Things Are Dicey Today!

Yesterday, while resting after my brother’s visit, I was quickly jarred out of my complacency by a loss of signal on my TV set, due to solar interference according to Direct TV. We lost our signal from 11:57 am to 12:03 pm, but March 6th seems to be awfully early in the season for this sort of problem to occur. Having been involved with satellite communications in the 1980’s, I felt that this situation should not happen until March 21, if then(plus or minus a few days).

I had checked the temperatures outside with my phone app and to my surprise, the temperature had climbed by 6 degrees in 10 minutes during the 12:00 to 12:10 pm period. Earlier in the morning, the local TV channel I was watching also had a significant temperature increase in about 20 minutes as I recall(30 to 37degrees). Both of these changes occurred in fairly bright skies with very thin cloud cover, and it seemed, no wind then either. The coincidence with solar activity and these temperature changes suggest further research is imperative.

A check on a C3 showed some kind of flare was taking place about 1804 ut (1204 our time). Yet, looking at the xray plot for the time period involved showed no high spike of consequence. However, there was a “negative going” gap in the data on the chart at that time. Also, there have been 3 gaps in data on each of the last 3 days about the same time each day.

While in a new Walmart about 3 pm in the afternoon I was shocked 3 times by static electricity from a steel shopping cart over a period of about an hour. The floors I walked on were either concrete or lamanite, and it did not seem to matter what I walked on.

When we walked out of the store about 3:45 pm, the sun’s radiance seemed to be changed from one that was hard to look at to a “point source”, a white light easy to look at though it seemed bright. I found I could look at the sun for maybe 30 seconds unshielded(estimate) though I did not do so. Later, about 5:00 pm, I could not look at it for even a full second. I have not been able to do that since the days of Comet Hale Bopp.

The sky was covered with thin wisps of “clouds”, but these had a great number of “right angles” “embedded” in them. I chose to mention these items today because they are there for your eyes to see. Look up to the skies because you may be surprised at what you see. With this post I am deliberately overlooking all the earthquakes, violent weather, solar flares, and “anomalies” that have been present today but that can only your eyes can see. The rest, unfortunately, or otherwise, requires sophisticated ground and space environmental monitors to be made aware of.

Why are these things happening now? It could be the approach of Comet Elenin. Judging by the number of things occurring, it is probably fairly large by comet standards.

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  1. Simple enough explanation… If you live in the mid northern latitudes your sighting of any geostationary satellite, which are always parked above the equator, will be cast against the stars with a southern declination… Usually about 5-degrees south as seen from 40-degrees north. Only at the equator will the satellites be seen against the earth celestial equator regardless of weather and the time of year. Simple geometry of a near point projected against a grid of infinite distance.

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