Look! Up In The Sky!

“Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’ a Plane!” No it’s none of those actually! Now the government, after being coerced by the ever growing media attention, finally made a statement. “It’s not a missile, it’s just a plane.” It sure did attract a lot of attention, didn’t it? And a whole lot of theories too!

I wasn’t too surprised to see Dr. Michio Kaku to make all the media rounds. He loves the cameras! You know who he is; that guy that’s always on the Science Channel lately. It was kind of funny to watch him in the morning on the morning talk shows say that it seemed to be a missile and then as the evening news came around he started saying that it was an airplane. I would like to take a look at his cell phone records and see who he talked to!

The fact of the matter is, by the time I get this article posted, this story will be forgotten by the media and thus most people. I don’t know, maybe it was a stunt to promote the new movie Skyline! The studios will stop at nothing to promote a movie these days!

“We have no evidence to suggest that this was anything other than a contrail caused by an aircraft,” Pentagon spokesman Colonel David Lapan said, according to ABC News.

“A missile would look like that,” said Al Bowers, associate director of research at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center in the Mojave Desert, whose 27-year career has included stints as chief or lead engineer on such programs as the SR-71 spyplanes turned over to NASA by the Air Force.

“It could potentially have a contrail that shape,” he told the AP. “(But) the motion looks a little suspect to me, and my conclusion would be that, yeah, it’s most probably an aircraft.”

Vandenberg Delta Rocket

If you live on the West Coast, you’ve probably seen launch trails from Vandenberg from time to time. They’re very beautiful with all of the un-expended fuel and the exhaust gas that they dump into the atmosphere! Funny how the Global Warming numb skulls never complain about that one! But this trail wasn’t from Vandenberg. What’s more, these shots have been going off for years and are scheduled regularly. Actually they are quite incredible and visually striking events to witness. Of course, because they happen so often, no one ever seriously reports them as UFO’s anymore. I imagine that once upon a time people freaked when they saw the rockets red glare!

They denied any launches that night, and anyway, the origin was further south and west, out in the ocean. There’s another possibility and we have some more evidence to throw into the mix!

If you’ve read our page in the past, you know that we have evidence of extraterrestrial visitation. We believe that they are able to cloak their ships to a degree and go largely unseen by the public. We also believe that the ships, of course, come in different shapes and sizes and further that they are from various different civilizations. We have seen many geometrically shaped ships, largely cubic in shape. These cubic shaped ships are often mistaken for large triangular ships, and indeed, they may also be triangular. We hate to sound so scattered, but the fact is, there are many many here. Believe it or not, it’s up to you. We know what we have seen. We have heard recently that some of the triangular shaped ships are actually our government ships, made from back engineered, shot down UFO’s. It’s not unbelievable.

“Cloaking” is reminiscent of Star Trek, and thus fiction. Well… it’s not. We, our government already has that capability, as evidenced by the following article.

…who ever thought that University would be serious about building a working invisibility cloak? That’s exactly what Elena Semouchkina, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Michigan Tech, is doing. She has found ways to use magnetic resonance to capture rays of visible light and route them around objects, rendering invisible to the human eye.who ever thought that University would be serious about building a working invisibility cloak? That’s exactly what Elena Semouchkina, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Michigan Tech, is doing. She has found ways to use magnetic resonance to capture rays of visible light and route them around objects, rendering invisible to the human eye.       from Science Daily, July 2010

CubesSo I’m not too concerned about mentioning the fact that these ships may be cloaking. It’s pretty obvious that even our science is now able to cloak ships, or really, cloak what ever they want. So the shape of these things may not really matter. But it does seem as though “we” (our government, not “us”) are on the verge of building craft that will compete with these UFO’s, flight capabilities and weapons too!

Over the past few years we have documented the sightings of cubes and geometric shaped ships in the atmosphere. This image to the left was sent to us by a reader, he noticed it on a weather website. How is it that can we see them if they are cloaked? The cloaking device or process seems to be compromised by infrared. So it isn’t perfect by any means. Our reports have shown that the cubes (and other craft) have come in via the sun, perhaps using the power of the solar wind and/or field for “transportation”. In the three examples below (clickable) you can see them reasonably close to the sun or what appears to be close to the sun. Over time they move out from the limb of the sun, appearing to move toward us, the earth. In the C2 picture you can clearly see the cube to the left of the solar disk. What is very interesting in this shot, is that either the cube is shooting at “something” or “something” is shooting at it. There is also a craft of some kind to the left of the cube, with either a plume of exhaust, or its actually taking a shot at something. This is not a time elapsed photo, so it’s doubtful that it’s an asteroid and no known comets are in that area currently.

