UFO’s Everywhere!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it lately, or is it just me? But I swear, everywhere I look I see references to UFO’s! Today was enough! Google put a cartoon of a UFO abducting one of the “O’s” in “GOOGLE”. And what’s more, no one seems to know why! Some of the papers say they do, but their explanations seem to me, to fall short! Apparently they posted on Twitter today for only the second or so time with a series of numbers. Some say it relates to some new video game or something. I don’t know!

Anyway… my point is… THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! In TV commercials, movies, advertisements and so on and so on and so on! So whadda ya think? WHY? Are we that obsessed? Are we recollecting something? Or are we expecting something? Have enough people been abducted that we are now turning to the “new alien leader” for guidance? Why? Why? Why?

I do admit that I too am somewhat obsessed. I am thinking, though, that it isn’t for the same reason! Anyway… I did go and see District 9 a couple of weeks ago. A pretty awesome movie. The effects were up to Peter Jackson’s usual standard – nothing but great. But I thought the storyline was excellent, taking another view of the alien question.

Here’s the capper – I was reading the news today and I saw that Japan is getting a new Prime Minister on September 16th. No that’s not the capper. It’s the fact that the Prime Minister’s wife claims to be an Abductee! And she claims this openly. And HE was still elected to the seat! Absolutely incredible! Mrs. Hatoyama doesn’t mix words. She claims that she was first abducted over 20 years ago, by a triangular craft. the article that I read, made fun of her (expected from the usual rag run of media).

So I have to ask, why do you think the subject is everywhere? Very very strange. Between UFO’s, Aliens and catastrophe movies of the week, it would be a miracle to see anything else!

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  1. Hello Gary,

    thank you for your kind offer. I have already written some articles and I am constantly writing, however I have no idea what effect this is having.

    I would be happy to write an article summarising my understanding that we are witnessing rapid energy driven evolutionary change due to Space Weather, that is coming from solar, cosmic and galactic sources. However, I assume your website audience is more interested in the scientific aspects, so I would make more of an attempt at pointing out the science to justify my beliefs.

    Astronomers are providing the proof that the energy bombardment is real, the issue is how the universe works to create change and that is more speculative. I have some new ideas, but even if I am wrong, it should cause a few people to think more about the true nature of reality. My current book has about 750 references and as I have started a major revision, that figure will get closer to 900. I have worked extremely hard in the last six years, but in reality I have been seeker of truth for nearly 30 years.

    When I wrote and published my book in 2006, I had already picked up about the existence of vacuum domains and linked this to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and the opinion of the UK Ministry of Defence. Due to some metaphysical insights, I realised that this was actually another native lifeform that also managed Earth related energy business on this planet. Hence, the importance of certain aspects of Dmitriev’s Planetophysical report, all of which has since been confirmed by other sources.

    However, I started to get very concerned when I realised that UAP activity was rising in the UK. The media was complaining about the high levels in UFO activity back in February 2008, but when I approached a UK metaphysical magazine in November 2008, with an article explaining what was happening, the Editor brushed me off. It seems that the metaphysical community were also largely also unaware of the true nature of UFOs. I told them they were getting a scoop and somehow the penny dropped, so now I write a regular column.

    There are now ubiquitous reports of orbs and ‘planes on fire in the sky’ and this has started in the US too, but UFO reports are increasing worldwide. That is the reason why so many countries are opening up their UFO files. Authorities realise that something dramatic is happening and they don’t have many options about what they can do in response.

    My forte is the ability to integrate information to come up with the Big Picture, but I have to do enough work to link up the different strands of information and science that explains our reality.

    Therefore, it does not matter about whether people want to understand about UFOs, the issue is not going away any time soon. The fabric of spacetime has changed for good and instead of isolated events or multi-sightings in isolated regions, the general public are now meeting Earth’s shadow biosphere en masse.

    Susan Joy

  2. I can understand your frustration. But listen… some people – most people are not wired to understand. Some are simply not interested, but most are not either intellectually or spiritually capable of understanding. While your background is science, my career background has been people. I agree with almost everything you say, and I understand what you are saying. I, like you believe that we are facing a huge transition. In my language or understanding it may take on a different look. However we seem to arrive at the same end. I do not believe that there is such a thing as “immaterial” matter. It is simply more pure and seems “invisible” if you will, to the natural eye. A common example might be “spirits”. They do exist, they are just actually of more purified matter.

    We have documented many instances of cubical or geometric craft. They do seem to be able to “cloak”, so to speak. But we have used that terminology because we do not understand the technology used. The word “cloak” is common to our particular culture. That’s why we have used it.

    I do like your last statement, “I actually care…”. To me, this means you have a heart, you have values, morals and standards. Admirable.

    It feels to me like you have more to say. I would like to extend to you an invitation to write an article for the page explaining this in more depth. I would be happy to promote your own site or your book. Please let me know and thank you so much for your ideas. They are indeed fascinating!

  3. Hello Gary!

    Well, there is a problem with terminology! When scientists say dimensions they really mean energy levels. Einstein did not do anyone any favours by trying to describe gravity in terms of the ‘warping’ of spacetime. For me it’s much easier to completely discard the concept of dimensions but then people can’t relate this back to what they have been taught.

    Yes, I do have an attitude, but I am fed up that people refuse to think! Personally, I’m interested in the truth.

    The latest research at Hessdalen into light phenomena (25 years and ongoing) reveals that just because you can’t see something, does not mean that it’s not there. Radar might tell you that something has been there for 4 hours, but you may only see it blink on for five minutes. Where is it when you can’t see it but radar says it’s there? Scientists can see objects in the infra-red and ultra-violet that we can’t see with our eyes, is it in our dimension or not? Believe me, I spend a lot of time looking for answers to simple questions!

