The World Is Changing – Not For The Better

In recent years there have been changes in our world. Nature is starting to take a different course lately. Some of these changes have been on its own, and some have of course been with a little help from the finger of man. And no, this isn’t an expose’ on Global Warming. While the Right denies changes, the Left would have us enslaved and oppressed under a rash of unwanted and unnecessary rules and regulations. With humans, it is all too often about greed
The changes are global: weather, plants, animals, insects and even man him/herself. To man, the changes have been not only bodily, but in attitudes, politics, and in most every other way you can imagine. there’s no way I can cover all of these in one article, but here are a few for thought.

Over the last few years we have been reporting changes in the heavens. But even though these changes have been remarkable, the changes here on good ole’ earth have been incredible. First a few of the changes in nature. The one that struck me quite sharply was something called Colony Collapse Disorder; so called by the “experts”. This issue really came to the public’s awareness in 2007. However the problem has really been building up for several years. For years beekeepers were reporting 5 to 15% loss. In the early 90’s the numbers went up to 35% and these last couple of years the number went to as much as 90% loss. And no matter what you’ve heard about the reason for the demise, scientists do not have a good handle on why. At least not a public handle. The real problem is that the bees play an integral part in the food chain. While fools debate the validity of a quote attributed to Einstein that man would perish four years after bees disappear, it is a fact that crops would suffer and a likely famine would ensue. Could we stop that – I don’t know.

Another, related to the food chain issue is our – I mean certain men’s – meddling with the genetics of our food. Perhaps this is why bees are dying. In our need to provide “efficient” food for the masses we have created a situation in which we are destroying ourselves. Some of the smallest things we can see in our reality are seeds. How precious they are. They are “life” to living things. Not only saving nourishment do they provide, but they beautify the earth. Quoting a blog entry by Joya Parsons (here), “In the past century, world agriculture has lost 75% of its genetic diversity to globalization, standardization and monoculture farming; 95% of the tomato varieties that existed in 1909 have become extinct; 91% of corn – gone. In addition, 95% of the cabbage varieties your great-great grandma grew have been consigned to oblivion.” She goes on to state the devastation of the 1840’s potato famine and the 1970’s near loss of corn due to a lack of diversity that nature has always provided for us.

But now the hand full of agriculture companies that control all of the world’s food, are playing god with our survival. Soy is almost entirely genetically engineered. And soy is in “everything”! Not only have these companies been actively trying to change the physical qualities of our food, they have done it with a political end in mind. To control the food of the world.

Other losses I would like to mention are related directly to human beings. While immorality, crime and other examples of the human dark side have always existed, the pronouncement of these has dramatically increased over the past few decades. I’m not going to carry this argument further. Statistics and examples are plentiful and very “findable”, if you so desire. Not only blue collar crime, but especially white collar crime, such as recent years absconding with retirement monies and savings, ruining the retirement of hard working American citizens. And this is not to mention the use of political position to gain money, power and sex.

The big hubbub today (and very popular tout) is Global Warming. If you want to be in the “In” group, you better be “Green”! But these fools worry about CO2 in the air (a naturally occurring product of natural processes) and what kind of car you drive. Believe me (or not), there are larger fish to fry. Every alien abductee is warned that man must protect the earth or it will perish. Well… to be blunt, aliens lie. Remember that for future reference! However the beauty of claiming that Global Warming is ruining the planet is that it induces people to avoid the real reasons that the earth is under danger of ruin.

The actual ruin of the earth is being crafted by greed coupled with the powerful effects of hubris and egomania. The previously mentioned agriculture companies are a good example. Another good example is the pharmaceutical companies. I have no problem with big business trying to make honest monies. My problem is reckless abandonment of morals and ethics. As in the case of pharmaceutical and household chemical companies, at any cost they produce medicines that make people sicker and destroy our water.

“A vast array of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans…”                                                                                                  Associated Press

Clarity is the hallmark of truth. Before you think that all is well in the world or before you join the “green against Global Warming” fiasco, get the clear truth. I’ve only touched on the very surface of this issue. As I said in the previous post, everything is connected. This issue is closely related to all that we discuss on this page. As you read further and liten to the podcasts, you will see how one issue effects and is tied to the other. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Peter,
    I know what you’re saying. My first inclination is to say the very same thing. However when I give it some thought, I realize that I have learned something very important in my life. I have earned my living most of my life by being a psychotherapist. What I realized in my study of people, is that even though people have two arms, two legs, and a head, they are, in many cases entirely different. Some are actually worth saving. When I hear myself saying that nowadays, it feels pretty strange. I have always been very cynical about human beings. But there are others out there that are good people, just trying to learn, humble and open to others, without guile if you will. Of course the implications of my article is that there are bad… very bad people and others in our reality. We must learn to discern.

