ISON, It Comes

ISON, It Comes

In the Hale Bopp days we stirred it up pretty good. It seems like hundreds, if not thousands of websites and blogs popped up since that time talking about comets and/or natural disasters and related subjects. I’m not saying that we were the source of all of them, but we did have a lot to do with this great movement.

Hale Bopp was incredible. It was huge, it’s impending potential as a catastrophic heavenly visage empowered millions and caused many to give a second though to their tenuous nature as humans implanted here on planet Earth. ison_hubble05082013The timing of Hale Bopp was revelatory. It’s monstrous appearance coincided with the initial powerful rise of The Internet. To the point where today The Internet is in grave danger of being shut down for the populous by the U.S. Government. You think that’s far fetched? You’re a fool. To say that the Blue and White feathered sign in the sky was anything but a sign strait out of Revelations or out of Hopi prophecy is greatly understating its presence. You and I cannot ignore that Hale Bopp was truly sent from God above. There I’ve said it. Let the radical horde of of scientific onslaught begin. Truth is truth.

But wait… Here comes another “Hale Bopp”! No not just another Hale Bopp, a bigger Hale Bopp, maybe ten times as big. A more powerful Hale Bopp. Perhaps twenty times as electrically powerful. The disasters have already started. The status quo will say, “There is no chance of this comet hitting us.” Well.. DUH! But it doesn’t have to strike the earth to cause mass destruction and death. Have you been on planet earth the last few months? Or maybe just vacationing on Risa. Storms that have crushed lives. Hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes that have destroyed lives and property. We are saying here and now that this past year of devastation and or degree of devastation can by and far be attributed to Comet ISON and it’s cohorts.

So let’s start with a short lesson on understanding how this works. I recently came across a YouTube video that is done by a group that I think is absolutely great. This video gives a fantastic explanation of how our sun and solar system work together and you can clearly see the influence that a monster like ISON could have on the system. So let’s start there and we will then progress from there. Here’s the video. Please watch it and feel free to make comments or ask questions. It’s called “How To Watch The Sun” by Suspicious 0bservers. (BTW this video or its creators have nothing to do with TMG or with this idea. There is no connection between them and us. It is simply an excellent explanation of how the sun and solar system work period)

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  1. I am interested in the pass of Ison with Mars and in following this have become interested in Phobos. Things are said about its size/orbit and appearance that are intriguing.
    Why are there only (three?) amateur videos of Mars “lighting up” and nothing from any official source? Ison was the major focus for many months… and nothing!
    We experienced blue waving light high across the sky here in the South Island of New Zealand on New Years eve, Is this the remains of Ison as we pass through?

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