End of The World? Is ORCA Nibiru?

End of The World? Is ORCA Nibiru?

Ok… So yes I did write that title to get your attention.

I’ve seen the so called end date of the Mayan Calendar (December 21st, 2012) linked to the return of Sitchen’s Nibiru… Well actually the Sumerian’s Nibiru. As if the Sumerians knew the Mayans and they planned the whole thing out! Forgive me please of being a little “flip”, but it’s easy to fall into the temptation and trap of being like the majority of our fellow citizens about related subjects. Both 2012 and the big computer scare came and went with nothing! But perhaps there is something bigger on the horizon, if we can seen and understand the signs.

Let me explain why I mention these issues now. As you may or may not know, The Millennium Group has been tracking a body in our inner solar system for some time that we have labeled ORCA. As crazy and far fetched as it sounds, you can see pictures in other articles on the website. We were even invited to be on Coast to Coast with Art Bell by Whitley Streiber, a few years ago. Recently we’ve discovered even more remarkable images of this body. It appears to be more active and incredibly as it may sound it seems to have an atmosphere. Perhaps the very most outrageous aspect of this entire thing, and I even shudder at how wild this sounds, but it has at times made adjustments in its orbit that make it appear to be under some type of intelligent control. So let us present some of the images to you and you can come to your own conclusions! (I apologize for the amount of download in this article)

Let me remind you that absolutely nothing has been said regarding these images and the object seen in them, by NASA or any other related or similar government agency. These are images by the solar satellite SOHO, note the date of each image, stamped on the image by the NASA team.

C2 4 December, 2012
Note the body above the sun. A CME is reaching out and hitting the body.

I have posted this image with a filtered section first as it is one of the best representations of visualizing the body. The image to the left is the original image downloaded from the SOHO website, available to the public. To the right is a detail of the C2 to the left. The image has been cropped, colored and filtered to show better the cloaked body. Both images are “clickable” for the larger images for more detailed study.

C2 body detail
Detail of the previous C2. The outline of the body is clearly seen with the electrical charge reaching out from the sun to hit it.

For those of you that might be questioning the idea of cloaking such a large body, or even the idea of cloaking at all, cloaking is not science fiction or just an idea out of Star Trek or Lord of The Rings! A recent article in Science Daily titled, “Now You See It, Now You Don’t: An Invisibility Cloak Made of Glass

The following images are all original images from the SOHO website. Also all available to the public. All are “clickable” so that you may view the size I originally downloaded. These are only a “smattering” of the images that we have in which we have seen this body.

UPDATE 04/14/2013: These two images are from this past week. I had to include them, due to the obvious here.

Note the body at 3 o’clock.
Following the appearance of the first object a second, perhaps more familiar object comes into view above the first.
A very pronounced, “cloaked”” planet to the right of the sun.
Showing a stronger connection electrically with the sun. The charge goes to the back of the planet.
One of the most visible images of the hidden planet, again electrically connected to the sun. Two bodies as large as these are, cannot come into such close proximity without exchanging charges.
About three weeks later and the planet is in the same position. Note the inner body AND the atmosphere!
Remarkably in relatively the same position two days later. Again making contact with the solar charge.
Moving out a distance, but still being charged by the sun.
If any doubt… from another camera aboard SOHO. Same day.
The next day (a couple hours later). Still “hanging out”.
A closer view with a different camera. Still there, still connected electrically to the sun. (very lower left)
Now it has moved to the upper left, in just over a day. It has great movability and speed!
Here it is a little north of the last image (two days later). The black boxes are put there by NASA.
And about four days later, back to the lower left. Very well defined. Note the body within a shell of atmosphere.

I’m sure that a representative of NASA will say that these are CME’s or “gas bubbles”, or maybe they’ll call them swamp gas. But that’s what we’ve come to expect from our scientific community. The hubris is always bright and shiny, but the explanations never seem to follow. You see… “citizens of America and The World, you’re just to ignorant to understand! We don’t have the time to explain it to you or to share our vast knowledge with you. But keep paying our salaries with your tax dollars!” These pictures are small and fit on your computer screen. But for a moment consider the true size of what we’re seeing here. This is the immensity of space. The sun swallows the dust of the earth in a shallow breath.