  2. Gary,
    I’m so glad you found some reason in the information I left the other day. It is far more wide reaching than GMO crops and high-fructose corn syrup (just noticed my error in calling it super hydrogenated corn syrup today!). As of today, 10-30-09, we now have drugs to keep our non-manageable bees from dying on us. The chemical bandaid is now the thing to do to stop the demise of nature’s biological beauty as announced on Beeologics where veterinary medicine takes on the forces of nature itself.

    You might also be interested to learn that a year before the real decimating issues hit mainstream media about Colony Collapse Disorder, a bee and it’s hive appeared in a crop circle over the summer of 2004. For more info on that aspect see this page on Real 2012 Info.

    For the full impact of what modern agriculture practices before taking into account the effects of GMO crops really have on bee culture as a commodity and our food chain as humans, you might find this University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture page of great value.

    Too bad the majority of America was hard at work in the realm of their employers when the 10 second blip about the GMO crops faux pas on the Star Link corn fiasco hit mainstream media. If it were aired during prime time viewing hours, Earth would be a far better world than it is today.

    It isn’t what you know, but who you know that makes things turn toward your favor in our progressed world. The most important thing about maintaining one’s stature here and now is ensuring that your message is delivered at the precise moment when it impacts your profitability the most. And we thought that corporate America only caught onto the logistics of social media recently!

    To make the entire situation worse, the Monsanto lawyer who slid GMO crops into being the way to go for progressive agriculture was appointed senior adviser to the FDA Commissioner on Food and Drugs. Presenting Michael Taylor in a place of higher Monsanto authority as of July 7, 2009.

    The world will NEVER be the same, no matter how thickly they coat it with aspertame.

  3. Tammy, Thank you for the information! I didn’t even think of the feeding of the bees. My dad used to have bees and I have a couple of relatives that have hives currently. We used to always use “cane” sugar water to feed the bees. So now they are not only getting GMO pollen, but GMO feed before they go out to get that pollen! The advent of these things fits perfectly into the timeline of the Colony Collapse Disorder! Are we the only ones to see this???? What the hell? “Oh it’s a virus” “Oh it’s a parasite” That’s crap! Plain and simple! Look at the evidence scientists!

    As a sidelight here, my wife is in the food industry and we have been especially attuned to this exact issue. In fact when she read your comment, she said, “I could’ve written this!”

    Everyone is so worried about CO2 and their “carbon foot print”, they need to be worried about the things that are overtaking us in our own country! Global Warming isn’t going to kill us, but companies like Monsanto and the pharmaceutical companies will – no they ARE KILLING US! Thank you for an incredible and insightful comment!

  4. Excellent post! Check into the fact that the bees have been dealt the following to unnatural blows. 1.) Beekeepers have been instructed to kill the queen and replace her every 2 years with an imported bee. 2.) To reduce the cost of winter honey production, they now substitute the age old use of sugar water with super hydrogenated corn syrup … from GMO corn.

    And they are surprised that bees are dying by the droves? They destroyed the instinctive raising and training of the natural leader and substitute it with a alien immigrant. Remind you of other practices occurring today? Then they cheapen the winter food with the worst sweetener since the invention of carpet glue a.k.a. Aspartame. Real sugar isn’t anywhere near as detrimental as either of these alternatives.

    GMO crops and food seed is far more than a political move. The fastest way to control a people is to control their food source. If ag giants (or should I say demons?) like Monsanto are allowed to continue, not only will they destroy all natural plants on the planet as the GMO pollen spreads into wild areas around crop fields, but no one will be allowed to gather seed from their own garden and grow new food plants. It will be illegal because Monsanto owns the patent on the seed that polluted the seed that was developing in your garden while the original plants you purchased else where or have kept regenerating for years were cross pollinated by the breeze and the bees.

    Monsanto is hardly concerned about feeding third world countries. Their interest lies in owning complete control of food and industrial crops globally and tripling the amount of ag chemical needed to bring a crop to harvest.

    And all of this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

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