God an Alien?

God an Alien?

There’s a couple of serious problems with the Ancient Aliens idea. First it really still gives praise to the idea of a “linear history”. This is a common pitfall of most scientists (of all types) and most people on the earth have fallen victim to this falsehood.
Defined, it is the belief that man has evolved from apes and progressed through different transmutations to become what he is today. In other words, from primitive of old to modern of today. This is a lie. Adam was a real man and taught his children a complex language.

Another problem with the theory that I take serious issue, and one where I disagree with Velikovsky, is that God, first was not a big eyed, or any other kind of alien. He was and is real, and he is NOT supernatural. He may seem supernatural to us and our unperfected understanding. However, He has eons of learning and knowledge that makes Him appear to be supernatural to us. He does not need a wunderkind machine inside the ark of the covenant, He doesn’t need a spaceship to travel. With our curiosity and untrained, unchained approach we risk becoming a heretic. When we proudly approach our creator and with hubris showing him what we are so proud of possessing, we insult someone who loves us and has given us great gifts. What He does is not supernatural, it is real and might even be said to be perfect science. We would be smart to carefully consider our ways before we espouse them as truths. 
What I say does not exclude the possibility of other beings in our universe or beings that may regularly visit the earth. There is an explanation. More to come.

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  1. The subject of a being that seems supernatural but is actually real ( just incomprehensible for us), reminds me of the book “Flatland” by Edwin A. Abbott interesting stuff.

    For those that don’t have the time to read, here is a link to an animation interpretation done in you tube https://youtu.be/eyuNrm4VK2w
    but the book is way better in my opinion.

  2. If there is no God, then Moses was the smartest human ever to exist, he understood how the universe and the earth were created, he understood DNA(seeds of there kind), cloning (creation of Eve), he timely predicted natural and geological events that freed the slaves. He created the rules for mankind to exist in peace, the 10 commandments and Mosiac law, which is the foundation of our modern penal system. And by the way, he also told us that God was real source for his writings.

  3. Waiting for more to come on this topic. Understanding that both the Old and the New Testaments as well as all of ancient writings were coded in different ways has brought me to the belief that all of the truth has been hidden from mankind to keep us in slavery and religion is a big part of this continued slavery. The Bible is not to be interpreted literal as how most of the teaching is and has been.

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