840 Pages of Pure Cow Manure!

840 Pages of Pure Cow Manure!

Maybe you too heard of the new government report on climate change? I can’t believe they aren’t giving up on this one! I guess it just goes to show at what lengths and lies Obama and the rest of the government cronies will go to, to impose control over “We The People”!
A few years ago, 2009 to be exact, a number of emails between climatologists at the Climate Research Unit and the IPCC were exposed to show that CO2/man made pollution does not cause climate change! You can read about it in Tim Ball’s book, “The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science.” The continuing of exertion of control over the American Public is strong and well! The greed and power grab at the highest levels of government and wealth are continuing at a fever pace!

“At the heart of the hoax is a contempt for mankind and a belief that population worldwide should be reduced. The science advisor to President Obama, John Holdren, has advocated forced abortions, sterilization by introducing infertility drugs into the nation’s drinking water and food, and other totalitarian measures. “Overpopulation is still central to the use of climate change as a political vehicle,” warns Dr. Ball.
Given that the environmental movement has been around since the 1960s, it has taken decades for the public to grasp its intent and the torrents of lies that have been used to advance it. “More people,” notes Dr. Ball, “are starting to understand that what they’re told about climate change by academia, the mass media, and the government is wrong, especially the propaganda coming from the UN and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.”
“Ridiculous claims—like the science is settled or the debate is over—triggered a growing realization that something was wrong.”  When the global warming advocates began to tell people that cooling is caused by warming, the public has realized how absurd the entire UN climate change argument has been.
Worse, however, has been “the deliberate deceptions, misinformation, manipulation of records and misapplying scientific method and research” to pursue a political objective. Much of this is clearly unlawful, but it is unlikely that any of those who perpetrated the hoax will ever be punished and, in the case of Al Gore and the IPCC, they shared a Nobel Peace Prize!” A History of the Disastrous Global Warming Hoax

This just released 840 page report, released by the government and PR leg work being done by Obama, is exactly opposite from what was being said in these emails! What? How could they continue to keep perpetuating this lie? Why? I heard that 65% of meteorologists don’t believe man made CO2 is the cause of global warming or climate change. Obama retorts that less than half of the media meteorologists don’t have a college degree in meteorology. SERIOUSLY? This is starting to sound like a slick government effort to convince people to believe in man made climate change. Talk about cow crap!
So really! WHY? My opinion… It’s all about control and money. If people seriously start believing in man made climate control, they will accept new regulations and taxes waiting for us in the wings. But Obama and his evil cronies are already saying as much. How blatant can they be? It’s really the dumbing down of the American people!
So get yourself ready to pay more taxes, more money for transportation, for utilities and on and on! Giving more money to a government that produces nothing! Thanks Al Gore! I thought you were gone!
You want to know what really convinced me that this is just one more government conspiracy? I have a certain familiarity with medicine in this country. If you didn’t know, and certainly you may not know, there is an epidemic in this country. It’s called DMII, or better known as diabetes type 2. It’s related to obesity, and causes heart failure and kidney failure among many other health problems. Vast amounts of cash are made by pharmaceutical companies, dialysis companies, doctors and… Oh yes…. Our government, which has been said to be by The People and for The People. And the proof? Our “great” government is doing nothing about the quality of our food, nothing about the economy, and on and on. Oh yeah, but they’re willing to try and stop something about man made climate change! I know! It just doesn’t make sense to you or me huh? It does when you know history, when you have a knowledge of how evil some people are, how cruel they can be.
If you haven’t realized it yet… You know those places where they fatten up cows for the market? Feed them antibiotics and GMO corn to fatten them up? Crammed in to manure filled pens, until the day of their demise and into plastic packages in your grocery store. These cow lots should not look unfamiliar to you. Our government has bit by bit, year by year been cajoling and easing us all into one big cow lot!
We are money slaves and product! Wake Up America!

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  1. In light of the recent episode by David Wilcock regarding Interplanetary climate change caused by the crossing of boundary domains by our Solar System, it is a much more coherent hypothesis than man-made climate change. Reading this paper by Dr Aleksey Dmitriev is full of insights. But will we have what it takes to adapt to these drastic, and sudden changes?

  2. dear Joanna please understand your situation , the dump is the Ocean , the land is the pig pen and the government is house of the devil with the demons being the rich and the unions wrap in all in religious rebelling standing bull shit and you have the insane and psycho pathetic world of people who want to control you by enslavement and employment its time for new world order NWO one in which every man and women child and beast is number and made whole by investment that no one is left behind and all come to serve
    I am here NOW

  3. the earth has been warming for 13000 years since the last ice age. The earth goes through a cycle of 26400 years and 2012 was the half way point. The melting ice changes the salinity of the ocean. This has caused the Gulf Stream To slow down. The slower moving water is higher thus causing more flooding at high tides. The slower Gulf Stream does not warm England as much so Europe will start to be cooler.

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