Everything Is Connected!

Throughout the universe there is matter organized and unorganized. It is all relative to each other in time and space and function. And there is a glue that holds it all together. That is matter too, yet more refined and perfect. There is no such thing as immaterial matter and there is no place without some form of matter.
Then there is EMF – ElectroMagnetic Flux. It displays itself as plasma throughout the universe. Some believe that the Akashic Field is made up of EMF or that it at least “lives” along the EMF field. Our human hearts beat because of EMF. Our brains use EMF. It’s everywhere, even on the cellular level. Then there are earthquakes, hurricanes and other so called phenomena that are empowered by EMF. And there are patterns to everything. Everything is connected. There are patterns that permeate not only our bodies, but the Earth and the heavens above.

We doubt the existence of extraterrestrials. At least some do – I don’t. If you lack the belief in alien creatures, just look around you. No, not your friends and family, but we have a multitude of different and curious creatures that exist right here on planet Earth. Why is it so hard to believe that E.T. lives? Remember, patterns repeat themselves everywhere.

All of these things are linked together. All are connected to each other. Nothing happens without something else happening, or preceding it. There is a wholeness to reality and to our universe. So when we try and alter natural occurring plant or animal life, do we think that it is free from affecting anything else? What a foolish mind that believes such a thing. When we start flooding the scores of people on the Earth with psychopharmaceuticals, are we ignorant enough to think that we can get away with it? Our water is poisoned, our food is contaminated and we believe that we will not be changed. I’m not talking Global Warming. Global Warming is a term for a conspiracy created to continue the slavery of mankind. Are there greater taxes on the pharmacy companies for polluting our waters? Are there raised fees on giant food and agriculture companies for tainting our nutrition? There are not. Only Global Warming offers increased burdens on humans.

All things are connected.

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  1. UFO’s are demons waiting for permission…..
    They usually appear to those who are sinning or are possessed with devils.
    EMF has alot to do with the metaphysics of the brain and what we perceive as the truth.
    I personally have evidence of what I went through to suggest that demons are the be all and end all of this subject matter. I found out the hard way. If you pray regularly and read scripture every day you will have the links you need to map this all out.
    If you go down the scientific route or try to pathologise God as a scientific entity you will not only have gaping holes, but you will also be risking your fate. Whether you believe or not believe does not make any difference to existence. God will still exist…and so will these demons or fallen ones. Just look at it as a transaction and risk assesment. Ask what you have to lose if you believe in God, and what may you have to lose if you don’t…….is it not wise to attempt to read scripture and seek to develop a faith ?
    So stop looking at the skies, stop investigating, stop worrying, stop being scientific. Like I have seen in another part of this web site….just prepare.

  2. To Alireza,
    Penrose’s other motivations may/are likely misconceptions of reality (his terms seem to be more philosophical than mathematical). I’m sorry, but I can’t ‘buy’ cosmic censorship; Event horizons disappear with spiritual awareness. (Sorry, I’m not even a believer in the existence of Black Holes! “There is no such thing as inmaterial matter”). I tend to believe that if Mobius Transformations were taught (“verbally”) in the 1400’s by Buddhists, it was rather an act of self discipline and a disposition of true spirituality. Perhaps this is the meaning of your comment anyway. As you may soon see, I personally believe that the Spirit is much more powerful of a tool of connectivity and measure of truth and reality than mathematical constructs. However I was speaking primarily of the incredible evidence of EMF existence in the universe, it’s incredible power and the existence of so many similar patterns (I guess math constructs? I guess R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz would say so!). But thank you for your comment. I would suggest in the future you might want to make your comments a little more… You know what I mean. I don’t want to come off condescending to to you, because I do appreciate your comment. I suddenly felt like was watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory! One of my favs BTW! Thanks Alireza! Made me think! How do you feel about the Akashic Field? Any other comments from anyone, on this issue?

  3. In the Road to Reality, Roger Penrose spends around 1000 pages to warm up the reader for introduction to his Twistor Construction: his creation of a mathematical system in order to justify non-locality in quantum mechanics and derive Minkowski spacetime from a holomorphic perspective; he had other motivations too. We need more of a ‘holomorphic’ philosophy to present cases for connectivity, inter-dependence and inter-penetration of elements of reality. It is an amazing discovery that Felix Klein’s Moebius transformations were actually verbally stated by HuaYan school of Buddhism as early as 1400 years ago!

  4. Craig,
    I’m very sorry that you are disappointed! I would like to ask you to be patient with me as we are just gearing up again after several years (as you point out). I would politely ask that you share with me what were your specific favorites from the older work? Also, if you would please let me know which article you believe is missing. I assure you it wasn’t intentional. More than anything…. Thank you for reading! And I appreciate any and all feedback, even criticism!

  5. Wow, I’ve been waiting for you guys to continue your site and now that you have I can’t say how disappointed I am. This used to be a site that required that you put your thinking cap on. I read everything in stages 1 & 2, plus that great article that has now disappeared. Looks like the psychopaths have gotten to you guys as well. Sayonara.

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