Whether it’s been cubes, disks, or comets we have watched in the past, they all seem to utilize the power of the sun and this “unseen” force to come in around the sun. The next time you see a picture of a comet, look for something we call the “anti”tail. Comets are on a string between the sun and the dipolar charge that comes from the greater solar system and beyond. We believe this unseen force to be EMF. It’s so much more powerful than gravitational force. In fact we have compared it to the universal or celestial tree that fills the great expanse. An electrical pathway that can be used as a track to travel the universe. But more importantly, it’s made up of the strings that hold the stars, solar systems, planets and other objects together, regardless of the Expansion Theory of the Big Bang.

Phobos There are many of us that believe that extraterrestrials use these “tracks” commonly referred to as wormholes to travel from one great distance to another. There are many sites around the earth that appear to have special energy or are points where this energy is expressed. However, EMF is very volatile and for the most part uncontrollable. This is the same force that makes our hearts beat, that compels our muscles to contract and move for our brain. It’s the lightening that strikes between the heavens/clouds above and the earth below. This power has always played a big part in the workings of everything and specifically in this event, as you shall see.

The occurrence of the “missile launch” has significance in the period of time that it happened. Let me explain. In the days leading up to the launch, we saw a number of craft coming in toward the earth (as stated above). We have also saw a number of UFO activities, including battles over the east and wet coast of the U.S. We continue to claim that the Moon Phobos is not merely a moon, but a hollowed out craft of some sort. If it wasn’t Phobos, we have seen a body that appears exactly like the moon Phobos, same size and same shape. And further more, we have yet to see proof that Phobos is where it’s supposed to be, namely in orbit around Mars. Here’s some more of what we are talking about: This image (to the left) shows the body, that appears to be Phobos, performing some type of activity off the East Coast. The activity appears to be some kind of weapons fire as it rises up out of the clouds. (The image is clickable and will take you to the four slide picture of the event.)

When you click on the full image there are numerous movements and objects (in addition to the noted activity above), some explainable and some not.

While this was going on on the East Coast, on the West Coast there was more going on. In this image, south of Baja and west of the Mexico mainland, there are two craft shooting at each other. The “beam”, whatever it may be, can clearly be seen below the double arrow and the two ships can be seen point at by the other arrows.

There is another four slide image that shows one craft emerging from the sea and almost immediately sharply changing directions, off the California Coast and another, south of mainland Mexico, that has a distinct bowshock wave in front of it (CLICK HERE). Let us just say here, these are not merely clouds. Clouds do not behave this way. Regardless of what faces or animals you can imagine in the shapes of the clouds, these are not clouds. They are actually either using the clouds for cover around them, or they are producing the cloud trails themselves as exhaust or from the EMF surrounding the craft.

Now, although these things in these “battles” seem to have been building up to some climax, this is not all of the evidence. Did you happen to notice that most of the government leadership ran for the hills and was out of the country? Obama was in India, Clinton and the secretary of defense Robert Gates were also out of the country. Biden of course stuck around!

Another point that must be considered, the USS Ronald Reagan was out off the coast of California on maneuvers. How do I know? It was in the news! It came to the “rescue” of the Carnival ocean liner that suffered a complete systems failure. let’s see… what could all of this mean? A couple of questions… Was it actually the Reagan that shot off the missile? It was in the area, that much is known. Why didn’t they report seeing it? Well.. of course they saw it! If not the Reagan, maybe the submarine that was on maneuvers with the Reagan shot it off? Ships run in groups to do maneuvers. Please don’t tell me that the D.O.D. did not know about the missile. Ok, I’m sure you’re getting it, I don’t want to strain it!

