Three For The Show Pt.2

Comet Honda


Well I thought today would be a good day to get this post out on the “wire’! (If you haven’t read my last post, you should read it first as I will be referring to it quite a bit). Why today? Have you heard any news today yet? And I’m not talking about the over throw of Qaddafi!

There are two things relative to this story that I am going to talk about here to help show, that the evidence and power of the force, that even comets that are “claimed” to be small, have on our earth an on our existence. The first, since it just happened, are two earthquakes; one in Colorado last night at 10:46 their time (8/22/2011) and the other earthquake today in Virginia (8/23/2011), that was felt up and down the Eastern Seaboard; And then second, the new hurricane Irene, which for all intents and purposes appears to be preparing to cause a whole lot of damage.

Part Two: Comet Number Two: Honda

In the meantime, did you know that on August 15th, about a week ago, our Number Two comet, Honda (actually Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova), passed very close to the earth. In fact it passed at .06 AU from the earth! Considering our last discussion on comets, what do you think the chances are that Honda is dangerous? Let’s recap a little. Comets are electrically powerful because they are passing through the solar wind which is plasma. Sprite or AuroraPlasma is nothing but electrically charged hydrogen atoms. Because electrical charges are positive and negative they seek to neutralize themselves by grounding. Just like lightening connects the positively charged clouds above with the negatively charged ground below. Thus we have lightening (of course there is so much more to that). And as was explained in the last article, electrical charges are everywhere in the universe. It’s fuel that feeds and sustains life. So comets passing at great speeds through the plasma create more and more charges. And these growing charges naturally seek to be equalized or discharged.

The plasma in the solar wind that hits the earth, causes the Aurora Borealis, and in fact naturally causes the weather that we experience here on the surface of the earth. The charges find their way down to the surface first via “sprites” from the upper atmosphere. This can not only cause weather (and sometimes severe weather and storms) but it can also cause the earth to groan and shift, otherwise known as earthquakes. This dissipation of the charge from the upper atmosphere can actually take a few days, depending upon the circumstances and the conditions.

Colorado EQVirginia EQLast night at 10:46 there was an earthquake in Colorado! It was a 5.3. Earthquake in Colorado? Well… yes, they’ve of course had them before. But just like we learned from Velikovsky, we must look at the whole picture. The area where it occurred, the depth, the strength and the time period. This morning the next one occurred. And again, in a very rare area for earthquakes. A hundred miles from Washington, D.C.; Shallow, but felt up and down the Eastern Seaboard and even into Canada. Why not the San Andreas? Why not the New Madrid Fault? The Virginia quake was only half a mile deep which probably contributed to it’s strength. So the question is, why did these two earthquakes occur and why did they occur in the areas they occurred? Meanwhile the earthquakes are still happening around the world; Vanuatu has had numerous strong earthquakes over the last week up to a 7.1; and the earthquakes in Japan continue, a 6.2 near the nuclear plant in Fukishima. 6.0 in Fiji. And there are more, in strange places; Oklahoma City and New York.

I need to make one more point about the Virginia earthquake that affected such a large area. Although there wasn’t a significant amount of physical damage, there was a huge amount of emotional and psychological damage. This earthquake scared people. The long term effects of this particular earthquake are very significant. The Pentagon was evacuated, Union Station was evacuated, two nuclear reactors were said to have cracks, concern mentioned about the D.C. subway, cell phones wouldn’t work, the Attorney general was rushed out of the area, the Capitol was evacuated, there was even a report that the Washington Monument was tilting! And now… all of these people, unaccustomed to feeling earthquakes are in the sights of another monster…

So if you’ve been isolated and haven’t heard, the first hurricane of the season is coming! She’s called IRENE. And believe me… this one’s a monster! This image (below) was taken earlier today. And it appears that it’s going to move up the East Coast. Can you begin to see a connection here? These monster storms are fed by immense charges sent down through the atmosphere. This storm has pumped up to a category two and it’s just getting starting! the eye is forming and more and more power is being added to it hour by hour due to the powerful charges reaching down to it from the upper atmosphere. the only thing that can stop it now is more dissipation of the charge. That may mean more earthquakes or other destructive discharges in other venues.

Hurricane Irene

Around the Internet there are all kinds of stories and ideas concerning these comets. Let’s talk about some of these. No names, and I don’t intend to be unfair. But there are folks talking about dates relating to 911, alignments with planets that have certain power and have been arranged by “someone”, or the Creator. A lot of talk about the “Hopi Blue Star”. This doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in the Spirit of humans, or that I don’t believe in the power of the planets and stars on us, or Hopi religion. But I do know what it means to need an answer so bad that you’ll do anything. But the rationality sometimes in these folks is lost with the desire to please others or to be recognized. This is a root problem with the Paranormal and UFO community and this behavior leaves space for folks with serious mental health problems, to have their craziness empowered, and those individuals not empowered as people. It may be a desire borne out of genetic memory to find and know the Origin, the Creator that has been lost in our ever narcissistically and hedonistically growing society. We have lost the true spirit of ourselves and can’t seem to find our way back. END OF RANT.

