few times introducing himself and participating in our concern about this huge comet (of course that’s not what Don Yeomans claimed, but we were already in a heated battle of words with several JPL and Hubble scientists). Chuck had a very nice telescope and took a number of pictures of the comet Hale Bopp. One image he took revealed what was called the “SLO” Saturn Like Object. He reported the image on the wildly famous Art Bell radio show. The audience went wild, to say the least! And the Uniformitarian scientists were pissed because he, as they said, “didn’t go through proper channels”. Courtney Brown a famous remote viewer from Emory University claimed that the SLO was a ship and had beings aboard. Some of our findings on the object tpinwheeltended to lean that way. It seemed to pace the comet at a consistent distance and speed, and on closer inspection had distinct shapes that further suggested that it was not natural. We posted a number of articles on these points and even presented a professional comparison comment. Astronomers and Art Bell are claimed to have debunked the picture and Courtney Brown, and with others, claiming it a fake. It was indeed not a fake. We have published a number of images of the SLO with Hale Bopp from many different sources on our website. Never the less Chuck became infamous. But Chuck was a great guy; he was gregarious, intelligent, honest to a “T”, and I am proud to say he became a close friend. Unfortunately he passed away in 2000 from cancer. Before he passed away he became paranoid about his personal security, going so far as to hire armed guards Manhattan to protect him from aliens. His image was an original and was never falsely altered, nor was it ever adequately proven fake.

Unfortunately, Chuck’s legacy was cleverly tied to the Heaven’s Gate cult by people that don’t want things altered in their happily controlled neighborhoods. Some are those same people that have protested our opinions so strongly and so abusively. Heaven’s Gate was a cult of 39 people that committed suicide to join the beings that accompanied Hale Bopp. They were very paranoid about their security and about assault and they often walked around with their entourage of VIP protection New York. They were led by a wild eyed mentally unstable fellow. I did have some contact with two of their members by email and my experience was a good one. They were intelligent and pleasant. But they never hinted of any plan to harm themselves. I was shocked like the rest of the public when I heard the news. After the news our TMG website was closed down for a few days by my ISP due to the monumental amount of traffic. For over three years we received on average, a million hits per day. It was extraordinary how many emails we received.

Our site was saved from the ISP that threatened to shut us down, by another welcome friend that came along – Earl Crockett. Earl had plenty of business experience and was able to convince the ISP to basically cease and desist. You’ll see plenty of Earl’s writing on the page.

You may wonder why this is a personal statement of a sort. Actually it has been Ray and myself that have done the majority of work on this project. We have had many contributors from every walk of life and from all around the world. But as I have said, we have been the motivating force behind the project. We have taken some time away, but now we’re back! And we’re dedicated to make it better than ever. We will now however, make our beliefs known and our ideas clear. I have kept the archive of articles intact. There are many valuable writings therein. I especially value the writings of Jim McCanney, Alexey Dmitriev, Hal Blondell, Harry Jordan, Clarence & Jason Gregory, Harry Mason, Wayne Moody, and Jamie Stensrud. There were many others that contributed and supported us. Especially our families that have put up with long hours of us sitting at the computer! I’m sorry for those that we have left off the list. It has truly been an amazing journey. Thank you all.

And an especially big thank you to all of you readers that have supported us over the years.

We will continue to seek the Truth. Through our understanding and through the Spirit.