    I believe that we are facing the greatest transition in the history of mankind and the general public are being faced with a plethora of new light phenomena. Some of it is atmospheric, (sprites, jets etc, our scientists tell us that there is now a ‘zoo’ in the upper atmosphere), geological (earthlights, ball lightning) biological (orbs, UAPs and some really bizarre manifestations — the “radar angels” are appearing).

    Ufologists are generally only interested in whipping up interest in humanoid ETs and physical craft for commercial reasons, but that is not what is being commonly reported. So now, even the Queen’s astronomers, Lord Rees, was quoted in the media as saying: “I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms we can’t conceive.” Yes, somethings up! Things are going crazy in the UK and people are seeing huge entities up close and personal. Some of the descriptions are incredible but SETV scientists think that maybe an ET probe is hiding somewhere inside an artificial plasma cloak… The mindset is stuck on stupid…

    Currently, I am investigating what Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe had to say about the origins of life and the current scientific discoveries. It seems that the basic ingredients for life exist throughout the universe, but plasma entities in a visible universe that is 99.999% plasma are ignored in favour of mechanistic aliens….

    I note Stephen Hawkings in his documentary stealing ideas from Hoyle’s book ‘The Black Cloud’. Obviously, those kind of aliens are backward, or else they would not need to go around the universe as marauders when they could tap the aether for energy in their own back yards. The Correas in Canada have done it and they even have a patent on the process too!

    At this moment, I am totally appalled at the apathy and ignorance about what is taking place, as I constanlty finding new reports from members of the general public who are overwhelmed by what is happening.

    I actually care about that.

    Susan Joy Rennison, B.Sc. (Physics with Geophysics)

  4. Thanx for the comment Susan! You’re not boring! Great thoughts! I think I’ll need some convincing about other dimensions. Facts can be slippery things. As I have grown older and older and I look back over my beliefs through the years, I can see how at one time where I was convinced of a certain idea that I was moved to adapt my beliefs based on new facts. The old facts didn’t change, I just was moved to a new place to view my world from a different perspective. You might say a new appreciation. The dots were pretty much connected – not all – but most, my intellectual aging simply added more dots of understanding. So who knows, maybe we are really saying the same thing. Stay open, don’t be too hard on others, and keep talking! Thank you again.

  5. I don’t want to be boring, but have you considered the fact that we are experiencing a dimensional shift? After researching evolutionary change and writing a book, it’s a no brainer for me, but other people seem to be having major diffifculty integrating the facts. TMG is the website that provided the world with the major Russian PLANETOPHYSICAL STATE OF THE EARTH AND LIFE By DR. ALEXEY N. DMITRIEV [1997, English 1998], where we were told that vaccuum domains where changing the electromagnetic grid of the planet and that massive activity was taking place. However, the information needed to be integrated with predictions from Mayan and indigenous sources that we had experienced the overturning of spacetime. The planet is being blasted to a much higher level of energy by Space Weather, and the results are being seen in every single planet in our solar system. Maybe, it’s time to start connecting the dots….

    Most UFOs are a plasma lifeform that is native to this planet. Scientists and military have been investigating their existence for over 60 years. This lifeform represents the vast majority of ‘real’ UFO sightings or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. SETV scientists are busy checking them out these days too.

    I can’t understand why intelligent people cannot integrate information.

    Check out what is happening in the UK, balls of light and balls of fire EVERYWHERE!

    Susan Joy Rennison B.Sc. (Physics with Geophysics)

  6. Thank you so much! I really need the positive words! Please keep coming back, I’m trying to get some new things going for the readers! But thank you so much for your kind words!

  7. Thank you for your comment. I totally agree. People enter the argument or research from different points. I happened to enter from the more the mythological point of view. However that isn’t probably completely true. I had an interest in religion, astronomy, philosophy and other areas. I think that’s why I admire Velikovsky so much. He was able to look at a number of different fields, pull them together and see an entirely new point of view that opened up a new world for us. So stay tuned and please be patient with us. Much more is coming and from a very unique viewpoint. Thanks again for reading!

  8. Het is onmogelijk dat wij de enige levende wezens in het vreselijk grote “AL” zijn. En naast dit grote AL zijn er wellicht ook nog AL(-LEN) in andere dimensies.
    Tientallen jaren geleden beschreef ik al mijn hypothese met betrekking tot het menselijk zijn. Ik kwam tot deze gedachte vanwege de bijna vergeten verhalen uit Mesopotamië, China, Japan; kortom, van de oude wereld.

  9. Alright! Here you go! I have heard the reports that our government has been working on similar machines. And apparently, these reports say that these machines need this “alien” writing to work. I’m skeptical. Because, not long after all the reports, I was watching last season’s Terminator and they had the craft on the show. So… Was the craft a made up thing to promote the television series and the promotion failed because people were on to them? Or did the producers just add it in afterwards? I tend to believe it was the first. And it posses me off! These assholes that make up sightings and try to get attention via this issues are the lowest of low lifes! Believe me (or not!) there is more out there that will blow your mind than these cretins can even imagine. I have some material and ideas with adequate support that will pull all of these UFO sightings and alien abductions and so many other issues together. You are going to have some real understanding and “peace” concerning these issues! So that’s my thoughts briefly on these crafts. We have a lot more to cover. But you can’t build this answer in a few words! Thank you for reading! Stay tuned!

  10. I’d love to read your comments on the “object” that’s pictured at the top of this article..

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