This first map of Honda shows that it cam every close to the earth on August 15th. You can’t read the label for the earth, because the comet and it’s name are covering it up!

Honda August 15, 2011

This next map (below), shows the relative position of Honda on October 20th, when Elenin will be passing in front of us in our orbit. It will actually be a little closer to us a few days before October 20th, so that entire time period will definitely be touch and go. Maybe it’s good time to get a few supplies put away, some drinking water, and just maybe some first aide supplies?

Honda October 2011

I want to leave you with one more picture. I have tried to stay away from the philosophical discussion of these issues, although I have touched on it a bit. In part 3, which will follow, I will try and stay true to this approach. However, I can’t make any promises, my own emotions get the best of me too at times! This picture and others like it, have done this to me! I am very overwhelmed by the power and strength of our universe. We have been taught in school that lightening comes from clouds, that clouds come from condensation. These are lies. My colleagues and I have seriously tried to effect change back to the “olden ways”. “Many are called, but few are chosen.” This image below, if you choose to accept it, represents a return to those “olden beliefs and ways”. Gods or not, power comes from above. It is given to the people below, for their strength… or for their destruction. This apparition in the image below is what scientists have lovingly called a sprite. It lives above the clouds and in the upper atmosphere. This is a very rare image shared, with us “cattle and sheep”, of this phenomena. I hope it helps compel you to believe in the things I have shared with you.

Dancing Sprites
But there is more to share….

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  1. In regards to Bob Huntsman’s response, It is really interesting, is it not, that a fire ball was seen on the date he predicted. Check out that report. Of Course it is only speculation as to the deaths of those on the ground. Mostly like a gas explosion. But that does not dismiss the fact that there was a fire ball in the sky.

    more food for thought

  2. Will part 3 be uploaded soon?
    I am looking forward to it, because I find the first two parts very interesting…


  3. Your articles on Elenin are interesting, but you are missing a whole lot of information. Starting about July 25th there were reports about heat/steam/smoke plumes coming from the Pisgah Crater which is about 40-50 miles east of Barstow, California. You can find the report from DUTCHSINCE on That next Friday two ladies went to see what they could find. They got photos of the Amboy Crater with smoke plumes, which is about 30-35 miles east and slightly south of Pisgah. Their work is on youtube as well. Over the next week or so several radar images have shown heat/steam plumes from several dormant(?) volcanos in California, as well as Nevada and Oregon.

    A week or so ago, there are now reports of smoke coming out of the ground just north of Santa Barbara. At the same time there are reports from channel 10 in San Diego of a “burnt petroleum” smell coming from the ground in the San Diego area. Both of these reports are on youtube as well.

    As of January 2011 there are reports that FEMA has ordered over 420 million emergency meals from the various survival food companies in this country. They normally have about 200K meals on hand for emergencies. So 420 million is way off scale.

    Also, on September 26/27 will be a new moon and the sun, earth, and moon will be in alignment. However, according to the JPL/NASA software, Elenin will also be in that alignment, so it will be the sun, Elenin, earth, and then the moon, all in a perfect alignment. At that time Elenin will be about 0.6 AU from the sun, and 0.4 AU from the earth. With the sun in the middle of its’ sun spot cycle it is possible that the sun might emit solar flares, CME’s, and possibly a fire ball or two, toward earth.

    Now bear with me on this. There are also a few reports out that Israel may strike Iran in September to take out the nuclear manufacturing facilities. When they do, then all of the Arab nations will attack Israel to defend their Arab brothers. Most people say that Ezek. 39 deals with a nuclear war because of the statements about the residue of the weapons burning for seven years and they won’t need to supply any wood for the fire. What they miss is the fact that in verses 6 and 7 it says:

    6 And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the isles: and they shall know that I am the LORD.

    7 So will I make my holy name known in the midst of my people Israel; and I will not let them pollute my holy name any more: and the heathen shall know that I am the LORD, the Holy One in Israel.

    If there is a nuclear war no one will think that God had anything to do with it. But if there is a fireball from the sun that kills everybody that is at war with Israel, but NOT harm the Israelites, then they will all know that He is the God of Israel.

    Also, that fireball could be the fire from the censer from the angel in Revelation 8: 3-6. These events will open the door for the Arabs to allow Israel to build the Temple, which will open the door for many more prophecies.

    Anyway, food for thought.

  4. I like it when your feelings pop in.”This is a root problem with the Paranormal and UFO community and this behavior leaves space for folks with serious mental health problems, to have their craziness empowered, and those individuals not empowered as people.” Lot of weird and highly intelligent people around. I find your explanations convincing. Thank you.

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