But just a couple more points – first that cruise ship. It was reported that the engine room had a fire and that shut down all of the engines and all of the systems on board. So much so, that it had to be pulled in to San Diego, with no engines, no lights, no refrigeration, no electricity. Don’t they have a generator backup program with generators throughout the ship? Is that too simple to understand? As you read above, our claim is that EMF is the controlling force of the universe. Well… where there are large charges, there tends to be large discharges. Did this cruise ship get too close to these UFO’s, to close to an area that was over loaded with EMF and the EMF discharged into the ship? We’ve suspected this in the past when it happened to submarines that lost power and were lost, discharges to taller buildings from sprites causing fires, those very powerful charges that come down through the atmosphere to the surface of the earth. Wal Thornhill and Dave Talbot’s page is full of examples and theory explaining this type of event.

And the last point here… In the weeks before the Missile launch event, we saw something amazing in the GOES images. It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t seen by others. (Well, maybe it was. But nobody’s talking!). Several years ago, when the Japanese solar satellite was open to the public, we picked up an incredible image. This image revealed a huge ship orbiting the sun, with rays of light shining out from the sun behind it. The picture below is one of the images that we have, revealing that ship. We are unsure of the ship’s exact size, because we do not know it’s distance from the sun or from the earth. But it’s large, as you will see! In fact, the idea that it’s orbiting the sun may not be correct, it may have been, even in this image, closer to the earth. At times we saw the great towers on the ship alter and seem to move from one position to another on the craft. It may be a carrier or it may be some kind of refueling or energy gathering operation or all of that. We don’t really know. But it remains clear that it was there. Here’s that original image.

Solar Sailor

Our original article with more images is HERE.

Why bring it up now? We have seen it again recently… just before the missile launch! The ship has re-configured itself once again, however two of the towers of the ship, can still be clearly seen right in the middle of the country. There’s no doubt that it’s the very same craft.(Note the dates on the images)

So let me recap!
1) Major Leaders of the country are all traveling abroad.
2) The USS Ronald Reagan is on maneuvers off the west coast. (it never goes out alone BTW)
3) A Carnival Cruise Liner goes completely down off the west coast, losing all systems.
4) There is significant proof that there is an increase in UFO activity and indeed battles around the globe, especially off the West Coast.
Finally, we’ve clearly had a missile fired from somewhere west of Catalina, and perhaps somewhat south of that location. Further, it appears that it was firing at something, which it obviously missed.

In the past, we believe the government has taken shots at alien aircraft with missiles and perhaps even plasma weapons. In addition, over the last few years we have seen numerous antimissile ballistic tests over the Pacific. We also believe that these have not really been “tests” per se, but actually shots taken at extraterrestrial craft. There is also ample evidence from other authors to show that the Roswell Incident was the result of our government shooting at UFOs. With all of the UFO activity occurring at this time, this idea further seems to make very plausible that this missile was a shot at an extraterrestrial craft. Admittedly they miss a lot! However, the strikes are not likely always intended to hit, but to rather warn or ward off.

So this Missile, first of all, is undeniably a Missile, regardless of what “experts” or the government P.R. folks say. It’s common sense. The question is, was there a sailor that accidentally hit the wrong button and sent the Missile up? Don’t think so.

With all that has been happening recently, with all that we have documented, doesn’t it make sense to accept these facts? Does our government hide things from us? If you don’t believe that fact now, there’s likely no evidence that will change your mind. However if you are willing to take some time, look into these things yourself, you’ll see that we live in very interesting times!

We are not alone!

More to come!

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  1. Hi, -gregO here..

    ..great observation.

    However, i think you missed something..

    If i recall correctly, also on the
    day of the cruise ship losing all power, Two nuclear power plants, one in NY
    and one in Connecticut also “went offline” for an hour or some such.

    just a thought..


  2. I was searching the artic sea area on google a few days ago, (let me tell you, I do not thust google images at all) and I saw an object that ceirtanly is not an isle, is not a cloud, is like a mechanism of some sort, looks like pipes united in a funny looking shape, I took some screnshots if you are interested give me a location to upload those images. This object seems to be floating above earth. Well above the ocean.

  3. I am not a member – I live in Germany. I saw the “flying cubes” twice, once in 2006 and once recently, in October 2010. I was fascinated. It flew for about three hours over our little town, always turning after a few kilometers and coming back. When it eventually disappeared, the sunny weather we had a 9.00 h was gone. A milky cloud layer covered the area. To me, it looked like a stealth areoplane with tanks mounted on it. They had a silvery shine. I am very interested in learning more about this mysterious plane. I do not believe it is extraterrestrial, looks more like some weird experiment. Could you help me here?
    Hannelore Hühne

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