If this is Nibiru, then it is inhabited by beings that are not to keen on our existence. Perhaps they are simply waiting for the order to be given. Think of all of the movies and books written recently about invasion. Is it a coincidence? Or is it human intuition or foresight? Or perhaps it’s really genetic memory? But this is not a movie of the week or a book. These images reveal a real planet and a the factual existence of something hidden and brought to light. As a culture we seem to indulge in a considerable amount of violence. I have always wondered why so much violence is portrayed as entertainment. It cannot be just a trend or the desire of the Natural Man. It’s too organized, too “planned out”. Somehow it appears to be a construct, even a planned feeding, if you will. It is a preparation for something coming. It may easily be that it is mind control to dull our senses, by a tyrannical overseer to dull our emotions and senses to the horror that is to come. With the butchering we see on television and in the movies these days, to see it in the streets would not alarm most people.  Coupled with attempt to take away our defenses, we are lambs to the slaughter.

Most of my life I have believed that thoughts like this are nothing but conspiratorial and pure bunk. After years of experience and seeing the changes around me, I am no longer so brazen. I am afraid. The prophecies talked about so many years ago and predicted are coming true.

Read more about ORCA in the first issue of THE WATCHER

8 Responses to End of The World? Is ORCA Nibiru?

  1. We can safely conjecture there is a planet inside the sun surrounded by a sea of liquid hydrogen…a perfect superconductor…having a thin balloon-like sheath of plasma called the photosphere under the magnetic influence of the Meissner Effect. Mystics say the internal planet is inhabited. Is ORCA attacking the sun and we are witnessing its defense?

  2. The images ARE round. If, within the electrical universe theory the sun is hollow and full of oppositely charged particles than the surrounding heiloshphere, there is plenty of space inside there for a planet. So – could there be a – gasp – planet inside the sun? . . . that comes out either at will or in some process? There have been UFO’s photoed entering the sun. Here I am demonstrating a REALLY OPEN MIND. Ouch. It actually hurts it’s so open!

  3. I was an early “member” (‘supporter’) of The Millennium Group in the (literally) very beginning (or so I thought), who was then summarily “kicked out” by one or two of the others (who SHOULD remain nameless, for they were ALWAYS ‘part of the problem’, and they eventually corrupted Gary and took him down with them), who glommed on to Gary Goodwin’s work and website and ideas and became his “partners” or some such. (that is, as I was to “suddenly” (and VERY rudely) discover, I was apparently a “non-member”, much less a “founding member” — for which Gary almost apologized for the way I was treated, although he thought he knew what side his bread was buttered on, or whatever, so there you go, and he suffered too many negative consequences thereby, possibly in a Karmic sense)

    Power-lust and power-greed and clique-ish behaviors are fascinating things.

    Anyway, I eventually lost interest, in part due to the great distaste of it all, and other things that emerged from all that, and moved on. Even so, I had hoped that something good would come from it all, as Gary was initially on to something. Maybe. (I/we hoped)

    However, frankly, I’m surprised TMG is still around. Especially after so many epic fails throughout the years. Although I am a fairly firm “believer” (NOT a belieber) in some so-called “conspiracy theories”, at some point I need some actual evidence and near-proof, at least as close to as beyond a reasonable doubt as possible. If not, it’s all fanciful and faux pseudo-science and pseudo-theories and fringe-crap (that gives much of ‘the rest’ a bad name) with what usually sounds, looks, smells, tastes, and feels like more than a little “B.S.” thrown in to cover the overriding smell of it all. (camouflage)

    And like hyper-paranoid New World Order aficionados, it all seems to eventually turn into some distasteful psycho-bunk that one would think intelligent people would eventually walk away from and disavow. Unfortunately, that seems to rarely happen.

    One of the “side effects” of much of this seems to also be a rather extreme stroll down Pareidolia Lane (of various kinds), probably as some form of psychological self-protection to stem off any insanity-based and -laced scenarios that get too far out of control, and allow the person to feebly continue on and justify and rationalize their choices and behaviors and beliefs, where any sane person would stop, back away, and at least try to regroup.

    It’s unfortunate that it’s all come to this. It probably didn’t have to be this way. More’s the pity.

  4. Some of those comments sound like they came from that so called fair and balanced news channel. Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead Gary. DW.

  5. There is so much happening on our planet the past months that shows how mother earth is being shaken by waves coming from outer space, we all know (i hope) that we cannot be alone in this vast space; something someday maybe soon will occur from beyond our planetary system and change our lives.

  6. This is asinine, no where in those pics does it show another planet. All I see is filaments and flares, that’s it. Please at what point do you see an actual body or planet there? Now I can say I’ve seen some pics out there that do show something and it’s pretty unmistakable. But these are in no way proof of anything or planet intelegent or not out there by the sun. What is this a zeta thread?

  7. Very interesting! I too, feel that something big is coming. I’ve heard talk from some that it’s positive change, but my heart and soul are telling me to be ready for something incredibly terrible.

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